New World New Life Chapter 61

61 Trace Track Hun
Carole dropped her spoon and dashed out to see Vy in the distance, running towards them. There was something different about the young woman, but Carole could not quite pinpoint what it was.

When Vy finally stood before Carole, she realized the difference. The young girl might have only been gone for no more than three days, but she had matured and grown.

The dust in her hair, her heavy breathing from running, Vy had made a long journey back.

"I came as soon as I could. Do you have any clues on Lycster's whereabouts?"

Vy's voice was filled with a mix of emotions. The anger at her enemies, the eagerness to save Lycster and a strange sense of calm. Her mind was planning her next steps, her body was ready for the fight. With the adrenaline pumping through her veins, was there anything that could stop her?

"I'm afraid not, we tried getting the authorities to help but they were no help," Carole replied.

If no one knew, could Dotty be able to help?

-Dotty, do you happen to know where the Baron lives?-

\u003cYou think he might have taken Lycster back to his dungeon?\u003e


\u003cThat's a good assumption, I think some others might have the information you need. I am afraid I can't help you with this. I'm sorry.\u003e

It was at that moment that Vy realised there was another way she could track Lycster, through her enhanced sense of smell. Vy reassured Carole that she would get Lycster back and went into her stall and looked through Lycster's belongings.

The boy used to only own the clothes on his back, but since Vy took him in, she had gotten him new clothes. Using her enhanced sense of smell, she recorded his scent in her mind. Then, Vy went to look for Rodrick.

She asked him if he knew where the Baron stayed. Rodrick showed her a map with the location of the Baron's mansion and she thanked him.

"Wait! Do you not need to bring the map with you?"

Vy shook her head and replied, "No need, I have it all memorised in my mind."


Vy made sure she had informed Carole where she was going before she left Timbretune. Within a split second, Vy took her wolf form and sped through the forest. With Lycster's scent memorised and the map in her mind, she moved swiftly.

After Dotty analysed the map, they realised that the Baron must have used a portal to get back to his mansion. The Baron's home by horse and carriage would have taken at least 3 days to get there at top speed.

For Vy in her wolf form, it would only take her half a day to get there.

Upon arrival, she knew she was in the right place. His scent was faint, but she caught hold of it. She hid amongst the forest cover and observed the surroundings of the mansion. There was a high stonewall that was patrolled by rotating shifts of guards and there was only one main entrance through the wall.

But Vy knew none of that mattered, for she had her Raven form. Switching into her Raven form, she flew past the wall and into the compound. She reduced her size to be the same as a regular raven to avoid unwanted attention.

She was surprised that there were no barrier spells set up around the mansion. But Vy focused on her mission, to rescue Lycster. With the adrenaline pumping through her veins, it was difficult to concentrate on her next steps. Vy focused on tracking Lycster's scent. It was faint and she could barely follow it.

She could hear her heart in her ears, palpitating like a fast-paced rhythmic drum. As she perched on a lamppost, she took a few deep breaths in and closed her eyes to help centre herself.

Lycster's scent was faint. Where could he be? Vy flew down to the ground level and observed her surroundings. She needed to find the way down to the dungeons, for that might be where he was kept.

But there was something else she needed to do first.

The opportunity came knocking on her door. She picked up a pungent scent of cologne. She had not realised it when they met back at the Jewellery store, but Vy now knew it belonged to the Baron.

She followed the pungent cologne, carefully avoiding all the guards and servants that were walking around. She might be in her Raven form, but she still wanted to avoid any possibility of her presence being revealed.

When Vy found the room he was in, she grinned.