New World New Life Chapter 93

93 Jackpo
-You're keeping me in suspense Dotty! What's with these? Is it some form of precious metal?-

\u003cDing ding ding!\u003e Dotty chimed like a bell.

\u003cYou are so smart Vy! These are Blacrium Metal!\u003e

"Milady, would you like me to get rid of these fake gold dragons for you?" Caster asked, unaware of the discovery.

"No, that's quite alright, I think they might prove useful after all. But I will need to study them further. I'll be here for a while. Caster, you may resume your duties for the time being. If I need, I will call for you."

Caster bowed, "As you wish, Milady. I will take my leave."

As soon as he left, Vy turned her attention back to Dotty and the table of rocks. The three snakes were still coiled up on the table next to each other. They have not moved, not without Vy's instruction.

-Dotty, bring up the information on Blacrium Metal-

\u003cYes Vy~\u003e

A panel of words and images appeared before Vy. As she read the information presented to her, Vy picked up one of the pieces for closer inspection. When she picked the piece up, more details about the piece she held was revealed.

Dotty, on the other hand, remained silent, she walked across the table to where the snakes were and poked their scales. No matter what she did, the snakes did not budge. They remained coiled, snuggly tucking their heads within.

-Dotty, we can make weapons out of these? How much are they worth?-

Dotty's ears twitched as she heard Vy's words.

\u003cWe can, and they are currently worth about 10 Gold dragons in total\u003e

"10 Gold Dragons?" Vy exclaimed in surprise, "If we made these into weapons, they would be worth a lot more! We need to look for a blacksmith."

Dotty shook her head.

\u003cThere's no use looking for a blacksmith\u003e

"Why not?"

\u003cBlacrium Metal can only be moulded and crafted through magic. It sounds easy, but it is pretty difficult. But\u003e


Dotty grinned.

\u003cYou can learn how to do it!\u003e

Vy was happy with that answer. With this unexpected gift, Vy was in a good mood. She quickly placed the metal pieces into her personal spatial inventory. As she was about to leave the room, Dotty called out to her from the table.

\u003cWait! What about these snakes?\u003e

Vy almost forgot about them. They were sleeping so soundly on the table in coils she had almost mistaken them for decoration. Walking back to the table, she placed her open palm near the snakes. Almost immediately, they slithered onto her arm and held onto her wrist.

The guards greeted her as she came out.

"Do you know where Caster is?" she asked.

"Yes Milady, Commander Caster is currently in the courtyard." one of the guards replied.

Vy simply nodded and made her way there. As she arrived, Caster was supervising the training of the guards. When he noticed Vy approached, he went up to her and saluted her.

"Milady, how may I assist you?"

"Baron Koufer has paid his fine, so we can let him and Old Chon go," Vy said with a grin.

Caster was taken aback. He had assumed that Vy would have wanted to keep the Baron here for a longer period of time. Especially after the assassination attempt.

"But Milady, what about" he could not resist letting it go.

Vy stopped him before he could continue speaking, keeping the smile on her face.

"Let's just say the little gift he had given us has more than made up for it. At the very least, it has put me in a good mood."Vy replied as she toyed with the snakes on her wrists as she spoke to Caster.

"As you wish, Milady." Caster replied. Her orders were absolute.

Vy nodded and left Caster to his duties.

Vy headed to Rodrick's shop, seeking a book that would help her learn on how to mould the Blacrium Metal. As she opened the door to his store, the bell chimed and Rodrick quickly came out from behind the shop.

"Vyrena! What a surprise!" Rodrick exclaimed with glee.

Vy smiled, "It's been a while, Rodrick, how have you been?"

The two of them chatted for a bit before Vy explained why she had come to his store.

"A book about Blacrium Metal? Hmm, that would be in the encyclopedia section"

"Oh, I'm looking more of something that would teach me how to mould it or craft with it."

"Ah, good thing you clarified that. That would be in the Magic and Crafting section, so it should be" Rodrick walked over to one of the bookshelves.

Tracing titles on the shelves, he quickly found the book Vy required and handed it to her. It was a soft leather copy, with embossed lettering on it. While she flipped through the first book, Rodrick handed her a few more books.

"There is more than one technique on how to mould the metal, so I think it would be good to get a reference from a few of these."

Bringing the books back to their house, Vy quickly headed into her study room and began to flip through the books. Dotty sat on her shoulder, ready for Vy to call upon her. While Dotty's help was useful in processing all the information in these books, Vy wanted to train herself to read and understand the material on her own too.

But, the books on Blacrium Metal were content heavy with lots of unfamiliar jargon. After trying for a period of time, Vy finally gave up and sought Dotty's help. Dotty giggled as she flew up and pat Vy on the head.

\u003cThere there Vy! You did well! He he. Now let us get this knowledge out of the book and into your mind!\u003e

Waving her hands over the first book, the pages glowed and flipped through swiftly. Almost instantly, the knowledge was etched into Vy's mind.

\u003cBook Title: Magic Metal Moulding\u003e

\u003cInformation extraction completed!\u003e

With one book completed, Vy prepped for the next book and Dotty worked her magic.

\u003cBook Title: Understanding Metals and their properties\u003e

\u003cInformation extraction completed!\u003e

\u003cBook Title: Metals with Magic properties\u003e

\u003cInformation extraction completed!\u003e

Within a matter of an hour, all five books that Vy had brought back were fully absorbed and in her mind. As she was taking some time to understand the material, Dotty's voice popped up in Vy's mind.

\u003cVy! Since you have processed these books, you have unlocked a new ability! It's a little boring though~\u003e Dotty said while sticking her tongue out.