New World New Life Chapter 63

63 Escapism
Vy's eyes widened in shock as she took a step back.

The creature seemed to respond to Dotty's words as it moved into the light and towards Vy. The creature had piercing green eyes and it stared straight at her.

The light revealed the features of the creature. It had the front half of a lion, the back half of a mountain goat, black membrane wings and hissing pythons for a tail. As it tried to get closer to Vy, the chain around its neck and ankles held it back.

Vy walked up to the creature and held out her hand. The creature eagerly rested its head on her hand.

"It really is you, Lycster," Vy whispered.

Her voice was shaking, her vision was blurring from the tears but she held them back. She examined Lycster's form and noticed the bruises and injuries he had sustained all over his body. Blood was dripping from his fresh wounds while older wounds were covered in dried blood.

If those wounds were left untreated, they could fester.

Vy held Lycster's head with both her hands as she closed her eyes.

"Lyscster, if you can hear me in there, I want you to know that I am here. You brave sweet boy, you can rest now. I am here. I will protect you. You need not be afraid anymore. I am here to protect you," Vy spoke in a whisper.

Her words seemed to have reached the creature. It closed its eyes and listened to Vy's every word. Through their shared mental connection, Vy could see, feel and hear all the things Lycster had gone through. With her guidance, the boy was finally able to take his human form once more.

The chains were now too large to hold the young boy captive and it fell to the ground with a clank. Lycster laid before Vy, unconscious and sound asleep. The injuries he had suffered remained. Vy could hear the endless ringing of bells, warning the inhabitants that they had an intruder in their midst. The entire mansion was on high alert and the guards were looking for her.

It would only be a matter of time before they would find her here. She stood up and felt the walls of the cell, hoping that there might be another way out. But her fears were confirmed swiftly, the only way out was the entrance she had come in from.

-Dotty, will I be able to get through the guards?-

Vy hoped for some encouragement from Dotty. Something that could give her additional courage for what she was about to do.

\u003cYou have a good chance! I'll be rooting for you!\u003e

Vy grinned. She carried Lycster on her back and walked out into the walkway and up the stairs. The guards that were coming down the stairs were all swiftly taken care of. Vy was glad that she had spent the time to master her skills with her dagger.

The skills she had gained from her muscle memory proved to be useful, but she had strengthened herself through her own training.

All of it was aiding her. Although carrying Lycster slowed down her movements, she was still able to fight the incoming guards swiftly. Her energy dagger cut through their weapons swiftly and she was able to overpower them with ease.

While she would have preferred not to kill any of the guards, it was difficult with their persistence. When Vy finally reached the top of the stairs, she could see that two rows of guards and two commanders were there waiting for her.

One of the commanders shouted, "Intruder, we have you surrounded! We advise you to drop your weapon now and surrender!"

Vy grinned and shouted back, "What if I don't?"

The commander was taken aback by Vy's reply as he gritted his teeth. He replied, "If you do not surrender, we will make you!"

With his command, the first line of guards charged forward. Vy shook her head as her grin remained. She closed her eyes and took her wolf form once more. Her transformation shocked everyone as even the guards who charged towards her stopped in their tracks.

Vy made sure her form was the largest she could be. Her move allowed her to unlock a skill known as 'Titan Size'. This skill allowed Vy to increase her size more than she previously could.

Her shadow loomed over Lycster's body and over the guards and their commanders. Without hesitation, she bared her teeth and let out a loud and clear howl.

The guards quaked in fear. Some of them even dropped their weapons. Dotty who was watching from the sidelines was impressed by Vy's display of power and ferocity.

\u003cThis is quite a scene indeed! He he\u003e

But the commanders did not give up, as more guards surrounded all of them.

"Attack!!" One of the commanders shouted, rallying the spirits of the guards.

In unison, the guards charged towards Vy once more with vigour. Vy knew she could take them head-on with ease, but this was not what she was here for. Mapping out her best course of action in her mind, she picked up Lycster in her mouth and leapt forward. Using her hind legs, she pushed herself to jump higher into the sky.

In the next instant, she transformed into her Titan Raven form and took flight. She held Lycster in her beak and flew into the night. The guards and their commanders were in shock by what was happening.

All they could do was watch as Vy flew off into the night sky.