New World New Life Chapter 64

64 Safe And Sound
Lycster was in a lot of pain when he woke up. He was groggy and his vision took time to adjust to the light. He vaguely recalled meeting Vy in the darkness of the dungeon but that was it.

"Lycster, you're awake?"

He could not tell whose voice it was, but he was certain it was from the blurred image of the woman who was standing over him. When his vision was refocused, he realised that it was Vy. He called out for her but his parched throat did not allow him to form any words.

Instead, he started coughing.

Vy ran off and came back soon after with a glass of water for Lycster. After gulping down the entire glass of water, he laid back down.

"Miss Vyrena, are you really here?" Lycster called out in disbelief.

Vy, who had been by his bedside, nodded and replied, "Yes Lycster, it is me."

Vy gave him a hug.

"You gave me a scare, Lycster. I was so worried! I'm so sorry for what has happened," Vy said with tears in her eyes, "I should never have left you alone."

Lycster was getting emotional too, "No Miss Vyrena! It should be me who apologise. I couldn't live up to your expectations, I'm sorry."

The two shared a sweet moment of embrace.

The poor boy was so badly injured and yet he was still apologising! His words broke Vy's heart.

Vy told Lycster to rest, he was safe now and that was all that mattered. But now that he was awake, Lycster was curious as to where he was. His surroundings were unfamiliar. Were they back in Timbretune? But they were in a room, and Lycster was lying in a bed.

"Where exactly are we?" Lycster asked as he looked around the room. The luxury of the room was shocking to Lycster, he had never seen such well-made furniture.

Vy smiled and patiently explained what happened. After she saved him from the Baron, Vy thought for a while on where they could go. She knew that returning to Timbretune immediately would have been a great option.

However, she also knew that the Baron would follow her there.

That would only bring more problems to the townsfolk and Carole. Vy considered one of the towns near the Baron's Mansion. But that was too dangerous, as the Baron could easily send his guards out to track them down.

"Hence, I decided that this would be the best temporary location to bring you to. Do not worry, I managed to send a letter back to Timbretune to let everyone know that you are safe and sound," Vy reassured Lycster.

"So where are we exactly," Lycster asked.

His surroundings were very foreign to him, but there was something about it that made him curious. They were in the Elves Alliance, Prism Sector, the Grandeur Hotel. Vy flew back to the same portal she had used to enter the Elves Alliance and brought Lycster through with her.

While she was stopped by the guards at the gates, she explained her situation and they allowed her in immediately.

Vy went straight for the Grandeur Hotel and booked a room and made sure Lycster was able to get plenty of rest in bed. She enlisted Rosie's help to find her a healer that would be able to tend to Lycster's injuries.

While she waited for the healer in the room, Vy attempted to use what magic she had to heal Lycster's wounds. She cleaned his wounds while she waited. When the healer finally arrived, he was shocked by the state of Lycster's injuries.

That was all three days ago. Lycster had been resting since then, only to awaken just moments ago. Vy called for room service to bring them some food and the doorbell rang just as she was about to check on her order.

Rosie was at the door, bringing them the food.

"Thank you so much, Rosie, you've been such a great help," Vy thanked her.

Rosie shook her head, with a smile on her face, "There's no need to thank me, Miss Vyrena! I'm glad to hear that Lycster is doing a lot better now."

Rosie brought in the food that Vy had ordered and turned to leave. Vy brought the bowl of soup she had ordered to Lycster and fed him while he lay in bed. Lycster hungrily slurped the warm soup into his mouth. He had not had anything to eat in days, and while Lycster was used to going hungry for days in the past, the hunger still got the better of him.

After feeding him the soup, Vy brought over a plate of sandwiches which Lycster picked up hungrily and ate them one after another.

"Don't worry, there's plenty for you to eat. I can always order more if you like," Vy assured Lycster with a smile.