New World New Life Chapter 85

85 Whats Your Name?
The young girl had slept well through the night, just as Vy had predicted. Vy decided to keep watch by her side for the night, just in case she woke up. As the sun rays peeked through the half-drawn curtains. The girl slowly opened her eyes.

She was still groggy from sleep but she was curious about her surroundings. The unfamiliar scene before her and remembering what had happened the night before led her to cry. Her piercing cries sent Lycster running into the room. She also woke Vy, who had fallen asleep next to the girl.

As soon as Vy saw her tears, she instinctively embraced the child in her arms and culled her.

"Hey hey, you are safe here. Do not worry, you'll be safe here. We do not mean you any harm."

Vy patted the girl on her back, hoping the steady rhythm would help calm the girl down. The girl cried and called out inaudible words so none of them could understand her. Vy suspected that the girl might have lost her mother but she could not be certain.

"Maybe the man would know a thing or two about what happened to her," Lycster said.

"You might be right. Hopefully, he will regain consciousness soon enough." Vy replied.

After a while, the girl's cries turned into soft sobs. Vy smiled as she wiped away the girl's tears with her thumbs. Vy introduced herself to the girl, and so did Lycster.

"May we know your name?" Vy asked with a warm smile.

The girl rubbed her eyes, hiccuping from her sobs, "E.Ele. Elette."

"Elette? What a pretty name!" Lycster exclaimed with a smile as he came closer.

"Yes, a pretty name befitting a pretty girl! Elette, you must be hungry, would you like some honey cake?" Vy asked sweetly.

The girl lit up immediately and gave a small smile as she nodded her head. Happy to have made some progress with the girl, Lycster went down to prepare the food while Vy helped Elette out of the bed and down the stairs.

When they got into the dining room, Lycster had already warmed up the honey cakes and placed one each on three plates. He brought them out to the dining table just as Vy was helping Elette get on to the chair.

As they enjoyed their cakes, the doorbell rang. Vy got out of her seat and went to open the door.

"Good morning!" Carole greeted.

"Good morning Carole, what brings you here?" Vy reciprocated the greeting and asked.

"Oh, I just received word, well more like gossip from the other stall keepers but it seems like the man has woken up. The man you brought into the town yesterday."

Vy's face lit up. This was good news! She had been worried, wondering if the man would be alright. Carole left shortly after a quick chat with them, promising to meet up later on in the day. After Carole left, Vy informed Lycster that she would go and meet the man.

"We should bring Elette along, the man might know something about her,' Lycster pointed out.

"You make a fair point, let's bring her along." Vy agreed with Lycster.

After they finished eating their cakes, they got their belongings and left the house. As she closed and locked the door to their house behind them, Lycster held onto Elette's hand. Walking down three different streets and taking a couple of turns, they soon arrived at the apothecary the man had been brought to.

According to Carole, the man was resting on the second floor of the shop. As soon as she entered the shop, Vy was greeted with a familiar face.

"Coco?" Vy called out. She was surprised to see Miss Coco here in the apothecary.

"Vyrena? I thought I might see you here. I heard you were the one who brought in Markus?" Coco asked.

"Markus?" Vy asked.

"Oh, my apologies, the injured man whom you brought into town yesterday? His name is Markus." Coco replied.

"Oh," Vy laughed, "Yes, Lycster and I discovered him and this young girl"

Before she could finish her sentence, Coco had already moved closer to them and crouched down to meet the little girl at eye level. Elette, uncertain of who Coco was, quickly hid behind Lycster in fear.

Lycster was not certain if Coco meant any harm either. But from Vy's interaction with her, he deemed her to be a nice person.

"It's alright, Elette. This lady means you no harm," he said to the girl.

Coco smiled and nodded, "Indeed. I don't mean any harm, little one. My name is Coco, it's very nice to meet you."

Elette was still unsure, she looked to Lycster and Vy for assurance. Coco stood back up and turned to Vy.

"My my what interesting people you surround yourself with, Vy. This girl's got the gift of Mirror Sight."

-Mirror Sight?- Vy thought to herself.