New World New Life Chapter 75

75 Aftermath
"That's payment, for denying my man his food." Jackson grinned.

"Now, bring me and my men something to eat, we are starving."

The men from the Vipers pulled together a table and took a seat. On the other hand, Melissa and the waiter struggled to stand up. There was blood dripping out of the corner of Melissa's mouth. Her tightly gripped fist was turning her knuckles white, Vy could clearly see it.

As she wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, she spoke, "We will not be serving you today, please leave."

Triggered, Jackson slammed his hand onto the table and shouted, "What did you say?"

His men stood up from their seats, weapons ready to attack.

"She asked all of you to leave,' Vy spoke out. She could not resist to hold back, knowing that these people were bullying the restaurant owner.

Vy nonchalantly continued to eat her food while everyone looked on in shock. Even Nestor was surprised by Vy's sudden outburst.

One of Jackson's men stood up from their table and walked over to Vy. She could see all of his movement clearly and knew his intentions. Something about this scene feels familiar.

"Our leader wasn't talking to you, bitch! Mind your own" before he could finish his sentence, Vy punched the man in the face.

The burst of energy sent the man straight into the ground, knocked out cold. The man suffered from a fractured nose with blood trickling out of his nostrils. Vy sat back down and continued eating her meal. She even picked up a piece of chicken meat and placed it in Lycster's bowl for him to eat.

This incident triggered Jackson's men. With Jackson's approval, all of them went forward to attack Vy. Their movements were swift, but they were no match of Vy. Nestor and Lycster were still in shock, uncertain of how to react to the situation.

Before the group of men could even get closer to their table, Vy had already stood up and tackled them head-on. Even Melissa and the rest of the patrons were stunned. Was this girl even human?

With a few kicks and punches, Vy swiftly knocked down all of the men that lunged at her. The only ones left were two men who remained seated next to Jackson. With the situation seemingly turned on its head, Jackson knew he could not back down either.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget, you bitch!" Jackson yelled as he charged towards Vy.

With her enhanced senses, Jackson was no match for her. Vy moved swiftly. Using the strength in her legs, she jumped high up and send a flying kick to the back of Jackson's neck. The resulting force of the kick smacked him down into the ground.

The blow knocked him out cold.

"Seems like it was you who got schooled," Vy whispered under her breath with a wide grin across her face.

But there was not a moment to celebrate! From the corner of her eye, Vy noticed that one of Jackson's men picked up the broken glass bottle. He was charging in her direction.

"Vy! Look out!" Lycster exclaimed.

Vy dodged the attack, grabbed hold of the man's arm and flung him over and smacked down on to the ground. The remaining men who still held onto their weapons dropped all of them and picked up their unconscious group members and hastily left the restaurant.

When they finally left, some of the patrons left too, afraid of what might happen after. Vy walked up to Melissa and checked to make sure she was alright.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, yes I am. Thank you, thank you for chasing them away. How can I repay you," Melissa asked.

Vy simply shook her head, "There's no need for repayment. Now go, there are hungry customers waiting to eat your food."

Melissa gave a grateful smile and held Vy's hands, "If you do not have anything on, please stay on after dinner service is over. I need to express my thanks."

Vy nodded and Melissa returned to the kitchen. Vy went back to her table with Nestor and Lycster and continued eating.

"You were amazing, Vy! How did you manage to do those moves? You were so quick," Lycster exclaimed with glee.

"Yeah! I have never seen anything like it! You've got to teach us, Vyrena!" Nestor said.

Vy smiled as she continued to eat her rice, "It's hard to explain but I felt like everything was based on instinct. For now, let's just eat."

After the last table was served, the waiter turned over the 'open' sign that hung on the door and Melissa came out of the kitchen. She brought out a large porcelain pot, while the waiter brought out some bowls and a couple of bottles of drinks.

Nestor had already taken his leave for he had other matters to attend to. They promised to meet the next day. Lycster remained seated next to Vy, curious about the contents of the porcelain pot.