New World New Life Chapter 99

99 I Do Not Kneel
On the other side of town, in the Courtroom, a man sat on the throne-like seat. He had shoulder-length hazel brown hair and ocean blue eyes. Even without his crown and regal royal attire, anyone would feel the oppressive aura that surrounded him.

He tapped on the wooden handle of the chair, waiting for the mayor of Timbretune to arrive.Next to him was his subordinate, Duxton Mikel.

"Your Majesty, would you like me to check on them," Duxton asked the King.

"No need, they will be arriving shortly," the King replied.

Almost as soon as the words left his mouth, the doors to the Courtroom opened and Vy walked in with Caster by her side, followed by six guards.

"There they are," the King said to himself in a whisper.

When they reached the end of the carpet, Caster and guards immediately knelt down on one knee. Vy remained standing. Caster, seeing that Vy was not kneeling, looked up to her and signalled her to do so.

Vy looked down at him, confused and shaking her head.

Duxton Mikel cleared his throat as he took a step forward, "All must kneel before the King."

Vy heard those words and gave him a smile. She politely gave a deep bow, with her right fist over her chest.

"My apologies but I kneel for no one, not even the King. But I do respect you, and hence I bow to you to honour your position." Vy replied.

"How dare you" Duxton was about to give Vy a piece of his mind when the King raised his hand and he stopped talking.

"An otherworlder is indeed different. Each and every one of you is different. Do you come from a time where there are no kings," the King asked with a twisted smile.

"Indeed I am. But I am afraid, and I don't mean any offence to you, your Majesty. But I do not kneel to anyone." Vy replied calmly.

The King laughed, "Interesting, very interesting. I must say, Miss Blackfire, you are an interesting woman indeed."

"I thank you for your compliment, your Majesty," Vy replied.

She took a few steps forward and asked, "I must apologise for I am not well versed in matters of this world just yet, but may I know how do I address you, your Majesty? You know my name, yet I do not know yours."

The King found this quite interesting, Vyrena Blackfire did not know his name? The name of the King whose family had ruled for centuries? He stood up from his seat and walked down the steps, ordering the guards and Caster to rise in the process.

The King and Vyrena were now both at eye level. Both of them shook hands.

"My name is Olwin Jed Arkwing, leader of the Arkwing Royal Family. I am the 86th King of the Arkwing Kingdom." the King introduced himself formally to Vy.

"It is an honour meeting you, King Olwin. To what do I owe this honour?" Vy asked.


\u003cYes, Vy?\u003e

-Is he really the King?-

Dotty flew around and examined the King, before returning to Vy's side.

\u003cHe is! He isn't lying to you~\u003e

-Good to know.-

Vy had her fair share of drama in the recent days, she was not ready for another.

"Well, Miss Blackfire, it has come to my attention that you have recently imprisoned a certain Baron?"

Vy did not hesitate to reply, "Your sources are accurate. Baron Koufer and his butler, Old Chon, have since been released since their bail had been paid."

"Oh? But I heard they made an attempt on your life?"

-He knows about that? This man must have eyes everywhere.-

"Let's just say, they made the payment with valuable cargo." Vy replied carefully, "They paid more than the agreed amount so I gladly let them go."

King Olwin nodded, "I see"

"But may I add, your Majesty?" Vy asked.

"Of course, go ahead,"

"I am quite certain that you did not come all this way from the Capital, just to interrogate me on that. Did you?"

At Vy's side, Caster was surprised by Vy's courage and bravery. Never did he expect her to speak so directly to the King. They were in the presence of the one man who ruled over the entire Kingdom! Yet Vy was talking as if she was chatting with a friend or a customer.

Her bold questions also made him wonder where this girl got her courage. Hearing that she was an otherworlder did not surprise him. After all, it was a rumour that had been floating around amongst the townsfolk for quite some time.

Putting the clues together on his own, even he realised that Vy being an otherworlder was highly plausible.

"You are right yet again, Miss Blackfire. But neither do I need to report to you why I am here. However, I do have a question. Actually, a favour. That is the reason for my visit today."

"A favour? Please, ask me anything."

"Very well. Could you give me a vial of your blood?"