Nine Paths Of Asura Chapter 28

28 The Beast Inside

The terrifying roar which shook Lineir's bones came from the very cave he had just left. The sun was at the tipping point when the light clung to the edge of the horizon as one might hang from a cliff. Large splatters of falling red rain signified that some terrible event was happening up above. As he watched, experts soared in on flying swords, alighted on the cliff, and rushed into the cave. They came three or four at a time, and without fail rushed in. By now there must have been a dozen. Angry roars and shouts sounded out, and it was clear that death was at hand.


"Surround it!"

"Watch the claws!"

"F*** the tail, mind the tail!!"

This time, as the roar rang out, another dozen or so cultivators rode in, all wearing a distinctly purple robe. The cliff began to shake, and the bloody rain came even more frequently. Lineir began to jog away. This was clearly a battle far beyond him right now, and he had no desire to implicate himself. As a matter of fact...

"**** if that girl survives this battle, she might think I led those people there!"

He sped up, still looking over his shoulder, the sounds of battle suggesting it was far from over. Then... a dozen new cultivators flew in, also in purple robes, bringing the total count to over three dozen! There was a pause, and some indistinct words were said. The torn purple clothed bodies of several experts were tossed unceremoniously out of the cave mouth, and thunderous steps were heard.

Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump

It was clear that something massive was coming out, despite being at least a hundred meters from the base of the cave, Lineir could feel the ground shaking beneath his feet. From the entrance burst out a red colored shadow as the sun tipped beyond the horizon. He found himself shaking as he realized what it was. With wings like vast sails and talons which were the size of a fully grown man, a crimson bloody dragon burst out from the entrance roaring as cultivators were sent flying from its headlong rush. Immediately, Lineir threw himself into some thick underbrush and prayed that he wouldn't be noticed.

"She was a ******* dragon!!!"

Mei was also shaken,

"That's no ordinary dragon. To take human form, as I said, probably a tenth tier or higher magical beast! But she seemed too human... I believe she's not so simple. Looking at her body I didn't see many wounds, indeed, those most of those pools of blood were definitely from those invading cultivators! You'd best hope you don't run into her again, she may assume that you led them here, the timing was just too perfect. To take on over three dozen cultivators single-handedly and escape, she can only be called a monster!" Lineir was still in a bush, trying to avoid popping up. Through the leaves, he counted less than two dozen cultivators exiting the cave, clearly the price had been high, and yet their target had gotten away! He definitely didn't want anything to do with them. Fortunately, they shot off in all directions, searching for the red dragon which had already flown far off into the distance with its incomparably swift wings.

"Those fools, relying on immortal swords to fly, compared to a creature of magic with natural wings, how can they hope to catch up? Let's go disciple, I think it's time for you to leave the wilderness for a while and pay a visit to a city. I'm sure that your infamy has died down a little, and you need to sell some of the materials you've gained for some things which can only be obtained from others. Besides, with these developments, it would be good to blend in for a while and lose yourself amongst others. Not only have you attracted the unwelcome attention of an expert, but spending too much time in the wilderness can have adverse effects on your psyche. Some have been known to lose themselves and become more beast than man..."
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