New World New Life Chapter 83

83 Hello
The child continued to cry in the same spot, uncertain of what to do. The hounds were circling Dygo, whining for they were still hungry.

-Back in the shadow, now.-

With his command, the hounds obeyed and returned to his shadow immediately.

Dygo approached the child and knelt down next to her. When the child noticed him coming closer, she did not move. She closed her eyes, shivering in fear and waiting for her own death. He could sense her palpitating heart. She was afraid, as she should be.

Not wanting to deal with a whining child, he casts a spell upon her and takes her with him. He looks across, seeing the kind man's body slumped on the ground. The man had great amounts of luck, his heart was still beating.

His heart rate was slow and fading.


Vy and Lycster were travelling in their land animal form when they noticed travellers running away in fear in different directions. Hidden amongst the cover of the forest, they observed their movement and conversation.

After gathering the details, Vy decided to check out what was happening, asking Lycster to remain in the shadows.

"Once it is safe, I will let you know," Vy explained.

Lycster was unwilling to separate, uncertain of friend or foe awaited them. But he respected Vy's decision.

Vy turned into her Raven form and took to the sky. Following the smoke of the campfire in the air, she identified the location swiftly and flew down to the ground. As soon as she landed, saw an abandoned camp, a hooded creature that was staring back at her.

Vy took to her human form and remained at her position, uncertain of what steps to take next. As the hooded creature continued to look at her, she noticed that he held an unconscious girl in one arm and had a man slumped at his feet.

Dygo was uncertain on how to proceed. The raven that flew down from the sky turned into a human, a woman, but he was uncertain if she was friend or foe.

The silence was unbearable, and Vy did not want to judge the situation before she found out what happened.

"Hello," it was not the best response for the situation, but it came out anyway.

Dygo removed his hood, revealing his illusion human face and nodded in response.

"There's no need for you to hide your true face," Vy grinned.

Dygo was stunned. Was his illusion not strong enough? How did this girl know? Since there was no need to hide, Dygo removed the illusion.

Vy moved closer to access the situation. It was then that she noticed the man slumped on the ground was wounded. Blood was pooling around him. She could hear his heartbeat, it was fading fast.

Vy rushes forward without much thought to check on the man. She paid Dygo no mind.

"This man is hurt, he needs medical care," Vy said out loud.

"Dotty, could you show me the manual I had on healing spells," Vy spoke again.

Dygo was confused by who the girl was talking too until he saw Vy cast a spell of healing. Green light emitted from her hands and covered the wound.

"This is only temporary, I'll need to bring him to Timbretune. Will you be coming?" Vy looked up at Dygo as she asked.

His appearance was unique and unlike anything she had seen. But she kept the shock of it to herself. This was a world of magic after all, what was impossible?

Dygo was speechless by the words and actions of the girl, but he had no facial expression that could hint his shock. Looking at the girl in his hands, he passed her over to Vy as well.

"Take this girl with you to the town. She's knocked out but otherwise, she has no injuries."

Dygo replied.

After he placed the girl next to Vy, he turned to take his leave.

"Wait!" Vy called out, stopping Dygo in his tracks, "I don't think I got your name."

Dygo turned a little, meeting eyes with Vy.

-What a curious human. Carrying a curious pendant.- Dygo thought to himself.

"I'm Dygo." He did not know why he gave his name. But he did anyway.

Vy smiled and replied, "I'm Vyrena. I'll see to it that these people get to the town safely."

Dygo simply nodded and continued walking away. From his opposite direction, a mountain goat came running past him.

-Another shapeshifter it seems.- Dygo said to himself as he continued to walk back into the cover of the forest.

"I'm here Vy," Lycster said in his mountain goat form.

Vy places the unconscious girl on Lycster's back. Then, she transformed into her wolf form and carried the wounded man in her jaw.

Using telepathy, Vy explained that they needed to get them to Timbretune immediately, for they needed medical attention. Together, they made their way towards the town.

It was difficult to move fast with the girl on her back but Lycster managed well. Within a matter of an hour or less, they were nearing the entrance of Timbretune. Taking their human forms once more, they walked out of the forest cover and into the lit path with the injured.

There were guards stationed near the entrance of the town and Vy waved at them to get their attention.

"We need help! We need a doctor! Or a healer!" Vy called out.