One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 621

Chapter 621 Dating 1

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She was startled. "Youll send me home?"

"Yes," the butler explained, "the chairman called earlier to let us send you home!"

Her face went blank. She did not know why there was a tinge of disappointment in her heart upon hearing of the mans order.

It faded away very quickly, though.

"It was his order to take me home?"

"Yes!" The butler then handed over the dress she was holding carefully in her hands to Yun Shishi. "This is from the chairman. If you dont mind, we will help you change into it!"

"What is this?" She eyed the small, black dress.

It was an exquisite Chanel haute couture dress. It must have cost a fortune. The dress was more for a casual party of socialites rather than a formal gathering of professionals with its simple yet elegant design.

She could not help but frown. "I dont want it."

She would not wear clothes given by him.

The butler panicked at this. "Miss Yun, this He repeatedly ordered us to let you change into it. If you dont Miss Yun, please dont make it difficult for us!"

She answered in a fit of pique. "I dont want! Tell him that I dont like it!"

"Is it the design that you dont like?" the butler inquired.

This design was personally selected by the president. They, too, thought that she would look beautiful in the dress.

"I dont like this design," she coldly stated.

"The chairman did not only send this piece. If Miss Yun doesnt like this, there are a few other pieces you can choose from!"

With that, the butler summoned in the row of fashion clerks, dressed in well-made uniforms, that were waiting outside the door. They paraded in turn before her with a piece of haute couture, of different designs and styles, each for her selection.

"Arent you supposed to be sending me home? Why have me change clothes, then? Wheres Mu Yazhe? What is he after?" She felt a spark of anger ignite in her at not knowing what the man wanted from her.

The crowd exchanged glances and shook their heads in perplexity. "The chairman only gave us the order to assist you in getting dressed and boarding the car. Your ride is already waiting outside!"

She quickly walked up to the window, pulled the drapes aside, and saw a luxury limousine parked at the courtyard. She was at a loss for a moment. She really could not understand what Mu Yazhes intention was!

When she turned around again to face these employees that were in a tight spot because of her, she sighed and extended her hand out to point to that slim black dress. "Forget it; Ill not make things difficult for you. Just this one; Ill change into it on my own!"

The servants faces immediately brightened up. Leaving the dress behind, they swiftly departed from the room.

She changed into the dress and looked at herself in the vanity mirror. Not only did the little black dress accentuated her elegance and slender curves, it also showed off her fair skin.

Her silky, black hair cascaded from her shoulders straight to her waist; it brought out the air of a regal beauty.

The moment she opened the door, the stylists outside quickly surrounded her.

From hairstyle to makeup, jewelry and high heels, all these undoubtedly made up a huge project.

She sensed that something was off.

"Just what are you all doing?"

Equally baffled, the stylists unanimously shook their heads.

She found this matter to be very bizarre, but she could not guess what the man had in mind.