New World New Life Chapter 97

97 Patiently Waiting
-Why do I find this so familiar.-

Dotty got bored of waiting for Vy to ask, so she flew over to her and tried to get her attention. However, Vy was still deep in thought and did not notice what she was trying to do. As the silent thinking continued, Dotty could no longer take it so she cleared her throat.

Finally, she had Vy's attention.

"Oh Dotty, do you happen to know why this feels so familiar to me?"

\u003cOf course I do! I thought you would never ask~\u003e

\u003cUnlocking your Memory Bank to show you, give me a moment.\u003e

Dotty projected a memory into Vy's mind. She could not see the faces of the people or hear their voices, but she could see what they were doing. The carriage they sat in, no, the vehicle they sat in was something that felt familiar.

It moved, and it did not need horses to pull it. There were two people in the vehicle, one of whom wore the necklace she had while the other wore a different one. She could not see clearly how it looked like for the scene was hazy, but it seemed similar to the one she had.

A part of her felt somewhat sad as she watched the scene. But she could see that from the interaction between both people, they were close.

-Dotty, who is that?-

\u003cI'm sorry Vy, but I don't have that information.\u003e

Dotty felt a little bad for showing Vy this scene. There were so many she could have picked from, why did she have to pick this one?

"Vy? Did Dotty show you something?" Lycster asked. He was not able to see the memory projection Dotty had shown Vy.

Vy returned to her senses, she could feel that her eyes were watery. As she rubbed her eyes a little, she replied Lycster, "Yes, she showed me a memory, from my other life."

"It seems like I have seen something similar before, a vehicle, a self-moving vehicle." Vy continued.

The thought and concept of it did not feel foreign or surprising to her. Seeing the memory confirmed one thing, Vy had sat and driven such a vehicle before.

"Lycster, do you remember the name of the underground society?"

Lycster nodded enthusiastically, "Yes I do! It was called Future Eye"

-Future Eye. I will need to investigate this further.-

Just then, Vy recalled something. Ever since her wealth had grown, Vy constantly received multitudes of letters and invitations on a regular basis. While she ignored most of them, she recalled receiving a peculiar one.

The envelope was all in black, embossed on expensive paper and it had the symbol of an opened eye in the middle of a triangle outlined in gold. She had opened it, but do not recall reading its contents. She liked its design, so she kept it in one of the drawers of her desk.

-Could that be a letter from this society?-

She needed to look for the letter to confirm her theory.

"Lycster, I need you to run an errand for me," Vy said.


Elette poured a cup of tea for the stuffed bear that sat across from her at the small wooden table. As she poured, no liquid came out of it.

"Here you go, Bea, some tea for you," she said as she continued to pour some into her own cup as well, "and some for me."

After putting down the teacup, she looked down at the empty porcelain plate next to her teacup and picked up an imaginary cookie. She turned over to her left and looked up at the animal skull-headed man and gave him a smile.

"Thank you for the cookies, they're really good," she said, as she placed it in her mouth and pretended to chew.

The animal skull-headed man did not say anything, he simply nodded as he took a sip from his teacup.

"Elette," a voice called out in the distance.

Elette looked over but she could not see who it was. When she turned back to her tea party, everything had disappeared and she fell into a void. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach as the vertigo set in.

"Elette," the voice called out again, this time it seemed clearer. Nearer.

She screamed her lungs out as she reached up her hands, hoping to grasp onto something but to no avail.

"Help me! Help me, Vy! Lycster," she yelled as tears welled up in her eyes.

Just then, someone embraced Elette in their arms.

"You're safe, little one. You're safe." a different voice calmed her fearful heart.

When Elette opened her eyes, she realised Vy was right before her, looking extremely worried. Without a second thought, Vy pulled Elette close to her and patted her on the back.

"Thank goodness you're awake. You are safe now, Elette. You're safe."