Omnipotent Sage Chapter 746

Chapter 746 The Flecks Of The Immortal Slaying Sword And The Red Gourd Device Spirit

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The Sword Qi grew and became denser. There was a similar commotion to the time when Zhou Bao used his Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword blade. There was less space for the Three Realms Division to teleport.

Looking at the Sword Qi filling the sky, he was unable to dodge the attack anymore, so he stopped.

“F*ck, get out of here!”

When Zhou Bao shouted, it made the Mysterious Icy Divine Light within him move. Drawing on the Heavenly Jade Technique and Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, he struck with his fist, hitting the sword light which made a whizzing noise as it approached.

Bang, bang, bang!

Suddenly, a sound like rain persistently hitting a banana leaf came to Zhou Bao’s ears as he felt a stabbing pain in his fist. A killing intent thousands of times stronger than before came pouring into his fist, but it seemed to be blocked and could not move forward.

“So this little power wants to block my mighty punch?”, Zhou Bao laughed wryly, evil intent surging in his chest. The operating speed of the Mysterious Icy Divine Light suddenly doubled, and a dull blue ray emerged from his fist.


There was a clear ringing sound, like the sound of shattering glass. Zhou Bao’s attack broke through all of its fetters and smashed the sword net formed by the Sword Qi.

“Never mind about the Sword Qi, murderous intent, and innate killing intent. I need to cultivate my Vacuum-shattering Way. I need its power to smash everything in front of me, to smash all my enemies!”

One punch worked, and Zhou Bao was happy again. Not only had he broken the opponent’s sword net in one strike, but he cleverly broke the bonds restricting him, and he felt a sense of achievement and security.

In the past, when faced with such a situation, his first choice would not have been to use his fist, but to get out his twin hammers and start smashing frenetically. That way he could easily have broken the sword light and not be hurt, but in the end, he would still be relying on his tools and not his own strength.

Although he could cultivate the twin hammers into a fairy weapon, this would also restrict the development of his smart thinking. It would make him too dependent on them and not believe in his own body strength. His physical strength lay at the very center of the Extreme Realm of Force and the Vacuum Shattering Way. To smash everything, in some sense, was contrary to the crushing vacuum way. Even if it were possible to reach his optimum attack force, it would be a huge barrier to his future practice.

Now, while facing the threat of this boundless Sword Qi in this strange hollow, Zhou Bao finally extricated himself from his bind. In one strike he broke the sword net, and also controlled his opportunistic intention, and sought instead to refine his quick thinking.

This refinement did not immediately improve Zhou Bao’s combat capability, but it was the greatest help to his future practice.

The Three-flowered Human Immortal clearly did not expect Zhou Bao’s fist to break his sword net. While he was waiting for him to react, Zhou Bao had appeared right in front of him. He was shocked to find that the surrounding space had been completely frozen by a limitless freezing air.

This was—

The dim blue ray started to flash in all directions. All of the Star Palace practitioners attacking Zhou Bao, including the three Human Immortals, started shivering uncontrollably. Then, a thick frost started to cover their bodies from head to toe, before turning them all into ice crystals. Then, in just a moment, all of the practitioners were frozen solid except for the three Human Immortal level practitioners who managed to free themselves from Zhou Bao’s Mysterious Icy Divine Light.


Then a melodious sound rang out as Zhou Bao finally struck the Three-flowered Human Immortal, hitting his cyan Natal Sword.

Not only did Zhou Bao make a critical hit with his Seven Wonderful Techniques, but he also channeled all of the power of the planet into his punch. It was as if Zhou Bao had not hit the Natal Sword, but the Natal Sword hit Zhou Bao’s hand. And because he could not bear the terrible oppressive force, every pore started oozing with blood.

The melodious sound came from the cyan Natal Sword. The power of this Natal Sword was of course no less than the Yin and Yang Heavenly Natal Sword that Zhou Bao had refined. With one hit, the Sword Qi came surging and started to frantically cut Zhou Bao’s fist. A boundless killing intent spread into the Sword Qi, pulverizing the punch.

The Three-flowered Human Immortal looked shocked at the turn of events as he looked at the place where the cyan Natal Sword hit Zhou Bao’s fist. He looked incredulous. “It’s impossible! It’s impossible! Who are you? Your physical body can withstand my Immortal-slaying Sword Qi! It’s impossible, simply impossible!”

Refining the cyan Natal Sword was his life’s work, closely linked to his spirit. Zhou Bao appeared to be a match for the Natal Sword. In fact, the primordial spirit suffered heavy losses from Zhou Bao’s strike. The Three-flowered Human Immortal turned deathly pale, and blood came oozing up his throat. With great difficulty, he choked it back and did not spit it out.

“Come on!”

Now, Zhou Bao’s eyes turned fiery red. Everything turned greatly detailed in front of him. He smiled slightly as he looked at the Three-flowered Human Immortal in his predicament. He raised his fist again and slammed the cyan Natal Sword.


At this point, the Three-flowered Human Immortal’s willpower had completely collapsed as he spat out blood. The cyan Natal Sword was shattered to pieces, the diamond-shaped gold flecks flickered inside the cyan Natal Sword and were laid bare for Zhou Bao to see.

“It’s—!” Zhou Bao was shocked. A red gourd inside his body throbbed. He had forgotten about this red gourd that had been hidden inside him all this time.

Yes, the gourd throbbed. It was a Heavenly Fairy Weapon treasure identified by the Child-endowing Buddha. This time it was making its own unusual movements.

The Child-endowing Buddha knew of the gourd’s origins, but he had some taboo about telling Zhou Bao about it. He had always wanted to get him to talk about the origins of this fairy weapon, but his attempts had all failed. Not only did the Child-endowing Buddha not tell him, but he even told Zhou Bao not to use it without a good reason.

Zhou Bao was willing to listen to his advice. The Child-endowing Buddha was a Grand Demon of antiquity after all, and if he said Zhou Bao should not use it, then he would not do it. In fact, Zhou Bao was not short of fairy weapons, magic weapons, or strategies he could use against his opponents. Therefore, he never had to use that particular fairy weapon. Moreover, he had quickly forgotten about it. Therefore, he had never given it to his Dragon Chimera incarnation, it was just left behind.

He would never have thought that it could actually have lead to such a lucky chance precisely because of that. After he had smashed the Three-flowered Human Immortal’s cyan Natal Sword, the red gourd started to react to the diamond-shaped gold flecks inside the sword.


The flecks started to emit a huge murderous intent that broke free of the Natal Sword’s bind. These gold flecks were so strong, so formidable.

In the blink of an eye, the Three-flowered Human Immortal was cut into shreds of meat by the Sword Qi and its murderous intent. The three remaining Human Immortals did not manage to escape either, they were all turned into piles of mincemeat.

“No way! Could it be that this guy did not refine these flecks?” Zhou Bao was completely astounded to see the golden flecks act so ruthlessly against their own master. There was no way he could have expected this to happen.

What happened next surprised him even more. The endless Sword Qi was coming out as if it had been restrained for countless years. It erupted everywhere as it surrounded the practitioners who were frozen to death by Zhou Bao’s Mysterious Divine Light. The Sword Qi then ruthlessly shattered them. Watching this, Zhou Bao did not dare to move.

Yes, he indeed did not dare to move.

He had the Zhuyan bloodline. He had the Immortal Body Technique, the Fiery Eyes, and the Flower of the Body as well. But he did not think that he had recovered enough after he was mangled by the fierce Sword Qi, especially after the spirit was turned into fragments of its Original Spirit. He believed that even if he had not died yet, he might become an idiot and a lunatic.

The Sword Qi pervaded within a thousand miles crushing everything, including space, into a complete hollow.

The Sword Qi that these diamond-shaped gold flecks dispersed could have been infinitely stronger than that of his Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, and even more powerful than that stimulated by the Natal Sword. But most importantly, the biggest terror about the Sword Qi laid not in its formidable destructive power but in the murderous intent in it. It was this ferocious killing desire that had activated the red gourd.

At this point, Zhou Bao was high in the sky, and the shadow of the red gourd suddenly appeared behind him, the murderous intent from the gourd spreading outwards. It started to pull the one contained within the Sword Qi, as if luring it, towards the mouth of the gourd.

On one side, the diamond-shaped gold flecks were releasing their killing desire. On the other side, the red gourd was releasing its own to counter it. The battlerage approached the center between them from both sides, and after a while, the boundless murderous intent was completely dispersed from the Sword Qi, and the murderous intent from the gold flecks finally reached the mouth of the gourd.

Suddenly, a small white tender hand came stretching out of the mouth of the gourd, grasping the diamond-shaped flecks of gold.

“Looks like these are the flecks of the Immortal-slaying Sword. No wonder they have such a strong murderous intent!”

While the small hand was grasping the gold specks, a child-like voice resounded, startling Zhou Bao.

“Who are you?”

“I am your little baby. I remember you. I seem to remember you stole my murderous intent to refine your Sword Qi.” A thumb-sized baby climbed slowly out of the mouth of the gourd as it spoke. It was wearing over its chest a traditional Chinese red piece of clothing, just like the Ginseng babies in the cartoons of his previous life, pink and tender. After it appeared, it opened up its palm and laughed gleefully as it looked at the gold specks. It dropped the gold flecks into the shadow of the gourd. “How did you get like this? Someone has even taken your arm!”