New World New Life Chapter 72

72 A Pastel Pink Table?
Vy pointed at her choice and the worker called in a few extra hands to help move it to the cutting station.

The crowd was getting hyped up as Vy picked one of the larger rocks she had purchased to be cut first. With the added business that came to the stall, Mark also brought in a geode expert to help accurately identify the geodes and rocks that were cut or polished.

Some of the previous buyers were sceptical at first, afraid that the geode expert was just a fraud. Hence some of the customers brought their own experts.

"Oh look! Look! It's red on the inside?"

"Yeah! Looks that how dark the red is!"

The geode expert inspected the geode carefully. He did not use any tools.

"This is a lava ring geode! In its current condition," the geode expert took another look before continuing, "It has minimal flaws! This is definitely worth at least 3 gold dragons!"

The crowd was roaring with surprise and amazement.


"3 gold dragons? That's like 5 years worth if my salary!"

"I don't think I would be able to ever see that much money!"

Even Lycster was amazed! He was a little sceptical at first, but having witnessed it first hand; how could he deny it? Vy had some serious skill! His jaw remained dropped as Vy instructed the workers to cut open the smaller rocks she had bought.

As the smaller ones were being cut, a bidding war for the lava ring geode was already skyrocketing. Vy, on the other hand, did not seem too bothered by the bidding. Lycster realised that she was flipping through a small notebook.

In it, were many numbers and words written neatly in a table. But the boy could not figure out what the numbers mean.

Finally, the highest bidder emerged. But before he could make Vy an offer, she rejected him outright.

"I'm sorry but this geode has already been reserved," Vy replied politely.

The crowd was surprised by the sudden turn of events.

"My apologies, if any of the geodes sounds are up for sale, I will inform everyone. Sorry, everyone!" Vy apologised and bowed.

To her surprise, the crowd remained civil and continued to look on in anticipation as the rocks she purchased were cut and polished. Dotty also kept a close eye on all the rocks that were being cut.

Vy had told Lycster that as of now, only they could see Dotty. Dotty could reveal her presence to others, but only if Vy agreed to it. Lycster could see Dotty flying over to the rocks and flying back to Vy. While no actual words were exchanged, he knew they were likely conversing telepathically.

Lycster was not wrong, but what he did not know was that Vy and Dotty were discussing about the geodes that were about to be opened. With Doty's new upgrade, she was able to identify what each type of rock was and what type of geode was within them. She could not grade them, but that was no trouble for Vy.

Vy had received a few pointers from Arkes and picked up a few books for additional knowledge on how to grade the quality of the geodes and rocks. So far, her assessments are accurate. As the rock cutting continued, the crowd's excitement remained.

Vy had kept the largest geode she bought for the second last to be cut. As soon as it was revealed everyone was surprised by what was inside it.

The geode within it was pastel pink, uniform colour throughout with beautiful pale white swirls throughout.

\u003cThat's what you wanted, right Vy?\u003e

Vy smiled as she placed her hand on the geode. She could feel the magical energy emanating from the geode. Can you guess what geode it was? It was a Rose Quartz, the size of a pool table!

Furthermore, it was a high quality of the Rose Quartz too! While it might not be worth as much as some of the other gemstones and geodes, its magic properties more than made up for it.

"Would you like us to pack this up and send it to your chosen address Miss Black Clover," Mark asked.

"No need, I will bring them back myself," Vy replied.

"Vy, we don't have any carts to help us bring these back. How are we going to carry them back to our house?" Lycster asked.