Nine Paths Of Asura Chapter 10

10 Sheer Willpower
"Good job staying sane. While you couldn't have died with me here, it would have done you little good to survive if you didn't have the will power to keep your mind afterwards. To do so, your bloodline wouldn't have helped, you could only rely on a truly insane animalistic drive to stay alive and keep going. I take back what I have said, while mediocre in body, you are a monster in the mind. To have lived in such a pitiful and small stage your whole life has been a waste. Come, I will take you as my disciple, and bring you to a place where you belong, where every enemy you meet will have the same mettle, and you will be able to strive to achieve ascension with every breath!" This beauty's lips moved and nobody could keep from intently listening to each word. However, while in theory, her beauty was perfect, Lineir couldn't help bursting out in laughter. This engrossing figure, that bewitching body, and enchanting hair, it was all overshadowed by the fact that she was absolutely and utterly, a shorty! The idea of following someone so small to go battle the Heavens was just too funny!

Her face flushed terribly red upon hearing his laugh, and she moved as if to slap him before checking herself.

"Hmph, kid, maybe you think something's funny, but might I remind that I am the only reason you are alive? Do you find something off about my claims after seeing my true power, which I might add, was only a mere fraction of what I am capable of in my original body?!!!"

Lineir controlled himself with great effort, the spell of the beauty broken by the moment,

"Of course, of course, you are quite powerful, great one, simply say it and this lowly one will be sure to reach the highest of shelves for you and will climb above the corpses of everyone to reach the heavens you no longer can!" The beauty failed to hear his sarcasm took this the wrong way,

"No need to make such promises, my current.... state is only temporary, when I regain my body I will be able to once again fly above all and overlook the filth below me. Now wake up, and be careful, the White Horizon Sect will still be on the lookout for you. You cannot do anything if you die here."

In the pool, Linear's body which had been submerged like a drowned corpse for some time opened its eyes as if he was undead. He yanked out the sword from his leg which was weighing him down, and holding it in hand, began awkwardly swimming up to the surface. When he reached the top, the spider pumping air in his mouth was coughed out and it quickly reformed into the hilt of the sword in his hand. Lineir clambered out of the pit, a black-crimson covered figure looking like a demon which had risen from the spawning pools of hell. He flopped over and began hacking.

"What the bloody hell are you made out of, that spider tastes like ****" Instantly, as his coughs rang around the surroundings a hundred white robed figures flickered over the rooftops and floating on immortal swords, quickly leveled their blades at him. Lineir was surrounded by what appeared to be the entire White Horizons Sect. A figure with embroidered badges on his chest approached,

"I knew you couldn't have gotten far. To hide in such a filthy place though, I would never have expected that. I am impressed by your willpower. Nevertheless, young man, I don't need to know anything about you. Rather, you should know something about me. I am getting old, my longevity is coming to an end. In my lifetime, I have often delighted in many things, most particularly.... my knowledge of the flesh is great. If you would like to experience this, you can not listen to my demands and I will take what I want from you. However, never let it be said that the White Horizons Sect doesn't care about face. In light of your impressive tenacity, give me that sword, and tell me everything about what happened here, and I will let you go. But be warned, at your age, I had killed many more times than you have lied. I will know if you are being untruthful and I am not a patient person. Speak, what will you choose!"

Hearing this White Horizon Sect member's speech, Lineir knew that he was in a bad spot. Would the White Horizons Sect really let him go, even if he said anything? More likely they would take him after learning what they wanted to know and interrogate him to make sure he wasn't lying. In addition, they would probably silence him to make sure he didn't tell anyone else about what happened here. The voice of the sword spoke in his mind then,

"Kid, I'm sorry that the Heavens really give you no face at all, you must have insulted Buddha in your last life. I'm afraid you're done for this time. I cannot get you out of this one, I used the last of my energy to change your body and heal your leg from that stunt you pulled earlier. You gambled well, but you lost, it's fine if you tell them everything about me, they may torture you a little less if you cooperate. I really did look forward to raising such a promising young disciple but I got ahead of myself." With that, the voice was silent as if already mourning Lineir's death.

However, there was a look on Lineir's face. It was imperceptible, only those with great experience could make out such a subtle thing, but it was unmistakably the look of stubbornness. Sheer willpower that no one his age should possess. In his mind he said,

"A sword as powerful as yourself, you can change shape right? Change into my blood when the time comes." With a sigh, he spoke aloud,

"I would rather die than tell you a single helpful word! Cooperate? Are you kidding me? I'll tell you something, this sword which you see is a treasure which is tied to my life force! It was my blood which revived it, and it is now linked to my soul. When I die, it will disappear without something to sustain it. You had better hope we do not meet in the Hells, or else when we meet I will be your senior and give you the same treatment you gave me!" With that, he swung his hand, holding the black blade, ferociously up and into his own heart, piercing it through.

" Kid, you idiot! I don't have the power to heal this, you're definitely a dead man this time!" An anguished voice, now with distinctly feminine tones was trembling. Lineir however was smiling, sheer willpower holding his face into a victorious smirk.

"Shut up and change into my blood and enter my veins. They won't realize what happened and you can wait for another who might climb the Heavens with you. I'm sorry you used all your power to save me and now I'm wasting my life, but at least they won't discover you and use you for the great sects. If you can, try to find my sister when you regain your body, tell her Lineir sent you and don't let her go hungry ever again...."

"You...leaving me with no choice." with that the iridescent black blade seemed to disappear as it transformed into black blood and hid inside Lineir's veins. Lineir however, slowly toppled to the ground.
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