Nine Paths Of Asura Chapter 9

9 The Nine Paths And Perfect Harmony
"You dare to use the great me as you would a brick? I ought to let you drown and become one with this festering pool! I applaud your audacity however... though I should really punish you. It's fine, you'll suffer enough on your own anyways." The voice became a little insidiously sadistic towards the end and so saying, the handle of the sword once again expanded and crawled up his leg as a great spider. In a horrifying scene which nobody could see, it jammed its fangs into Lineir's mouth and extended a red line from its abdomen to the surface of the pool like some sort of strange alien. Wrapping its legs around his face, Lineir received a steady stream of air. Little of the air would have gone in however, if the spider wasn't forcefully pumping air in and out. Lineir was too busy writhing in pain to be bothered with something so simple as breathing.

"Listen to me Kiddo, the pain you are feeling is inevitable. It is the result of all the changes I have created in your body, and you must endure it! I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do for you, even if you pass out this pain is so severe your mind will still suffer in your dreams. The number of forbidden techniques and transformations I have started within you are enough for any 'expert' in this continent to salivate and wish to tear your body apart to read like a scroll. None of them were mean't for those who have not yet at least touched immortality, and one of them is even an unnamed technique which is supposed to have originally been a teaching from the Nine Paths of Asura. If you survive this, you will one day have the ability to touch both the Heavens and Hells. Survive!"

Lineir was wracked in such terrible pain that he would not remember this but a faint few last words trickled through,

"I haven't seen blood like yours in any plane, please survive, or I won't have any chance...." Pain after pain shot through his body, Lineir didn't stay conscious for long. Unfortunately the voice was right, and he was unable to avoid pain even in the unconscious corners of his mind. He dreamed a vicious dream where he was tormented by pain and couldn't wake himself no matter how he tried. In it he was lying on his belly and in front of him was his sister, a hundred swords in her bloody body. As usual she was smiling,

"Hello brother, didn't I tell you not to go into the deadzone, because of you, I was killed. Disobedient children need to be punished!" With that she pulled out a sword dripping black blood from one arm with the other... and stabbed him in his left calf.

"Don't you ever consider your family!" Another sword came, stabbing his other leg. Then his arm. Then his other arm. His chest. Every part of him was pierced through ninety-nine times and yet he could not cry as she had stabbed him through the eyes. With every stab, her smile had stretched a little until it wasn't a smile anymore, it was a grimace of horrid suffering. Lineir was terrified and cried out,

"Please sister, I never mean't for any of this, I just wanted us to be happy together, to protect you when I took away our father and mother. Please you can cut me as much as you want to appease your anger, your little brother deserves this!" with that, he grabbed the last sword in her chest, pulled it out and pierced his own.

"Ahhhhhh, just don't doubt me, that's all I ask, I only wanted the best!" With that, though his eyes were pierced through, he knew that she was smiling again. Presently though, he realized the pain was gone.Also gone was his sister, in front of him was a girl, no a small woman, who was far surpassing her in every way. She was the definition of a Chinese beauty with long black hair to the waist, and a figure which neither man nor woman could not help but to admire or envy. The contrast between her jet black hair and her fair skin was like that of pure yin and yang, striking yet perfectly in balance, and the contours of her body were as flowing and natural as a waterfall which innately rises and falls down upon the ground it hollowed out. A viewer would feel as if he was gazing upon such a waterfall, at first from a distance he is shocked to see such a great and magnificent power of nature, but as he approaches, he no longer notices this because he appreciates the fineness and closeness of such a perfect harmony between earth, land, and sky. As the rain falls, it gathers, and flows down, before being born again, a cycle which has no end, and is perfect. It sounds crazy, but this is what Lineir's eyes were treated to.
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