New World New Life Chapter 98

98 Gossip Travels Further
Elette could not stop crying, the tears fell like endless streams of water. Vy patted her on the back, humming a lullaby tune. Slowly, the young girl calmed down and her tears dried up. Vy did not let her go, holding onto her tightly.

"Do not worry, Elette. You are safe. It's just a nightmare."

\u003cShe must have had a nightmare.\u003e

Dotty looked on with a worried expression.

-You're probably right. But we can't take care of her for long either. She's still young and its not like she does not have a family.-

\u003cBut her mother abandoned her.\u003e

Dotty was right, and Vy knew so.

-Maybe her father's side of the family might be willing to take her in. We just need to find them.-

As Elette calmed down, Vy helped to wipe her tears away, smiling at her.

"Elette, do you know anything about your father," Vy asked.

Elette sniffled and shook her head.

"That's alright, we'll find him. I'm sure he would love to know that you are still alive and well" before she could finish her words, the young girl started crying again.

"Nobody wants Elette anymore! No. nobody!" with those words, the girl leapt off the bed and ran out of the room.

Vy was stunned by her actions and could not catch on to her in time. She ran out after Elette and caught her before she was able to open the main door. Vy hugged Elette tightly, despite her efforts to wiggle out of her embrace.

"Vy does not want Elette anymore! No no.nobody wants E. Elette anymore!"

"I'm sorry, Elette. I didn't mean it that way. Of course, I want you. Who wouldn't want a sweet and smart girl like Elette?"

She could no longer bear to see the young girl crying like this, it ached her heart.

"I promise, Elette. I will never abandon you." Vy said firmly.

"You. you. Really?"

Vy nodded as she held out her pinkie with a smile, "It's a promise."


Good things don't last forever, the same could be said about time.

In the market, there has been much gossip. While that is nothing unusual, the topic was intriguing enough to catch the ear of many.

"Have you heard," a lady whispered to her friend while they were shopping at the fruits stall.

"Heard what," her friend asked.

"I heard that the King will be visiting.

"Visiting Timbretune?!" the friend exclaimed.

The lady hushes her friend, luckily the lively atmosphere of the market muffled their conversation.

"Sssshhh Keep your voice down," the lady whispered as she looked around to make sure no one was listening before she continued, "I heard he's on his way right now! Likely to reach tonight."

The friend's expression was one of anguish and curiosity, "But why would the King want to visit our town? Is it because of our new Mayor?"

"It might be! Some people say she's a Wolf demon who shapeshifted into the form of a human. Seducing men and taking their wealth!" the lady gossiped.

Their entire conversation happened in front of Carole's store and she could not care less about market gossip. But accusing Vyrena of something she did not do, Carole could not tolerate that.

"You two quit yapping about these rumours!" she said, shocking the two ladies.

They were offended by Carole and were not going to back down easily.

"How do you know these are just rumours!" the lady rebutted.

"Well, how do you know that those are the truth?" Carole fought back.

But the lady was not ready to back down either! "Well, I heard it from the merchant"

"Which merchant?" Carole asked, glaring at the lady.

"Well umm why do I have to prove myself to you? Hmpf, Alia, let's go!" the lady dragged her friend away to another store.

Carole stood there, arms crossed, tapping her feet.

"Those women don't know what they're saying!"

Old Potto, who had witnessed the entire scene, took a puff of his smoke pipe and chuckled.

"What's so funny Potto?" Carole angrily shouted at him.

Old Potto gave her a smile and shook his head, "Nothing, nothing is funny. I haven't seen you so worked up in quite a while, that's all. Reminds me of when you were young."

"What did you say?!" Carole glared at him with her hands on her waist.

"Ah umm, I mean. You're right, those women don't know anything!" Old Potto quickly tried to save himself.

Vy was in her study room looking through some papers when she heard someone running up the stairs. It was Lycster. After taking a second to catch his breath, he knocked on the door before rushing in.

"Vy! I'm sorry to barge. Barge in but Caster is here," Lycster exclaimed.

Vy looked up, "Caster's here?"

She looked out of the window to seat the darkened sky above the rows of houses, "At this hour?"

Lycster nodded, "He says he needs to speak with you urgently."

"Alright, invite him in, I will get changed and be down as soon as possible. Oh and Lycster,"


"Is Elette asleep already," Vy asked.

"Yes, she is sound asleep in her room."

"Okay good," Vy followed Lycster out of the room.

While he went downstairs to invite Caster in, Vy went back to her room and quickly changed out of her nightgown and into a fresh set of clothes. Tying on the shoelaces of her boots, she went downstairs to meet everyone.

As soon as she came down the stairs, Caster and his guards stood up from their seats and saluted her.

"My lady," Caster bowed, "Forgive me for interrupting your rest so late in the night, but there is an urgent matter that requires your immediate attention."

"That's quite alright. What is the issue?"

Caster bit his lip, uncertain on how to break the news to Vy. Sensing his discomfort, Vy tried her best to put him at ease.

"Lycster mentioned that this was really important. Do not worry, just tell me. What is it?"

Caster nodded and explained, "You have a visitor. The King is here to see you."

Lycster was stunned while Vy was silent.

"The King?"