Nine Paths Of Asura Chapter 7

7 So Valuable You Cant Sell
A smug and irritating voice boasted,

"Your blood is strong, but you are weak kiddo. Luckily for you, I maximized the efficiency of every technique I used. Since every movement was perfectly executed, your body was comparatively, quite safe in my hands. The energy was directed outwards and you avoided the brunt of it. That being said, while there was almost no energy focused towards you, the amount of strain caused by simple gravitational forces and the inertial force from moving so fast definitely stopped your heart and tore most of your meridians, to say nothing of your muscles and bone structure. I had to sacrifice the last of my stored power to keep you alive. You paid a heavy price. But know this, while when you wake, you will experience excruciating pain, your longevity and overall body constitution have both greatly improved. I modified a few things and your meridians have been...tweaked... suffice to say, my forbidden techniques are truly awesome!"

Lineir didn't like the sound of this at all,

"Excruciating pain... couldn't you have healed me a bit more?" For that matter, this voice appeared to be an expert who had once survived losing physical form. If such a person was warning him of "excruciating pain" he didn't think he wanted to wake up again. "Can I just sleep it off?" The voice scoffed, and for a second, he thought he caught a flickering image of its owner in his mind.

"Sleep it off? If you don't wake up in the next thirty seconds, you're dead. I couldn't do anything even if I wanted to, I spent all my energy modifying your meridians over the last hour, and let me tell you it was a job. I can't exactly call it my greatest work, mediocre ingredients are simply unsuitable for creating a masterpiece, but a master can create greatness from nothing." Lineir was irate,

"You call yourself a master, what kind of master grinds the stone to dust before carving out a sculpture? You may not care, but that's my body that was almost buried there! I almost went insane when you used my face to enter the undead heart! Truly, you gave my face no face at all!" Lineir was outraged, the sight had truly been disgusting. He was almost certain that for his next nine lives he would have karma exceeding even the great Buddha himself after such an ordeal. The voice chided him as if he was a child, changing the subject,

"Now, now, I had to do what needed to be done, its for your own good really, would you have preferred it if everyone had died? Speaking of which, since you didn't die, how would you like to be my disciple. You've seen true power now, I've never known a man that could resist after a taste." The voice sounded almost seductive now. Lineir shuddered, he had just seen far too many rotting tongues and other ..."organs" in the undead heart.

"**** off pervert, I know you're an immortal sword which can pierce the heavens, when I get to the city I'm selling you off to the highest bidder and I'll never go hungry again!" The voice was silent for a second, and then exploded indignantly,

"What the hell, are you without ears? No I'm in your head that's impossible, you definitely heard me, are you without a brain?!! I just offered you a chance to become so powerful you wouldn't even need to eat unless you wanted to, the only hunger a man should have when he hears this is a burning in his britches and he should immediately accept with eyes like the full moon!"

For a second Lineir thought he saw a flash of a figure again, but it was gone far too quickly for him to make out.

"And again! I am not an immortal sword, I am a soul in a sword, and even if I was a sword, I am hardly a mere immortal sword! F****ing peasants. You'd think after seeing my power which can't be seen in this whole continent you'd get a little respect around here!" Lineir however was not backing down,

"You think your special? Excellent! I can sell you for more! Lotss more, let me wake up so I can write this down, 'more special than an immortal sword, definitely worth at least a fortune, possibly two!'" With a grunt he wrenched open his eyes and stared wildly as in front of him were the city walls with possibly every face in the city standing on top. Each of those faces was looking directly at the outer city and him in it. White robed figures floated in the sky and were rapidly advancing towards the deadzone in which Lineir was on the fringe of.

"We know you're out there young man, and that you have found a great treasure, hand it over and we'll let you live. Refuse or run and you will die wishing you had!" They called out in great sonorous voices.

Lineir could almost see a smirking pair of lips in his imagination whispering, "So, what was that about selling me? Also, that excruciating pain I talked about will hit you as soon as the last of my Qi finishes clearing up your meridians. I suggest you run before that happens unless you want to start off the torture early for those old men."
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