New World New Life Chapter 81

81 Travelling
"Is it safe for us to return," Lycster asked in a worried tone.

"I'm sure it's alright. After all, it's been more than a year." Vy replied. "Don't you want to meet Carole and the rest? It's been so long since we saw them."

"Of Course I do!" Lycster exclaimed. It might have only been about a year, but the boy had grown. He was no longer the scrawny kid who ran down the streets a year ago.

He was taller, smarter and playful. Vy ensured that Lycster could read, write and communicate fluently. She brought him on almost every business deal she made. When she was not certain, she would discuss details with him.

This gave Lycster an immeasurable amount of confidence. There had been deals where Vy let him handled all the details. Even some of their trade partners were surprised by Lycster's abilities.

On the side, when they weren't busy running their business, both of them would head out to the forest to slip into their forms.

After a year of practice and testing their abilities, Vy had mastered all her animal forms, while Lycster had mastered his land and air form. It was only a matter of time before they unlocked more of their abilities.

As they packed their stuff, ready to leave for Timbretune; Vy realised they had one more delivery to make before they could head out.

The delivery was to be made to The Memory Lane, a fresh batch of truffles. Elayna was already at the door, expecting their arrival.

"Well, thank you for dropping them off personally," Elayna replies as she received the parcel from them.

"You're most welcome, Miss Elayna!" Lycster replied before Vy could say anything.

Vy grinned as she held Lycster under her arm and laughed along with Elayna.

"Well it seems like in a couple of years, I will be making deals exclusively with Lycster over here. You better watch out Vy!"

Before they left, Elayna handed them a bottle of truffle oil.

"It's on the house, go share it with your friends in Timbretune. I'm sure they have been missing you lovelies!" Elayna said as she bid them farewell.


Things had been progressing well for Dygo. His bosses had laid off him and his hounds were well fed. Avoiding human filled areas proved to be beneficial, but he knew it was a matter of time before it would become necessary.

His hounds might be savages but he was not. He needed cooked meat and he was running low. Each time he tried to reserve some meat for himself to be cooked, the hounds would have found it and eaten it.

As he approached a clearing, he could smell the sweet aroma of meats and spices roasting in the flames. Even his hounds were circling him, salivating with the smell.

"Into my shadow, now."

As soon as those words were spoken, all the hounds returned to Dygo's side and entered into his shadow around him. Walking out of the cover of the forest, Dygo cast a spell upon his appearance.

His bony head was now masked with an illusion spell. He looked like any normal traveller. Walking down the path. It was almost evening, and the entire area was flooded with warm shades of orange and yellow.

Dygo took in a deep breath, his face remained as emotionless. It was nice to feel the warmth of the setting sun. As he walked further out, a small part of him was wrought with fear. But he continued on until he found the source of aromatic fragrance.

"Hello there," one of the travellers greeted Dygo when he spotted him.

Dygo removed his hood, revealing his face. He had shoulder-length black hair, pale fair skin and a scar across his right cheek. He nodded in response to the traveller's greeting.

"Would you happen to have an extra seat and some food to spare? I will gladly pay in coin," Dygo asked in a monotonous tone.

The traveller chuckled and shook his head, "We have no need for your coin. Come, join us. A traveller on the road is family."

The other travellers who sat by the fire agreed and welcomed Dygo with open arms.

-What foolish humans.- Dygo thought.

Taking advantage of their kindness was no trouble.