New World New Life Chapter 66

66 You Remind Me Of Me
The mystery was killing him, but as soon as the carriage began to move, Lycster looked out the glass window. His eyes widened in shock and wonder as he saw the beauty of the city they were in.

Tall buildings lined the streets while the people walking the streets were all different from each other. Vy patiently answered all the questions Lycster had. When he asked a question she could not answer, Dotty would answer instead.

"Miss Vyrena"

"Lycster, I told you before, you can just call me Vy."

"Yes, right. Vy! This place is amazing!"

Vy smiled, "I'm glad you like it. Because"

Her reveal was just on time for the carriage came to a stop. They had arrived at their destination. Vy opened the door of the carriage and stepped out. Lycster followed suit and looked at the building before him.

"This is going to be to our new home, Lycster," Vy said with a smile.

It was not a large house, but a sizeable one in the city. The house had three floors in total and plenty of room.

"Our new home? What about Carole? What about Timbretune?" Lycster asked.

He missed the people of Timbretune. The stall owners, Carole, and everyone who looked out for him. Vy knew that too. But for the time being, this was where they had to stay. Vy explained to Lycster that they ran away from the Baron and his men.

"They might come after us, and they know we have a home in Timbretune. It would be dangerous for us to return. Atleast for now."

Lycster was a little upset by it, but Vy had just the thing to cheer him up.

"But, don't you worry. We could always get them to visit us," Vy assured him with a smile.

With that settled, they went into their new home. The house had minimal furnishings in place with plenty of space for additional furniture. To have a permanent roof over their heads did not seem much of a need back in Timbretune. But to see and have one felt right. Vy went home shopping and picked out this place due to its location, available space and price.

It was good to be rich, with the wealth she had earned from her sale of geodes but it was also good to be thrifty with her money. There were many things she wanted to do and being cautious would help speed things up. While Vy preferred to get a home with a large forest land attached to it, it was simply impossible in the Prism Sector.

The large forest land would have allowed her and Lycster to practice their forms with ease. Nonetheless, the house would still be able to accommodate them. During the purchase of the home, the agent had asked if Vy would like to purchase a Blank Space.

A Blank Space was a spatial void that could be used as a storage space or a training space. It has no space constraints and could be designed to mimic any environment. If you wanted to move the Blank Space, the owner could transform it into a pearl and bring it with them.

Vy was constantly amazed by the inventions of this world, and this was definitely worth every penny. She wondered if she could grow plants in the Blank Space, but she would have to read the manual that came with it. By the time they finished exploring every room, it was almost lunchtime. Both of their stomachs were growling so they decided to head out for food.

"We can also go and shop for some new clothes, and furniture too," Vy said with glee.

Lycster held back for a moment, looking a little worried.

Vy noticed his sudden change of emotion and knelt down next to him. "Is something wrong, Lycster? Are you not feeling well," she asked in a concerned tone.

Lycster looked up at Vy. Her kindness to a street orphan like him knew no bounds.

"Vy, why are you being so nice to me," Lycster asked.

Vy was taken aback by his words. Why was she so kind to him? This was something she had not thought of before. Was it because he reminded her of herself? But she could not even remember anything about her past. While she retained the memories of the host body, she still could not remember any of her own. Everything was murky. But Lycster reminded her of someone from her past.

Vy ruffles Lycster's curly brown hair, "Because you remind me of me."