New World New Life Chapter 86

86 Misunderstood
In her memory, she recalled having read about such an ability in one of the books she had acquired in the past year. Dotty knew instantly the information Vy needed.

\u003cYou read about this in the book titled 'Gifts to Humans'. The ability is known as 'Mirror Sight'. It is a talent that some humans are born with. This allows them to see certain things normal people cannot see. Such as spirits, energy particles and other spectral beings.\u003e

As Dotty explained, Vy recalled how they found Elette, and her meeting with Dygo. The skull-headed creature had given Vy ominous vibes. But she had assumed that was just because of his appearance.

-Does that mean Elette might have seen Dygo's true form?-

"Mirror Sight, does that mean she can see something normal people can't?" Lycster asked.

Coco nodded, "That's right. What an observant young man. Mirror Sight allows one to be able to see the true form of a being, but that's just one of its many gifts. Or some would call it a curse. But it seems, the child's abilities are being locked."

"Locked?" Vy asked.

"Yes, it seems that way. That is actually good for a child like her who was born with the ability. But it would be best to ease her into it." Coco continued.

They decided to shift their focus back on the man, Markus. Coco explained that the man had awoken about an hour ago and was currently upstairs resting. Vy thanked Coco for her help and went up to meet the man.

As she came up the stairs, Vy knocked on the door before she entered the room. The room was fitted with two rows of beds, although there were not many patients at that time. Apart from Markus, there were only two others.

Vy recognised him immediately. The man was seated up on the bed, eating a bowl of porridge. Before Vy could call out to him, Elette had let go of Lycster and ran up to Markus.

"Well if this isn't a pleasant surprise! Elette, what are you doing here?" the man exclaimed.

Although he was still weak from his injury, he picked Elette up and sat her down next to him on the bed. Seeing Vy and Lycster, he soon realised who brought her to him.

"Are you the lady who saved my life?" Markus asked Vy.

"I am, my name is Vyrena. Vyrena Blackfire." Vy introduced herself and shook hands with him.

"I owe you my life, Miss Vyrena," Markus replied.

"Just Vyrena will do, I did what I could. But you should be thanking the healers here. They are the ones who nursed you back to health."

"Don't be so modest, if you had not brought me all the way here, I would not have lived to see another day. Or this cute little girl here," Markus said as he teased Elette who was giggling away.

"You can call me Markus, since we are keeping it casual here. Surname's Duskton. Everyone calls me Markus these days." the man said.

Vy turned to Lycster and said, "Lycster, could you bring Elette downstairs? I need to speak to Markus."

Lycster understood immediately and took Elette out of Markus's arms and out of the room.

"What can I help you with, Vyrena?" Markus went straight to the point.

Vyrena took a chair and sat down next to his bedside.

"I just have some questions that I hope you could help me with."

"I have a few of my own too." Markus replied.

Vy nodded, "That's fair. You can go first."

"Thank you. Where's Coral?" Markus asked.

"Coral? Who's that?"

"You don't know? Coral is Elette's mother."

Vy recalled the scene she had arrived at. She did not see any woman, the site was deserted apart from Dygo, Markus, Elette and the hounds. To help Markus better understand, Vy explained what she had seen when she arrived and the events that occurred after that. He listened to what she had to say, leaving his questions till the end.

"She must have seen Dygo's shadow. I never knew she had this Mirror Sight. I don't think Coral knew either." Markus sighed.

"You seem to be taking this pretty well," Vy said, surprised by Markus's calm demeanour.

He smiled, "When you've travelled far and wide, there aren't many things that would surprise you. I don't think Dygo meant any harm either. After all, he was not the one who stabbed me."

Vy was stunned, "He wasn't?"