New World New Life Chapter 94

94 Whats That Thing Called?
-A new ability?-

\u003cYup! Cross Reference Accuracy! This allows you to extract the accurate information from materials that you have read!\u003e

\u003cThis would also apply for other items other than just boring old books~\u003e

Vy looked through her spatial inventory and retrieved one of the Blacrium metal she had kept in there. Holding it in her hand, she was able to see the composition of the metal as well as other key information about it.

With the added information she had from the books, she was able to decide which piece of metal would be suitable for what type of weapon.


\u003cYes Vy?\u003e Dotty asked. She perked up when Vy called for her.

-Do you happen to know if this world has long-range weapons? Something that could be shot through the air.-

Dotty pondered for a while, her tail waving behind her.

\u003cYou mean like bows and arrows? For archery?\u003e

-Something like that, but more lethal? And with greater speed and accuracy.-


A part of Vy knew exactly what she herself was looking for, but she could not recall what it was called.

\u003cCannon? The one that shoots out metal spheres?\u003e

-Close! But something more mobile. Handheld and extremely lethal.-

\u003cOh! A gun?\u003e

-Yes! That's right!-

Dotty pondered for a while before nodding.

\u003cThere is! However, it cannot be found in this part of the world.\u003e

-This part of the world?-

Dotty brought out a map and began to explain.

\u003cThis is the entirety of the surrounding area, including the Prism Sector entrance to the Elves Alliance.\u003e

She pointed out where Timbretune and the surrounding landmarks were. As soon as Dotty finished showing Vy those locations, she tapped the map twice and it instantly panned out to show a larger surface area. The area Dotty had mapped out now only took up a fraction of the map.

\u003cThese are the surrounding Kingdoms and Countries of the area, each caries in size and power.\u003e

Tapping the map again, the area Dotty marked out was now reduced to nothing more than a dot, no bigger than a pea. She traced her hand over to a larger area and highlighted it to Vy.

\u003cThe weapon type known as guns, are more commonly found in this continent. Mainly because they are much more advanced.\u003e

Vy took out her dagger and pondered.

-Dotty, does this mean my dagger was made with more advanced technology?-

She knew the dagger was not made from around the surrounding area. She had asked multiple blacksmiths and none of them could figure out how the dagger worked and it's hidden abilities. Vy herself had experimented with it, but she knew nothing beyond what she had learnt on her own.

While she knew that her dagger also did not belong to this world, she was determined to find an equivalent, or something similar; so that she could better understand her own origins.

Dotty looked over the dagger a number of times before giving her reply.

\u003cIt is definitely well made, Vy! I guess you could say the technology of this other continent might match up to the one that was used to make your dagger.\u003e

Just as she was about to ask Dotty another question, there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Vy asked.

"Vy, it's me, Lycster." the voice replied from behind the door, "May I come in?"

"Of course, come right in," she replied.

The door creaked open and Lycster walked in with a grin on his face. As he saw the books piled upon Vy's desk, he got curious about them. However, he had more pressing matters to ask, so he diverted his attention back to Vy.

"Is something the matter?" Vy asked, sensing Lycster's mood.

"Yes, it's regarding the Baron and Old Chon. Now I know that they have committed great crimes and I can never forgive what the Baron has done" Lycster gripped his knuckles tightly as he mustered his strength together to say what he wanted, "I think we should let them go."

Vy's eyebrows arched, she was not expecting him to say that. Lycster could also sense her disbelief, but he was ready to make his point of view heard.

"Don't get me wrong, I still hate the Baron and how full of himself he was. But I think the right thing to do would be to let them go." Lycster said with confidence.

The boy has grown so much since they first met. And Vy was proud of the progress he had made. But behind the brave front he put up, the truth was revealed in his palpitating heart.

"Alright," Vy sighed, playing along with Lycster's request, "We'll let him and Old Chon go."

"Really?" Lycster exclaimed in surprise. He had been pacing outside Vy's study for quite some time, coming up with ideas on how to convince her to listen to him. He was not expecting such little resistance.

Dotty was giggling next to Vy and Lycster could see it.

"Don't laugh at Lycster, Dotty, you're giving it away!" Vy could not help it.

Lycster's face was blank, what was going on? Was he being pranked?