New World New Life Chapter 89

89 Court Is In Session
The doors of the room creaked open and a group of guards walked in, surrounding everyone. Elette, confused by the situation, was still in tears. Lycster did his best to console her and keep her safe as the guards filled up the room.

"Escort the esteemed Baron and his butler to the Courtroom," Caster said.

"Yes sir!" all the guards replied in unison.

For a short moment, Baron Koufer thought he had the upper hand. But he did not.

"What are you doing?" Baron Koufer exclaimed in anger as the guards handcuffed him and his butler.

He turned to Caster and asked, "What is the meaning of this!"

Caster kept his emotionless expression, "If it has not set upon you, Koufer, you are going to be escorted to the Courtroom."

Caster gave his guards a command and the Baron and the butler were both escorted out of the room. Once they were on their way, Caster turned to Vy.

"What would you like me to do with the woman, milady?" he asked.

Vy turned to look at Coral, who was cowering in fear in the corner. She turned to look at Lycster and Elette. What could she do to change Coral's mind?

"I will take care of things here. I will come to the Courtroom shortly. I don't think this would take long. Lycster, bring Elette with you to the Courtroom as well."

Everyone did as they were told, leaving Vy and Coral alone in the room. Once it was only the two of them, Vy let out a sigh.

She walked over to Coral, crouched down and said, "You have nothing to be afraid of. Your daughter, Elette is not possessed by a demon. She needs her ...."

"I don't have a daughter! My daughter is dead! That's just a demon masquerading as her!" Carole screamed.

Vy looked at the woman dead in the eye. This was a sane woman, yet she was spouting such insane statements. Realising that she would not be able to change Coral's mind, she knew what she had to do.

"So you are certain, that you don't want Elette anymore?" Vy asked, her face expressionless.

The woman did not waver, though she was shivering, "She is no daughter of mine."

Vy nodded and replied, "Alright, I understand. Thank you for bringing Elette to us. Lycster and I will take great care of her. You can leave whenever you like."

Finishing her sentence, Vy turned and left the room leaving the doors open for Coral. She informed the guards to escort Coral out of the premises whenever she wants to leave before she headed over to courtroom.

Dotty, who had witnessed everything from her seat on Vy's shoulder could only let out a sigh. Humans were complicated creatures, she would never be able to fully understand their thoughts behind their actions.


Vy turned around and went up to one of the guards. From her spatial space, she materialised a small pouch heavy with money.

"When Miss Coral is ready to leave, please let her have this." with those words, Vy took her leave.

Dotty grinned at the sight of Vy's good deed.

With matters taken care of, Vy headed towards the courtroom. Upon her arrival, the guards at the door immediately opened the door for her. As she walked into the room, everyone stood up. The Baron, who was handcuffed, was also forced to stand up in respect to Vy as she walked in.

The courtroom's layout had a throne-like seat in the middle of the room, at the end of a long red carpet. Vy went up all the way on the red carpet and took a seat on the throne-like chair.

"Shall we begin?" Vy's voice rang loud and clear throughout the hall.

Caster stood up and walked up to Vy, presenting her with a piece of parchment. She received it from him and began to read its contents.

"Baron Koufer, you are being charged with the crime of kidnapping a child and false demonic accusations of another child. How do you plead?" Vy said it all with a straight face.

Baron Koufer immediately stood up and yelled, "I am innocent! This is an unfair and insolen trial! What evidence do you have!"

Vy grinned, "Evidence?" she turned to Lycster and said, "Lycster, come up here and give your statement on this matter."