New World New Life Chapter 84

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The guards called for assistance and went forward to help Vy. When she monitored the girl, Vy could hear her steady heartbeat. The girl was merely unconscious, otherwise, she was alright.

On the other hand, the man had stopped bleeding with the help of Vy's spell. But he was turning pale. Vy noticed that eyes were farting beneath his closed eyelids.

"Hey, hey, hey sir. Are you with me? Can you hear my voice?" Vy called out as she clicked her fingers on the side of the man's ear.

He was responding to her, and that was a good sign.

"Lycster, go let Carole know we are here. Also, check and see when the healer or doctor or whoever is coming."

"Okay," Lycster replied and ran into the town.

"Can you hear me, hello? You need to stay with me, sir. Help is coming!" Vy said continuously.

Eventually, the man's eyes opened a little, he was trying to speak but his parched throat prevented him from doing so.

"It's alright, you need not say anything. But I need you to stay awake, okay? Help is"

Before Vy could finish her words, three people came running towards her direction. The healers were here!

As soon as they took over, Vy backed away. She explained the situation and the spell she had cast. Vy was careful not to cast an otherworldly spell. If she had done so, it could raise unnecessary alarm bells.

Seeing as the man was well taken care of, Vy turned her attention to the girl instead. Since she did not need any medical attention, Vy carried her in her arms and walked into Timbretune. It was there that she met up with Lycster and Carole.

"Carole!" Vy called out with a smile on her face.

"Vy! I'm so glad to see you! Lycster told us what happened. Is the man alright?" She asked, concerned.

"He should be alright. The healers took over. We just need to find a place for this little girl."

Carole nodded and guided them further into the town.

"The house you bought for Lycster and yourself is complete. All the furniture and items you requested have all been delivered and placed. I'll take you there." Carole replied.

The night was still a lively one, and the market was bustling with people. Carole took them on a separate route, away from the busy market. The quiet contrast served them well. It was good to have some peace and quiet for a change.

In the cover of the night, they could not see the full features of the house, but the lights within it were lit.

"I made sure everything was made up and homely for your return. Got a little worried when you weren't here by dinner time, to be honest." Carole said as she handed Vy the key.

"My apologies for making you worry, Carole. And thank you so much for taking care of matters here in Timbretune for us," Vy thanked.

Carole simply shook her head, "It's my pleasure! After everything, you had done for me and the rest of us normal folk. This is the least we can do. We have a huge feast planned in the market square tonight so don't fill yourselves up too much. I'll see you all later."

Vy and Lycster thanked Carole once more before she walked off into the street and back to the market. On the other hand, the two of them unlocked the door to their home. As soon as they walked in, they were greeted to a warmly lit living room.

Vy went straight upstairs, picked a room and placed the girl in bed. She asked Lycster to bring her a basin of water and a towel while she looked after the girl. The girl had light blond hair and fair skin, although her face was covered in black soot.

Lycster came up soon enough with the items Vy requested. She thanked him and proceeded to use the damp towel to clean her face. The girl was sleeping soundly. Vy listened in closely and was relieved to know that her heartbeat and breathing were steady.

As she used the towel to gently clean her arms and legs, Vy kept an eye out for any injuries. But other than a few light bruises and scratches, the girl was safe and sound.

-Seems like Dygo was a gentleman after all.- Vy thought to herself.

"Should we stay in and take care of her instead? I'm sure Carole would understand," Lycster suggested.

Vy looked on at the sleeping girl's peaceful face.

"Looks like she'll be sleeping through the night. We can leave her for a few hours. She should be alright."