Nine Paths Of Asura Chapter 8

8 Burning Wish Pt.1
"So, what was that about selling me? Also, that excruciating pain I talked about will hit you as soon as the last of my Qi finishes clearing up your meridians. I suggest you run before that happens unless you want to help start the torture early for those old men."

Like a shot, Lineir was running before the words finished echoing in his head. He wasn't completely sure, but he felt significantly faster than he was normally, perhaps this had something to do with the mysterious Qi in his meridians. Either way, he was nowhere near the god-surpassing speed that the voice possessing his body had drawn out. However, he was at least 30% faster than before, and while the White Horizon Sect people flying towards him could avoid obstacles on the ground, they honestly were not flying that fast. They would definitely catch him in a straight race, but he could get out of view before they got closer. Lineir ducked into the broken tombstones and crushed buildings of the deadzone and hoped to find a good hiding place.

"Kiddo, finding a normal place to hide won't do. When the pain hits you, your body will face incomparable pain. Will you have the willpower to hold yourself in check and not make a single sound? I doubt it. Go find the pit where you found me. There should still be a pool of that undead blood there. I will make sure you can breath, though you'll have to find a way to keep your body from floating back up. But at least you will be hidden there." The mysterious voice urged him.

The White Horizon Sect members were getting a little too close Lineir made his own choices and dropped into a building on the side. The voice was angered by his refusal to listen to its advice,

"What are you doing? That pool of blood is the only place you will be able to flail about unnoticed, you can't think you can hide in this building forever? Soon enough they'll find you!"

Lineir however didn't even bother answering. Soon enough, the voices of the sect drifted by.

"Where is this kid, he was quite fast, he must be only a little bit further ahead. Keep searching! We definitely must find out the reason for that eruption of energy earlier. Surely he discovered some treasure here which would make us worthy of gaining face, maybe even to rejoin with the great sects again!" With that, the voices quickly passed over Lineir's position.

"You've got guts kid. I'll admit, you might achieve mediocrity as a man one day. If the Qi in your veins had finished circling your Second Heart before they passed over you definitely would have been discovered, but it is true that I forgot that your speed is so inferior as a mortal. You probably could not have made it to the pool in time, it was a good gamble to let them pass by. Hurry and go before they realize their mistake and double back."

Smiling, Lineir made his way to the pool filled with black liquid and stood there for a second. There was nothing to weigh himself down, his body would float back up in the liquid. In that moment though, Lineir calmly assessed his situation and smiled.

"Make sure I can breath!" and jogged back from the edge.

"Why are you still facing the pit, I told you, you need to find something to counterbalance your weight first! Do you want the sects to find you floating *** up and spank you?"

With a great huff, he began running,

"No time for that, just make sure I can breath. By the way, I have to admit, you really are more than just a regular immortal sword, you're quite heavy!"

"At this time you still joke, never mind that, are you suggesting I'm fat!" An outraged voice thundered through his mind. Lineir smirked,

"No, among swords I quite like your thinness, but great one, you forget, you yourself would make a great weight!" and so speaking he lunged into air and as he came down into the center of the filthy black pool stabbing himself in the fleshy part of his left calf where there were no vital parts. Bogged down by the sword he sunk as a stone would into the lake and waited for the pain to come.
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