New World New Life Chapter 65

65 Is It Too Late To Say Sorry?
Lycster continued to wolf down the sandwiches. There was a good moment of silence, before Vy spoke up.

"I'm sorry about all this."

Lycster was surprised, "No, Miss Vyrena, it wasn't your fault. I made the decision, I take responsibility for it."

Vy looked at the boy in front of her. He was young, but he was way more mature than his age. The boy had been through tougher situations than her and came out stronger. After listening to how the events had transpired that day in the market, Vy was proud of the boy.

"But that form you took, how did you do that?"

Vy was curious as to how it had happened. She had never seen it before and the book never mentioned anything like it. While she had continued to train with Lycster, when she left for her trip, he was still unable to master his basic land animal form. The form he took in the dungeon was completely different. Dotty had told Vy that Lycster took the form of a mythical creature.

\u003cBut Lycster had taken the form without taking the proper steps. That is why he had no control over that form.\u003e

While Lycster was resting, Vy went to find out more information with regards to the form that Lycster had taken, only to realise that it a chimera. Though he was hesitant to recall what had happened in the dungeon, he did his best to describe the situation he was in.

Vy listened to every word he had to see while tightening the grip of her fist. By the end of his story, Vy's knuckles had turned white from all tightness of her grip. She could not believe how the guards mistreated him.

Lycster could see that Vy was angry, and he kept quiet after he finished telling the story.

Dotty, who was listening to their conversation, noticed this immediately and spoke up.

"Vy, you're scaring him!"

Lycster was shocked, where was this voice coming from? Was there someone else in the room as well? Or was his imagination playing tricks on him. Dotty's reminder brought Vy back to her senses.

"Miss Vyrena, did you hear that voice," Lycster asked. The poor boy thought he might be losing his mind.

"Who's there," Lycster called out. He worriedly turned to Vy and asked, "Is there someone in this room with us?"

Vy finally lets loose a little and called out, "Dotty, you can reveal yourself to Lycster."

While Dotty revealed her presence to Lycster, Vy explained, "Do not worry, she's a friend. And"

Before Vy could introduce Lycster to Dotty, Dotty flew up to Lycster with a large smile and introduced herself eagerly, "It's nice to meet you Lycster! My name is Dotty! He he!"

Lycster's expression changed to a sense of wonder as he observed Dotty in all her beauty.

"Woah! Are you a fairy or a pixie," Lycster asked curiously, "Or a flying cat?"

He noted her cute cat ears at the top of her head and the wings on her back that glittered and shimmered as she moved in the air. As she came closer, he reached forward and booped her on the nose.

"Hey!" Dotty huffed as she covered her nose.

"Oh sorry! I was just wondering if you were really there," Lycster laughed.

"I'm as real as you and Vy, silly boy!" Dotty replied with a smile as she circled Lycster.


Lycster was almost fully healed by after another two days of rest. As Vy changed the dressing on his injuries, she noticed that the healer's medicine worked wonders. There were no scars left behind either.

Being cooped up in the room was exciting at first, but Lycster was quite eager to explore what was beyond the hotel. While he rests in bed, Vy shared plenty of stories on the exciting and interesting things she had seen while she was in the Elves Alliance.

The young boy was eager to see it for himself. He wanted to experience the wonder first hand, and Vy was more than happy for him to do so. They gathered their things and left the hotel. Vy paid for their stay and made sure to tip Rosie as well.

At the entrance of the hotel, parked a black carriage, pulled by two horses. A footman greeted Vy and Lycster. He opened the door for them and invited them into the carriage. Lycster was suspicious at first until Vy assured him and they board the carriage together.

"Where are we going?" Lycster asked curiously.

Vy smiled and patted him on the head, "You'll see when we get there."