One Piece Talent System Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Recruiting Robin

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Marine Headquarters.

Dobermans office.

Doberman slaps his desk in anger and cracks appeared across the hard wooden table. The whole person stands up directly and his face is full of anger.

"Who the hell does he think he is?"

"Arrogant! Really arrogant!"

Although there are countless pirates in the sea, he has handled many ferocious pirates as Vice-Admiral, but there are not many who would dare to go against the Marine Headquarters, and those who do, most of them are from the New World.

A little nobody pirate hunter from West Blue dares to talk like that, he must really be insane!

"Vice Admiral Doberman, the strength possessed by this Ghost Hand Ross is not something that West Blues marine divisions can handle. How do we deal with him?"

Strawberry stood in front of Dobermans desk and asked with a cold expression.

He had some sympathy with Ross at the beginning but after killing Moby and blatant disregard of Marine executives, his sympathy turned into anger.

Doberman took a heavy breath and pressed the anger in his heart down. He coldly said: "Notify all the branch bases of West Blue, put Ghost Hand Ross on the list of dangerous pirates, and hand his information over to all branches! "


Strawberry nodded in silence.

Branch heads of every West Blue branches are different. There are some bases which have a Rear admiral as a commanding officer. Rear Admirals are strong, they are one of the main forces of the Headquarter and they are released by the headquarter to the four seas. Their strength is enough to suppress the area where they are located.

In the face of the giant colossus which are Marine and World Government, all arguments are in vain. Compared to Ross, it is obviously easier for people to believe in the World Government and Marine and they will believe in the governments news report.

Marine represents World Government, so it is easy enough for them to distort the truth and present what they want to the world.



Everything is useless.

So from the moment, Captain Moby tried to kill him, Ross had already made a decision. Since Marine executives decided to brand him as a pirate, then he wouldnt let them down!

In order to quickly defeat Captain Moby, Ross learned Kami-e (Paper Drawing) in Marines Rokushiki, although it took one Free Talent Point, the effect was also significant as he quickly killed Moby and he did not fall into the situation where he was surrounded by Marines.

After rushing out of the Marine Branch, Ross came to the south bank of the island, where his boat was docked.

"I dont know how Marine will declare my crimes."

Ross rowed off the coast and looked at the boundless sea and shook his head.

It did not matter.

From todays on he is the Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates.

"After today, Marine will probably increase my bounty, and they will start to encircle and hunt for me in the West Blue area. It is even possible for them to send a Rear Admiral and their fleet. If I run around without any information, it will be easy for me to fall into an ambush and encirclement."

Ross did not hesitate.

Since he has become a pirate he will have to face the pursuit of Marines. It is obviously impossible to rely on this small boat. He needs a ship of medium-size or above, and he also needs various pieces of information.

For him, there are two routes to become strong, one is to get strong on his own, the other is to kill pirates, and to kill pirates he needs information on them.


The first crew member that he needed became very clear. Hiding in the dark Underground world, and knows a lot of intelligenceNico Robin.

"Then lets go to Ghale City."

Ghale City.

Underground intelligence organization base.

Nico Robin is standing beside a desk, reorganizing and remembering the intelligence on the table. She passed the archaeological doctoral exam at the age of eight, and her memory and analytical skills are almost indisputable.

In the months of working for this intelligence organization, no matter how complicated the intelligence was, she could quickly remember it and as soon as someone asks her about it, she can tell it to them immediately from her nearly photographic memory.

"All recorded."

Robin put down the last paper and closed her eyes slightly. After a few seconds, she opened them again and nodded at Terun sitting at his desk.

Terun took a sip of coffee from the cup and nodded with satisfaction. "Good, go and burn these intelligence reports."

Giving shelter to Devil Child Nico Robin who has a bounty of up to 79 million Berries is not a small risk for him, but Robins ability in intelligence processing really makes him satisfied.

Otherwise, he would have already thrown Robin to Marines and received the bounty.
Robin grabbed the pieces of paper on the table and walked to the side, quickly disposing of these intelligence reports and then returning to her place.

"If I remember correctly, you should be sixteen now."

Terun looked at Robin with a teacup In his hand.

"Yes." Robin nodded.

Terun rested leisurely on the back of the chair and the corner of his mouth raised with a little curve. He said: "Its a good age. If it was not for the bounty of 79 million Berries on your head, you would be a perfect assistant."

Robin was silent.

Terun looked at Robins and slowly lowered the teacup and asked. "In addition to organizing the intelligence reports, what else can you do, can you dance?"

"I can not."

Robin shook her head.

"Thats boring" Terun stood up, his eyes on Robins body as he slowly walked over to her and tried to touch Robins chin with his finger.

Robins face changed slightly and she took a half step back.

After Robin backed away, his fingers couldnt touch her chin, Terun halted his movements as a frown appeared on his face. He took back his fingers which were in the air and said with a lecherous look in his eyes:

"Take off your clothes, Nico Robin."

"What?" Robin was stunned.

Terun saw Robins in a dazed state and said again with more force in his tone: "I told you to take your clothes off, you didnt hear me?"

"This request"

Robins pupils shrank as she took a step back. She didnt know how to deal with it.
She was 8 years old when a bounty was placed on her head and from then on she has been hiding in the Underground world for eight years. She has seen too much darkness for so many years, but this was the first time that she encountered a situation like this.
"What? You dare to defy my orders?"

When Terun sees Robin backing up, the expressions on his face sank. "You can do anything. Isnt that what you said when you came to me? I took a huge risk sheltering you, not to mention the bounty of 79 million Berries I could have gotten If I had turned you to marines."


As soon as Terun mentioned the bounty of 79 million Berries, Robins expression changed and she bit her lips.

It is because of such a high amount of bounty that she has been hiding in the underground world for eight years. In order to survive, she had to do her best. If it was not for her calmness and wisdom which is far beyond ordinary people, it wouldve been almost impossible for her to survive till now.

In order to survive, she has done her best.
This kind of humiliation, even if it is unbearable she will endure.

After all which is more important, survival or dignity?

She bites harder and harder and her teeth are deeply embedded in her lips. She didnt realize but blood dripped out of her lips slowly.

Terun looked at Robins appearance as even in this situation she is calm and composed but for him who wants to have some fun, it is a bored expression.

"Looking at your appearance, it seems that you havent experienced it yet? Its really is too bad. Because of your high bounty, you can be caught by Marine at any time. Once you are caught, there is no chance for you to experience this."


Robin was silent. Survival is so difficult for her. Does she have to give up the last shred of her dignity?

Just as despair surged in Robins heart.


The door made of oak was suddenly forcefully banged open from the outside. The door lock collapsed directly, and the wood chips splashed around.


Terun, who was observing Robins reaction, was suddenly interrupted by this sound and could not help but become angry and turned to look at the door.

Ross walked in from the door. He arrived half a minute ago because the door was locked and waited for a little. He didnt expect to walk into such unexpected moment.

"Its you?" Terun saw Ross and suddenly frowned.

"Your door is broken, I hope you dont mind."

Ross under Robin and Terun surprised gaze arrived in front of Robin and said:

"It seems that you are not very happy here. Would you like to change your status and become part of my crew?"

Ross didnt like beating around the bush and asked directly. Robin is a very smart person. In the current situation, she only needs to be given a choice.

When he heard what Ross said and seeing that Robin had not reacted yet, Terun opened his mouth with gloomy expressions.

"Ghost Hand Ross, what is the meaning of this, you plan to poach my assistant in front of me?"

"Yes," Ross responded calmly, and it made Terun choke on his spit.

"So, what do you think? Nico Robin." Ross looked at Robin.

Robin was slightly startled.

This is the first time that someone has taken the initiative to pull her into any group of any sort.

Even though Robin is still very young, the calm mentality possessed by her is not something that her peers and ordinary people would have.

She analyzed the current situation in less than a second and then nodded calmly.

"I am honored to join your crew, Captain Ross."