Omnitech System Chapter 9

9 I Encounter And Retrea
The assignment went exactly as expected in the beginning however after he had taken his shot he had realized his error. The bullet stopped mid flight as the target turned around with a knowing smile on his face, and the bullet which was suspended in the air began to reverse its trajectory flying straight for Sin.

'It appears I have been set up' remarked Sin as he sped away quickly trying to get away from his target.

He would need to get out of the District quickly if he wanted to survive, regardless of how important that Serum would be. Sin had only recently gained an opportunity at life and since becoming a living being he had found great pleasure in his experiences as he had come to understand the humans who had created him.

Killing wasn't wrong, it was just necessary. An example would be the situation he was in previously, if hadn't killed the leader of those hooligans in desert then he would have killed him and thus ending his new life before he had the chance to live it.

However Sin was now in a very similar situation in the sense that his life was very possibly going to be extinguished. Leaping from rooftop to rooftop crazily Sin eventually dropped down into an alley where he kicked in a door and ducked inside before dashing through the building. He was not one to believe that he would be safe with just a bit of running.

Sin realized the boy was an Esper, one with the ability of Magnetism. A truly horrific and devastating ability to have in this futuristic universe where nearly everything was metal. Sin couldn't allow himself to fall into the boy's clutches or else.

Quickly looking down at his Wrist Com he searched for a shuttle or something that would allow to travel quickly away from this District, he wasn't concerned with it's destination as long as he could survive.

Unfortunately things weren't meant to be as he saw a few soldiers marching about with a Scarred alien looking about as if he was on the look out for someone. As if this wasn't enough the Esper appeared not too far behind, Sin began thinking hard using every bit of info he had contained within his head to try and figure out a way out.

Sighing to himself lightly he could only rely on normal creatures stupidity.

"Commander I found the target" cried Sin pointing at the Esper.

The scarred Alien was actually the one who had been inspecting the blown up facility and had gone to search the village. Recognizing Sin from the cameras he smirked at how easily he had found his target ignoring his words.

"Everyone open fire target is in sight" shouted the Commander not realizing how his words could be seen as collaborating with Sin.

Behind Sin the Esper sneered and looked at the amassed troops in disdain spreading a magnetic field around him as some of the bullets flew passed Sin. Snorting slightly he began reversing their trajectory just as he had done with Sin leading to a drop in their numbers.

Sin seeing the opportunity laughed as he dropped Fractol to the ground going unnoticed by his opponents as he drew his Pulse Pistol and began firing at the soldiers.

Sin felt that his plan had worked better than expected seeing as the only one remaining at the moment were a few injured Soldiers and the Commander himself, hopefully with the Fractol nearby the Esper would take the hit or at the very least it would provide a good distraction allowing him to escape.

As Sin opened fire the Commander had wasted no time taking cover, while behind him the Esper had come to a stop before laughing and picking up the Fractol using his Magnetism with a cold smile. However this proved his mistake as it slowly spun in his field and then faced him and beeped.

Next thing that was seen was an explosion of electricity stunning everyone in it's radius, originally Sin had intended for it to act as an EMP almost but then had began designing a sort Taze mine, luckily he found out it worked. Smiling to himself he didn't waste the opportunity taking his sniper rifle from his back and easily no scoping the Esper in his head.

'If you try to eliminate me then it will in truth be you who is eliminated' thought Sin repeating the process towards the Commander but it turned out he had escaped.

Sin quickly ran to check the body of the Esper even hacking his Wrist com in the process, he wasn't worried about interference due to the area having cleared out.

He had actually managed to gain quite a bit from the Esper but it wouldn't due for him to stay in the area any longer. Running to the shuttle Sin quickly requested to be transferred, causing a ring of light to begin circling him before he was suddenly beamed away.

In space Sin was similar to a shooting star as he was surrounded by light and shooting by at an incredible pace. The view around him was breathtaking, he couldn't help but note the feeling.

'This is what they call the feeling of wonder, the recorded definition along with the described sensation match perfectly.' thought Sin subconsciously as he basked in the feeling, humanity this is what he longed for.

To truly be alive could be said as being his dream, with every experience of an extreme feeling he could feel himself coming closer to it but he could not fully grasp those feelings as he merely experienced it without letting it enrapture him.

However Sin did not worry he was sure that in time he could somehow forget life as an AI.
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