New World New Life Chapter 95

95 Cute Little Babies
"Lycster, you have nothing to worry about. Because I've already let them go free."

Vy looked up at the wall clock that had been installed right above the door.

"If I'm not wrong, they should have been escorted out of the town right about now. Caster would have also prepared their horse carriage for them by now. They would be sent back together with the two assassins they had sent."

Lycster nodded, then he paused.


Vy chuckled, while Dotty burst out laughing. Lycster looked at them with his jaw dropped.

"Did you say assassins? There were assassins?!"

Vy explained what had happened, and even showed him her discovery of the Blacrium metal and the three snakes she got. She used this opportunity to learn more about the snakes that she had as well.

"To be honest, I was surprised that the snakes listened to me so well. I wonder why." Vy said.

It was true, the snakes were fearful of her at first, then they became loyal to her, abandoning their reptile instincts. Lycster had a look at the snakes, they too seemed to like him. None of them was hostile. They simply curled up in his palm when they were given the opportunity.

"Could it have something to do with the fact that we can transform into animal forms?" Lycster asked.

"That could be it," Vy replied.

As the snakes slithered on her hand, Vy asked Dotty to help her analyse the species these snakes were. Dotty carefully patted the scales of the snake as she brought up the relevant information for Vy.

These were Lakreem snakes, a poisonous species known for their rare venom. One bite would cause the victim to suffer excruciating pain. A second bite would lead them to suffer hallucinations. A third bite would be instantaneous death.

\u003cThese are just cute little babies! Aren't they just adorable~\u003e

Dotty cuddled the snakes together, rubbing her cheeks against their heads. The snakes did not seem to mind Dotty, simply hissing as she hugged them. One of the snakes, the black one, even curled up around her.

"Did you say they are just babies?" Vy asked.

Looking at them, Vy had assumed they were full-sized snakes, at least they were similar in size to some of the ones she had seen for sale in the markets and in the wild. Each of them was able to coil two to three times around her wrists, their length as compared to the length of regular snakes.

"They look like adult snakes to me," Vy continued.

Dotty laughed, shaking her head slowly.

\u003cThey are just cute little babies~\u003e

Dotty lifted the heads of one of the snakes, gently squeezing it between her hands.

\u003cLook this cute little face~\u003e

Vy laughed, snakes were adorable indeed.

"Aren't you afraid of the venom from these snakes?" Vy asked.

\u003cWell, I can't be hurt by them, Vy! Plus, while Lakreem Snakes are highly venomous, they are loyal too. Right now, they are loyal to you so I don't think I have much to worry about.\u003e

Lycster sat next to Vy, teasing one of the snakes. They seem to take a natural liking to Lycster as well.

"I wonder if we had a snake form if we might be able to speak to them, just like how you can communicate with the wolves," Lycster said.

"I almost forgot I had that ability," Vy replied.

It was on one of their hunts in the forest surrounding the Prism Sector that Vy and Lycster encountered a pack of wolves. It was an instant connection, as Vy was able to communicate with them telepathically. They quickly acknowledged Vy's dominance and left after a short conversation.

"What did they talk about anyway," Lycster asked out of curiosity.

Vy paused for a moment in thought, remembering the conversation brought a smile to her face.

"They thought they met their maker and wanted me to be their leader. Nothing fancy." Vy replied as the black snake coiled in her palm, resting its head atop its body.

"What?" Lycster stared at Vy blankly.

Vy laughed, "Well, the leader or the alpha of the pack thought I was some Wolf God, because of how large my form was compared to them. Plus they mentioned I smelled different. So they wanted me to join them to make their pack stronger."

"You had that entire conversation with them, in a matter of a few seconds?" Lycster asked in disbelief.

Vy nodded, "Yup, pretty much. You'll get it when you meet your first mountain goat. In the meantime," she stood up from her seat, with all three snakes coiled on her right arm, "I think I just remembered who might be able to speak to the snakes."

"Is Nestor in town?" Vy asked the bartender.

"It's been a while, Miss Vyrena. Or should I address you as Miss Mayor?" the bartender replied with a grin as he continued wiping down one of the many glass beer mugs.

"Just Vyrena is good enough," she said.

"Humble, I like that." the bartender said as he poured her a mug of cider, "on the house. He's in town, he's right over there."

The bartender pointed out to a corner table at the far end of the tavern. Vy thanked the bartender for the drink and walked over to join Nestor at his table.