New World New Life Chapter 69

69 Above The Clouds
"You're out late," a voice spoke from behind, surprising Nestor.

He was relieved to find out that it was just Carole.

"Oh, yes, just taking a stroll in the forest," Nestor quickly replied with a nervous smile.

Carole smiled in return, silently nodding.

"Miss Carole," Nestor could not resist asking, "Have you received any word from Vyrena?"

Carole looked up at the young lad. She could tell that he had feelings for Vy, but she was not certain if Vy felt the same about him.

"Yes, Lycster is feeling all better now. But with what had happened, Vy felt that it was best for them to stay in the Elves Alliance. At least until things simmer down," Carole replied.

"The Elves Alliance? Did she mention which sector," Nestor asked.

"Yes, the Prism Sector," Carole already knew what the young man was thinking about.

She was not going to get in the way of young love, but she did not want to see the young man's heart be broken either, "Apparently she purchased a house there and intends to set up her home there. If you are planning to visit, I suggest dropping her a message before you go over."

"Oh, go over? No, I was I mean I am but What I meant to say was" Nestor was flustered by Carole's comment.

Carole chuckled and gave Nestor a wink, "Well, I do hear that the Prism Sector has a vibrant Antiques Market. It would be a good place for you to restock your wares and sell some of your own?"

The young man blushed, his face was bright red. He did not know what to say!


"Are you ready, Lycster" Vy asked.

Lycster nodded in reply and closed his eyes. He pictured himself in high above the clouds, flying effortlessly through the sky. After weeks of intense physical and mental training with Vy, he was finally able to master his land animal form.

He mastered the form of a majestic lion! Even he was surprised by his own success. It was not something he had expected to achieve. While he could not change his size like Vy could, he was still able to take the form. However, as Lycster was still young, he could not maintain his lion form for as long as Vy could.

Vy encouraged him to keep practising whenever he had the chance and he listened. After being tortured by the Baron's guards, Lycster wanted nothing more than to become stronger. He did not want to be a weakling. He saw Vy as his role model and yearned to be as strong as her.

Since then, Vy had encouraged Lycster to train his mind, in hopes of mastering his Sky form. It was not an easy task, but she wanted him to push himself to achieve beyond his limits. Vy herself had been training alongside Lycster too. Since she already had mastered both her land and Sky form, she worked on perfecting her control over both forms.

\u003cYou both are doing swimmingly well! Keep up the awesome work. He he!\u003e

Dotty's encouragement spurred both of them to do better.

Vy had also begun to train and master her water animal form. Seeing Lycster's mythical creature form, despite it not being its supposed form, made her excited to find out what her own mythical creature form would be. Dotty had also informed her that even her mythical creature form would have three variations.

While Lycster pictured himself soaring through the clouds, he noticed the sun setting swiftly on the horizon.

Before he knew it, it was night time.

He noticed a dark covered forest and decides to fly lower to take a closer look. The leaves rustled around him as he flew slightly above the canopy of the forest. In the distance, he noticed a lone tree standing tall and proud.

He flew forward and sat on one of its branches. There was an owl next to him, perched on the same branch. Lycster turned to look at it, and the owl looked back at him. However, moments later, it flew away into the distance and Lycster returned to reality.

"I don't get it," Lycster said in an exasperated tone. He let out a sigh.

"It's the owl again, isn't it," Vy asked. The boy had been seeing the owl each time he tried, but it always flew away from him.