New World New Life Chapter 67

67 Is It Possible To Remember The Past?
Vy did not know why she said it, but that was how she felt. Dotty had been upgraded twice now and she did not have all the answers either. Something about Lycster let Vy put her guard down. Was it because of the bond they shared or because he was just a child?

There was just something that made her want to share her stories with him.

"I remind you of yourself," Lycster rephrased Vy's words.

"You mean you were an orphan too?" Lycster continued to asked.

Vy's expression changed immediately, was she an orphan? She tried to remember any details she could, but there was nothing. But Lycster's words struck a chord with her.

"I'm sorry Vy," Lycster's sudden outburst startled Vy, drawing her out of her thoughts and back to the present.

"No no, Lycster, you didn't say anything wrong," Vy assured the boy.

There was no harm in telling him. Vy went on to explain how she first arrived in this world, made her way to Timbretune. Lycster already knew the rest of the story.

The entire time, he listened quietly. He was eager to ask questions, he had plenty, but he waited patiently. Finally, when Vy finished her story, he did not know what to ask first.

"So you don't remember anything from before you woke up in the Green Forest," Lycster asked.

Vy nodded, before adding, "I just get murky memories. I know I died, wherever I was."

She clutched the necklace that hung around her neck, "And it was my choice."

"Does Dotty know anything," Lycster asked.

\u003cI'm sorry but I don't! He he! There have been cases of otherworlders remembering their previous lives, but it's rare!\u003e

Vy also told Lycster about the three gifts she had received from Dotty when she first arrived here. The Energy Dagger, the necklace she had around her neck, and Muscle Memory that allowed her to gain an advantage in terms of strength and abilities.

Suddenly, Lycster's face lit up. "I've heard the rumours before, that there's a mage in the Elves Alliance who could see the memories of objects and artefacts! If he could take a look at your items, he might be able to help!"

"Where did you hear about this," Vy asked. In all her time in Timbretune and the Elves Alliance, she has not heard of such a person.

Lycster grinned, "I overheard two people talking about it while I was still on the streets. I think they said his name was What was it, Eston? No, that does not sound right. Esta"


"Umm yes! That's right!"

"Lord Estagard," Vy exclaimed in shock.

That was the Lord she had met in the market while she was geode hunting! It was not going to be easy to get an audience with him. But Vy knew just the person to ask.

The Elves Alliance was more advanced than Timbretune. Communication was a lot easier. While most elves could contact each other through telepathy, they also used different methods to communicate with each other. This included a phone-like device that was powered by energy crystals.

Vy used the device to contact Arkes, hoping he might be able to put her in contact with Lord Estagard. When she explained to him the situation, Arkes immediately agreed to help.

"Well, I will be counting this as one of your three requests. Lord Estagard is not an easy man to get hold of, I can assure you that. Nonetheless, a deal is a deal. I will inform you once I have all the details," Arkes explained over the phone-like device.

Vy thanked him for his help and put down the phone once their conversation was over. However, moments later, it began to ring. When she picked it up, she realised it was Clare who was on the other side of the call.

The last time Vy had met her was the day before she left to look for Lycster. After catching up a little on what had happened in the past few days, Clare brought Vy some good news.

"I managed to contact Tatiana and she said she would love to meet up with you," Clare exclaimed excitedly.

Vy's face lit up. This must be her lucky day!

"Really? That would be amazing! Where would she like to meet," Vy asked.

As it turns out, Tatiana had moved into the Lakeroost Sector, which was right next to the Prism Sector. She had already arranged for her to make a trip to see Vy so that they could meet in person.

"This is amazing! Thank you so much Clare! You have no idea how much this means to me," Vy expressed her gratitude.

"You're most welcome, Miss Blackfire," Clare replied.

After exchanging speaking for a few more minutes, Clare had to get back to her work; hence they ended their call. They promised to catch up over a meal sometime soon. Lycster, who had gone to explore their new house while she took the phone call, was curious as to the chirpy attitude Vy had.

"Did something good happen," he asked.

Vy shared the good news with Lycster and he was happy for her. To celebrate, Vy decided to bring Lycster to The Memory Lane. But before they could go, they were going to do some shopping.