New World New Life Chapter 88

88 The Baron Visits
The name brought back memories to Lycster, memories he wanted to forget. He gritted his teeth and tightened his fist.


"Lycster let's go."

"But what about Elette?"

"Elette can come with us."

Caster and his squad led them to the Bureau, through the main gate. All the personnel they encountered within the building bowed to Vy as she walked by. Dotty, who had been resting on Vy's shoulder the entire time, was awake from her nap. As she stretched her arms and took in her surroundings, she wondered where they were.

\u003cVy, where are we? Is this the Bureau?\u003e

-Yes, it is. Nostalgic, isn't it?-

Vy chuckled a little, careful not to express it outwardly.

Dotty chuckled too.

\u003cAre we in trouble again?\u003e

-Of course not. The guest we've been waiting for finally arrived.-

To say that Vy bought Timbretune to bait the Baron to her would not be a false statement. It was just a side benefit that came with the purchase. Caster led them straight to the waiting room. On cue, the guards opened the door to the room.

Vy walked in confidently, with Lycster by her side. The room had simplistic decor, a set of sofas that surrounded a coffee table and a fireplace. There were paintings hung on the wall next to two large windows.

Vy put on her best smile, "Baron Koufer, to what do I owe this visit?"

The Baron had brought with him his loyal butler Old Chon, two personal guards and a woman. The woman had her eye on Elette from the moment she entered the room. Vy could see her hand trembling, eye darting from side to side. She stood next to Old Chon, behind the sofa.

Vy had put her hand out for a handshake, but the Baron merely grinned, remaining in his seat. Vy was not one to dawdle either, so she quickly sat down on the sofa opposite of him while Lycster sat next to him.

As soon as Elette caught sight of the woman, tears welled up in her eyes as Elette leapt off the chair and walked towards the woman.

"Mama," Elette cried as she reached out for the woman.

The woman flinched retreating further back until she was backed up against the wall.

"Get away from me!" she yelled, "You demon spawn!"

Lycster ran after Elette, shocked by the words that spewed from the woman's mouth.

Vy shifted her gaze to the woman, ignoring the Baron completely. She stood up and walked up to the woman who was cowering in fear. Lycster hugged onto Elette tightly, trying his best to console her.

"You must be Coral, I presume?"

The woman looked up at Vy and nodded, she was still trembling in fear.

"Is Elette not your child?"

"I did not give birth that spawn of a demon!" Coral said, she went up to the Baron and pointed at Elette, "Baron Koufer, that's the demon spawn! She needs to be exorcised! She needs"

With one swift move, Vy slapped Coral across the face. The woman, stunned by the force of the slap, fell to the ground. Everyone in the room gasped in shock. Vy's expression had turned dark, the anger she had within her raged like wildfire.

"Elette is just a child! What kind of mother" before Vy could finish her sentence, she could sense a hand coming in to slap her.

She caught the hand before it could land the hit and glared at the owner of the hand.

"Miss Vyrena, unhand the Baron" before Old Chon could finish his sentence, Vy let go of the Baron's hand with a light push, causing the elderly gentleman to fall back onto the sofa.

Vy turned her attention back to Coral and continued her statement, "What kind of mother would abandon her own child?"

"Vyrena Blackfire, you are out of hand! You harbour a demon spawn, a fugitive yourself! How dare you treat us like this?" the Baron bellowed.

Vy turned her attention back to the Baron. Her eyes were raged with anger. Lycster had not seen Vy this angry before, and he did not know how he should react. Everyone in the room was stunned silent, but Vy was not about to give up.

"That is a girl who lost her mother," Vy said solemnly as she pointed to Elette. She then pointed her finger at the Baron, "You, have crossed the line a long time ago."

"It is you who have crossed the line!" Baron Koufer rebutted in a fearsome tone.

"You practice black magic too! You broke into my mansion in the form of a giant wolf, you have to pay for your crimes!" Baron Koufer proclaimed his accusations.

He turned to Caster and said, "Would you let a fugitive run this town? She's a devil worshipper! I demand that she is to be arrested and put on trial!"

Caster looked at the Baron straight in the eye, then back at Vy. Vy did not waver. Caster turned his attention back onto the Baron.

"Guards." Caster called out.