New World New Life Chapter 90

90 The Truth
Lycster stood up immediately and walked towards Vy. Elette remained seated, watching everything play out.

"On the day of the incident, you visited Miss Vyrena's stall in the market. You claimed I insulted you and you had your guards arrest me. After which, you locked me up in your jail cell for days with no food and you had your guards torture me!" Lycster found it difficult to keep his cool.

As much as he tried, making his statement brought back unsavoury memories of what happened back then. He did not want to relive them ever again.

"That's just the word of a boy! How can anyone believe that!" Baron Koufer rebutted.

Vy scoffed, "I have signed statements here of people who witnessed the incident. This includes townsfolk of Timbretune who witnessed your actions, travellers who passed by, and two statements from your own guardsmen."

Vy shook her head and continued, "Do not even get me started on the false accusations you have made to other nobles about my legitimacy in the purchase of Timbretune!'

"No normal human would be able to gather that much wealth in such a short period of time to purchase an entire town! You must have used black magic to do so!" Baron Koufer accused Vy.

"I bought Timbretune legally, through a written contract with Lord Doraine. All the paperwork is in order and there were six other witnesses to it, all of whom are nobles. Your false accusation is blasphemous and falsified." Vy rebutted.

This entire case infuriated her, but the adrenaline of knowing the outcome would be in her favour kept her going.

"Milady, may I say a few words?" Caster asked Vy.

"Yes, of course." Vy replied.

Caster turned to address the Baron, " Baron Koufer. On multiple occasions, you have bullied and belittled the people of Timbretune. You used your status and nobility to get things done your way. This including pressuring merchants to sell you products at rock bottom prices, while turning around to sell us your goods at sky-high prices."

"What proof do you have? I always made the payments in coins, with no contracts!" Baron Koufer rebutted.

As soon as those words left his mouth, it soon dawned upon everyone that the Baron had confessed to his wrongdoings.

"So you confess that you have done so?" Vy asked.

"No, I" Baron Koufer was speechless, he could not find the words to defend himself!

"I have here with me," Caster said as he revealed a leather-bound document, "a petition from the people of Timbretune."

Caster handed the document to Vy who looked through it with great detail. The document contained the signatures and handwritten messages by hundreds of townsfolk in Timbretune. Everyone, from every level of society, signed it.

"The people of Timbretune petitioned to the mayor, for Baron Koufer to be forbidden from doing business in Timbretune. His unethical and oppressive methods are not welcome here." Caster declared.

Baron Koufer laughed.

"Do you think you're the only town to work in the area? There are tons of other villages and towns, even cities who would gladly work with me!" he scoffed.

Vy paid no mind to the Baron's empty words.

"I accept the petition of the people. As for the crimes you have committed in the town of Timbretune, you are hereby banned from entering Timbretune and any establishment I own. You will also be fined 5 gold dragons and receive 5 lashings. Dismissed."

"WAIT WHAT?" Baron exclaimed in anger, "You can't do this!"

"I assure you, Baron Koufer. I can, and I have. Timbretune is under my jurisdiction, therefore I decide what punishment I deem fit." Vy replied.

"Milady." an unexpected voice rang out, it was Old Chon.

He stepped out of the seats and stood before Vy. He knelt down on both knees and looked up to Vy, "I would like to receive the punishment on behalf of my master, Baron Koufer."

Vy was surprised and so was Lycster.

"Old Chon! You stand up right now! We do not bow to scum like this." the Baron yelled.

Vy turned to Caster and instructed, "Guards, take the Baron to the waiting room, I need to speak his butler in private."

The guards bowed and carried out Vy's orders immediately. After they left, only Vy, Caster, Lycster, Elette and Old Chon remained. As soon as the door closed behind them, Vy stood up from her seat and walked down to meet him face to face.

Old Chon did not waver, he remained composed as he was and on his knees. Vy could hear his heartbeat loud and clear. The old man was not afraid of her.

"What's your real name, Old Chon?" Vy asked.

"Rockster Choon, milady." Old Chon replied.

"Rockster, you impressed me. Why stand up for someone like Baron Koufer?" Vy asked directly.

Old Chon smiled, "It is my duty as his servant and butler to share his burdens and worries. That includes"

"Taking the punishment on his behalf?" Vy said.