New World New Life Chapter 92

92 Overkill
As the head of the snake popped up from within the chest, Vy did not move. She did not flinch. Caster, shocked by what was happening, wanted to block Vy from the attack. But she stopped him from doing so.

The snake did not pounce at Vy either, it merely stared at her, hissing. Just then, two other heads popped out from the box.

-Three snakes? What an overkill.-

Dotty, who witnessed everything from the table watched on. She did not move either.

\u003cI can't believe they tried to pull this off.\u003e

-Neither can I.-

Turning her attention to the two men, Vy let out a sigh. Just then, the snakes unhinged their jaws and were about to leap out of the box and onto Vy. But as soon as she stared at them, the three snakes backed away. They curled up and ducked back into the box.

The two men drew their sheathed swords, ready to attack Vy, only to realise that they could not move. That was when fear struck them. Their racing heartbeats were loud and clear in her ears. Shaking her head, Vy put her hand into the chest.

"Milady" Caster called out, in fear that the snakes would harm Vy.

But instead, the snakes merely coiled onto her arm, calm as ever. She looked into the chest and counted the gold dragons. She used her free hand to pick one out and inspected it. Feeling the weight of it in her hand, she rolled her eyes. Vy puts it back in the chest.

Without a second thought, she slammed her hand down on the table, causing everyone to flinch. Including the snakes. Vy glared at the two men in front of her.

"Would you care to explain to me why these are fake?" Vy asked calmly.

She kept her cool at best she could, keeping the rhythm of her voice steady.

The taller man gulped and gathered what courage he had to reply, "There must've been a mistake"

Before he could finish his sentence, the man became distracted by two of the snakes. They had slithered off Vy's hand and coiled themselves around his neck, and the neck of the shorter man. The men were shaking in fear as the snakes tightened their coil, hissing.

"Would you like to tell me now?"

The silence within the room was deafening. Vy could hear their heartbeats, the pace quickened as the snakes continued to coil tighter around their necks. It was not tight enough to suffocate them, but good enough to make them think so.

"It's. It's the Baron's orders!" finally the shorter one blurted out the truth.

The snakes immediately loosened their coil around the men's necks and slithered back onto the table. As soon as the danger was out of the way, the taller man attempted to make a move, gripping tight onto his dagger. But he could not move from his seat, and neither could the shorter man.

Vy was looking at them, never breaking her gaze. As she watched them struggle in their seat, she grinned. She wanted to behead them here and now for what they have done. A part of her would love to do so.

-It seems like I had too much faith in the Baron.-

While she was deep in thought, Caster had already ordered additional guards to enter the room and take the two men away.After the men were escorted out, Caster reentered the room and knelt down on one knee next to Vy.

"Caster, what are you"

"Milady, please forgive me for putting your life in danger. I willingly accept any punishment"

Caster's apology was cut short by Vy's laughter. When he looked up, he saw her in a laughing fit, with tears almost coming out of her eyes.


Vy continued laughing for a moment before regaining her composure, "Caster, you did nothing wrong. There is no punishment I can give because there is no need for any."

Vy turned her attention back to the chest on the table. She picked out all of the gold dragons and weighed them. While she was no expert, she was no dummy either.

-Dotty, could you verify these for me please?-

\u003cSure thing Vy!\u003e Dotty flew over to the table and placed her hands over the gold dragons Vy had laid on the table.

A soft glow of white light encased each of them before dissipating.

\u003cAnalysis is complete!\u003e

\u003cYour guess is accurate, Vy! These are not real Gold Dragons, he he! The proportion of gold is completely off. If they wanted to fool you, they could have done a better job~\u003e

-What percentage of gold is in here then?-

Dotty looked at each of the gold dragons, lightly knocking on them before pondering deep in thought.

\u003cThey all vary in gold content, but it's not worth much, to be honest. Although.\u003e

Dotty moved over to one of the Gold Dragons and looked up at Vy, her tail curling behind her.

\u003cVy, could you break this one open?\u003e

Although Vy was surprised by Dotty's request, she obliged. Having her wolf form have given her immense strength, not to mention the training regiment she had put herself through. The hardest part was controlling the amount of strength she used each time, to avoid things from crumbling to her touch. The same could be said about the Gold dragon.

She picked up the one Dotty had requested and applied a relatively strong amount of strength. However, it would not budge. If it had truly been made out of pure gold, the shape would have changed by now.

Caster did not say a word. Good subordinates did not ask too many questions.

Vy increased the amount of force she used and the gold dragon broke off into two uneven pieces. As expected, it was nothing more than a layer of gold painted on a rock. Dotty examined one of the halves and exclaimed in surprise.

\u003cVy! Vy! We hit the jackpot this round! Could you break all of them apart?\u003e

Dotty exclaimed excitedly as she pointed at the other Gold Dragons. Vy did not say anything but did as Dotty asked. As she broke each of them up, Dotty would fly over to the pieces to examine them. When she finished, the grin on her face was difficult to miss.