New World New Life Chapter 87

87 Catching Up
Markus laughed, shaking his head. He went on to tell Vy his side of the story, of how things escalated and he got stabbed.

"I'm not sure what happened after I was stabbed since I blacked out. When I came to, I was already here." Markus looked towards the door and let out a sigh.

He shifted his focus to Vy, and asked, "How is Elette doing?"

Vy gave him a soft smile, "She's doing fine. We calmed her down with some honey cakes earlier. Is there any way we can contact and find her mother?"

Markus frowned and avoided her gaze for a moment, "While I would like to believe Eletts just happened to get separated from Coral, the chances of that is slim."

"You mean she abandoned"

"There's a high possibility. Special abilities such as Mirror Sight are not something folk like them see as something good. It's more of a curse than a blessing." Markus said.

Being abandoned by her own mother. How could anyone be so heartless? Vy could not understand. She wanted to help Elette, no matter what it took.

"Regardless, we shall try to find her and convince her otherwise. After all, Miss Coco mentioned that her Mirror Sight is being blocked."



Before Vy could finish her sentence, Lycster ran into the room, with Elette in his arms.

"Vy! Elette" the poor boy had to catch his breath, he had run up the stairs.

"What is it?" Vy asked anxiously.

Elette did not look like she was in any harm or pain, just a little dazed by what was going on.

"Elette's Mirror Sight. It was Dygo who blocked it!" Lycster finally said.

Putting the pieces together, Vy finally understood what had happened.

-Looks like he's a good one after all.-


"Well, if it isn't our new mayor! Or should I address you as milady?" Old Potto called out as Vy walked by.

"Just Vyrena is fine, Potto. How have you been?" Vy replied as she stopped to have a quick chat with him.

The man had grown older, but he still looked as healthy as ever.

"Same old same old, but with a permanent home thanks to you. You're a good one, Vyrena." Old Potto said, giving her a pat on the shoulder.

Vy beamed with pride, she was happy to know that her efforts to improve the lives of the folks in Timbretune worked out well. Halfway through the year, Vy had accumulated a considerable amount of wealth.

Timbretune was a town that needed an upgrade. While it sat at a prime spot on trade routes, the ruling noble never did much to improve the town. Vy saw its potential to become something greater, so she made the decision to purchase the township.

After a long negotiation, it finally ended in her favour and she became the official mayor of the town. When she had approached the noble to purchase the town, he laughed.

"You want to purchase Timbretune? Whatever for?" the noble scoffed.

"I would like to develop it."

"Develop? Well, as long as the price is right, sure."

It was all down to the amount she offered. Vy made sure her offer was reasonable, yet enticing enough for the noble to agree. So here they were.

Expanding the trade revenue of the town was high on her list but not before she improved the lives of the townsfolk. She ordered new houses to be built, roads to be paved and facilities to be built. While the daily marketplace remained mostly the same, the surrounding buildings were constantly going through changes.

It had only been a few days since Vy had returned to Timbretune and she got to see the changes first hand. All the plans she had made on paper materialised before her. While there were hiccups along the way, everything worked out in the end.

As she walked through the market, everyone knew who Vy was. Some even knew her as Black Clover, for the story of her lucky hands has travelled far. But nothing could prepare Vy for who she would encounter next.

"Milady!" someone called out to Vy from behind.

She turned to find Caster, and a squad of guards following closely behind coming towards her. Caster bowed deeply in respect to Vy.

"What is it, Caster? Is everything alright?"

"Uh yes milady. You have a guest. It's..." Caster replied.

"Baron Koufer?" Vy grinned, she had been waiting for this guest.

Caster nodded, "He's waiting for you in the Waiting lounge, just as you have requested."