One Piece Talent System Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Cp9

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Robin also noticed that the level of Kaku was not comparable to the one she had encountered before. The Tekkai (Iron Body) used by the previous person was weaker than used by Kaku.

Without hesitation, she jumped decisively and with the ability of Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi), she turned directly from the side of the roadway and disappeared.

When Kaku saw this, he jumped in the air without hesitation. He lifted his foot in the air and used Gepp (Moonwalk). He quickly found Robin and chased after her.

"Ochenta Fleur(Eight Flower) Clutch!"

Noticing that Kaku was much faster than her, Robin took a deep breath and turned, she crossed her arms in front of her and clasped her five fingers sharply.

After seven months of practice on Sky island, her strength is much stronger than before, not only with Observation Haki but also with the development of the Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi).

Petals are dancing.

Countless arms gathered together and formed into four giant arms, trying to twist Kakus head and break his neck.

"You have a lot of tricks."

Feeling the power that binds him, Kakus face changes slightly. Even if his Tekkai (Iron Body) can block it, his muscles will get a little sprained, just like Bluenos.

After breaking free of the entanglement of the convergent arms, Kaku jumped, his legs swung violently in the air as he kicked out six or seven air blades with his legs in an instant that swept towards Robin.

Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) Chaos!

Robins eyes flashed as she utilized Observation Haki to capturing the trajectory of the air blades. Her slender waist gently twisted and she avoided every air blade.

"Kami-e (Paper Drawing)?"

Seeing Robin avoid Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), Kaku was a little shocked, but he quickly reacted and rushed up toward Robin to fight her in close combat.

However, Robin did not intend to fight Kaku. She crisscrossed her arms in front of her and used her power to trip Kaku. While he staggered, she ran to the distant street and rushed directly into the crowd.

" You cant escape!"

Kaku was angry, He also rushed into the crowd to catch Robin. He directly ran into the people and everywhere he went, whether ordinary people or nearby criminal organization gangsters, he hit them all and sent them flying.

He couldnt use Gepp (Moonwalk) to chase Robin. He had just use Gepp (Moonwalk) and Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) against her and it resulted in him being tripped.

Whiz! Whiz!

Robin used Observation Haki to capture the movements of the crowd. The extremely agile and precise movements made Kaku unable to catch up with her and even a gap gradually began to open between them.

But when she thought that she had escaped from Kaku, a strong wind suddenly came from ahead of her. It was like a bullet-like finger, ruthlessly coming towards her.

Marines Rokushiki, Shigan (Finger Gun)!


At the critical moment, Robin suddenly became aware of the coming danger and moved her body to avoid the coming attack.

After avoiding this attack, her face became a bit ugly as she had made a lot of noise and attracted the attention of her pursuer and his companions and this person was not Blueno who she had first met, that is to say, there were at least three people from the other side.

"Hey, Kaku, chasing after a woman and almost letting her run away, you are not doing a really good job here."

After Jabras Shigan (Finger Gun) blocked Robin, he did not continue to attack her, but ridicule Kaku who was rushing from the rear.
After Kaku rushed over, he stopped and he narrowed his eyes angrily and yelled at Jabra. "Shut up! I wasnt going to lose her and It was me who found her."

"Ah? If I hadnt come, she would have run away. Do you think that would be any different than you not finding her? Jabra snorted and folded his hands on his chest.

Kaku was annoyed and they quarreled for a while.

Robin glanced around and quietly retreated, trying to retreat into the chaotic crowd and slip away, but before she could take a few steps out, a voice suddenly came from behind her.

"You two can stop it."
Lucci stepped out of the crowd, looked at Kaku and Jabra and said, "Catching Devil Child is just one of the missions, and theres more to be done."

Although Kaku and Jabra still refused to glare at each other, they ended their quarrel. The three men stood in a triangle surrounding Robin in the center.

"Did you bring the Seastone shackles?"

Lucci glanced at Robin and asked Kaku.

Kaku shook his head and said: "They are with Fukuro."

"Tell him to come here."

Lucci calmly said and then looked at Robin again and said: "I advise you to not do anything, although the orders were to catch you alive, I can not guarantee that you will be without any injuries if you try to escape."

Robins arms were half raised and paused in the air, but after biting her teeth slightly, she crossed her arms and clasped her fingers violently.

Treinta Fleur(Thirty Flowers)
"Shigan (Finger Gun)!"

Almost at the moment when Robin started her ability, Lucci jerked forward with his right index finger stretched out like a bullet, wrapped in a strong wind that headed towards Robin.

Robin was forced to give up on her ability to dodge Luccis Shigan (Finger Gun).

"Shigan (Finger Gun) Spots!"

Luccis face remained unchanged and his arm muscles tensed as one of his arms suddenly turned into a shadow and his fingers pounded towards Robin repeatedly, instantly sending out more than a dozen Shigan (Finger Gun).

With the help of the Observatory Haki, Robins slender waists and legs tossed and rolled in this short instant, constantly avoiding Luccis blows, but although she utilized Observation Haki, her speed was far from Luccis.

After avoiding more than ten Shigan (Finger Gun) in succession, her body was no longer able to respond to those attacks, even though she could still clearly capture the subsequent attacks.
At this critical moment.

The ground of this street suddenly shook under the influence of some kind of power. This shock made everyone stagger instantly and they became unstable. Lucci was forced to terminate his Shigan (Finger Gun) attacks to stabilize his body.


"Hiding in the dark and attacking one of my crew members."
At the end of the street, Ross came slowly, glancing indifferently across the field.

Too much.

Thats too much.

Even he didnt use his fingers to poke Robin yet.

Listening to Ross directly identify their CP9 unit, Luccis eyes flashed

World Government has 10 intelligence agencies as subordinated, eight of which are exposed on the bright side, that is CP1 to CP8, as for the hidden ones CP9 and CP0 directly belongs to the tenryubito and very few people know about them!

According to common sense, no one should know the existence of CP9 except the government and Marine senior officials.

Lucci glanced at the streets that had become empty. Instead of dealing with Robin, Lucci stood there indifferently, looking at Ross.

"It seems that the assassination plan is failed."

The original plan was to first capture Robin and then start the assassination plan. Even if it fails, they would take Robin hostage and use her against Ross. But what they didnt expect is that catching a Robin was more troublesome then they thought which lead to the current situation.


Its no big deal that the assassination plan failed because it was just a way to minimize the impact and silently erase the Ghost-Hand Pirates from the world.

Now that they have met like this and with Him, Kaku, and Jabra here, the assassination plan is changed to

Frontal combat!

Kill Ghost Hand Ross and Capture Devil Child Nico Robin!