One Piece Talent System Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Six Styles Secret Skill: Six King Gun

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Blueno and others were relieved to see Lucci rushing out of the cracked, bulging, and folded hills. At the same time, someone shouted at him.
Lucci glanced sideways at Blueno and others and murmured, "I dont require your help here. You and Kaku go and arrest Nico Robin as soon as possible. Dont let her run away."

Blueno and others were still confident about Lucci. After looking at each other, they rushed towards Robin and Laffitte.

"Dont be so arrogant to discuss your plans in the middle of our fight."

Ross calmly stood there and the power of distortion suddenly broke out, the entire street was shaken as the earth and stones were rolled up like waves and they were pressed directly toward Blueno and Lucci and directly involved everyone in the attack.

The momentum of this blow is even bigger than before!

"Back off!"

Luccis eyes flashed as he leaped in the air and after a few flashes of Gepp (Moonwalk), he crossed over and slammed his leg towards Ross.

Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) Storm!

Sneer! Sneer! Sneer!

In the blink of an eye, seven or eight choppers hit Ross head-on, trying to force Ross to stop his attack.

Ross no longer controlled the rolling street and he raised his hand as his figure flickered and he caught all attacks in his hand, The attacks were like seven or eight invisible pythons which turned into a glowing sphere under the power of distortion.

Whiz! Whiz!

The Gravity Distortion was cast out and at the same time, Ross used Gepp (Moonwalk) to close the distance between him and Lucci and he pressed the ball of light directly into Luccis body.

Lucci did not intend to compete with Ross. Instead, he appeared on Rosss right side and kicked him violently.

Ross predicted ahead of time as he turned his arm around and continued pressing the light ball toward Lucci.


Luccis Rankyaku slammed into the light ball and the light ball collapsed as it slammed into the broken street, cutting the tops of several buildings.

Rosss palm did not stop. At the moment when the ball of light collapsed, his five fingers clenched into a fist as he continued to throw a punch at Lucci.


At the moment when Lucci was about to collide with Ross, he used Gepp (Moonwalk) to disappear from the front and appeared behind Ross.

Shigan (Finger Gun)!

His fingers darted towards Rosss heart.

Luccis speed is much faster than that of Vice-Admiral Dalmatian. After all, He is in Zoans leopard form and his physical strength is stronger than Dalmatian.

However, even though Lucci is extremely fast, Ross with Observation Haki can still react without getting injured by Lucci.


Rosss body slammed on one side, avoiding Luccis Shigan (Finger Gun) and he punched Lucci back.

In the case of air combat, Gravity Distortion can greatly enhance his flexibility and speed, making his speed similar to Lucci.

Lucci saw Ross react to several of his attacks and fight back. He gave up the attack and jumped to a roof.

"Your response is not bad."

Ross retracted his fist and looked indifferently at Lucci on the distant roof.

Blueno and others are weaker than Kaku and Jabra. Although they have reached the battlefield near Robin, they are easily entangled by Laffitte.

Kaku was about to lose his fight but with Blueno and others support he was able to compete with Laffitte.

" Your abilities are too troublesome.

Luccis eyes were low. It seemed that he was fighting Ross with speed, but in fact, he had to use speed to avoid Rosss attack.

Fortunately, Rosss speed is a little slower than his, otherwise, if his speed was comparable to his, Luccis odds of winning will drop to near zero.

Without any hesitation.

Luccis thoughts moved as the muscles on his body contracted and shrunk, He used Life Return (Seimei Kikan) to increase his speed at the expense of reducing his strength.


Ross did not speak anymore and with a sudden flash, he dived towards Lucci, folding his right hand into a fist and flung it out with a violent blow.

Lucci dodged Rosss fist, flashed to Rosss side and switched back. Ross reached for his wrist and in a flash, the two men made dozens of moves in mid-air.

Even though Ross is inferior to Lucci in terms of speed but with the flying ability of Gravity Distortion and with the speed of Gepp (Moonwalk), he is not much slower than Lucci in the case of air combat. After dozens of moves, Lucci fell towards the ground again.

Ross did not pause. As soon as Lucci fell he swooped downward, chasing Lucci and pressing down his hand and gathering power of distortion in his palms, he could almost see the weak Distribution curve formed in the air around him with the naked eye.


Lucci forcibly twisted in mid-air and fell dozens of meters away without being hit by Rosss palm, but Ross also fell to the ground the next moment.

Almost in an instant, the soil around Lucci surged wildly and piled up and squeezed toward his position and there appeared cracks in the earth as if the cover had been peeled off, taking Luccis position as the center, forming a sphere.

Lucci roared and his arms shook violently, breaking away from the state of Life Return (Seimei Kikan), tearing apart the crushing stones and dirt and struggling out of it.

Almost at the moment Lucci rushed out, Ross was already waiting outside for him, his eyes calm and indifferent as he raised his fist and slammed it towards Lucci.

Lucci couldnt escape the blow, but instead of panicking, he sank his face, folded his fists in front of him and pointed them at Rosss swinging fist.

"Rokushiki Ogi: Rokuogan(Six Styles Secret Skill: Six King Gun)!"

Nearly surpassing the Sky islands Impact Dial in power, this attack has more than enough power and it is concentrated on a single point, This attack and Rosss power of distortion collided against each other.

This is the Six Styles Secret Skill: Six King Gun that condenses all the power into one point and does not have any negative after-effects on the users body. An extremely terrifying destructive power will erupt at a single point.


When this kind of impact is concentrated in one point and encounters the chaotic power of distortions, it will not be able to maintain the state of convergence smoothly, but in the fierce conflict, it will collapse.

Ross and Lucci were stagnating at the same time. Time seemed to be fixed for a moment. Then the whole street was centered on the place where the two confronted, setting off a terrifying aftershock. The air seemed to ripple and rush in all directions.

The earth-shaking sound made Kaku and others in the fierce battle hundreds of meters away look sideways and the movements of their hands stopped at the same time.

"Did he use the Six Styles Secret Skill: Six King Gun?"

" Its the first time Lucci has been forced to this extent."

CP0 is superior to all CP organizations, while CP9 is a covert organization which is second only to CP0 and higher than all other CP organizations. Lucci is known as the strongest person in the past 800 years which means that his strength is absolute.

Kaku and Jabra dont have their Devil Fruit right now. In the absence of the Devil Fruit, their power is half of Lucci, but once Lucci uses his Devil Fruits ability, his power will become several times higher and everyone in CP9 combined is not his opponent.