One Piece Talent System Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Instantaneous Victory And Defea
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In the aftermath, a loud sound echoed and the dust in the center swings away. Ross stands in place, motionless and the ground beneath his feet shows traces of cobweb-like cracks.
On the opposite side of Ross, Lucci failed to hold his figure. The impact of Six King guns was crushed by Ross power of distortion and he flew backward and crashed through one building and crashed into the second one.

"He blocked Luccis Six King Guns?!"

"How can it be."

Seeing this scene, The pupils of Kaku and others contracted and their looks were slightly sluggish. Looking at the fierce battle between Ross and Lucci and Lucci releasing the six king guns, the gap between their strength should not be this much.

Lucci back collided with the second building as he vomited blood and walked out of the hole he made in the building and looked towards Rosss direction.

He couldnt understand.

How could Rosss power rise so much at once? When he launched Tempest Kick, he was only slightly inferior. Just now, he released Six Kings guns, intending to make a hard fight with Ross to create an opportunity to end the Battle.

Unexpectedly, he went all out to fight Ross hard, but he lost instead!

"You didnt use your full strength before"

Luccis face became extremely depressed and gloomy as he looked at the Ross standing on the broken street.

To deal with Lucci, who is faster than him, Rosss plan of action is simple. First, he will fight with ordinary punches and then uses Distortion Fruits ability to create a situation where Lucci cant use speed to avoid him and then he will severely injure him.


Ross looked calmly at Lucci.

At first, He only used less than half of his power and even with the last blow, he only used 80% of his power of distortion.

Ross admires Lucci and CP9s intelligence gathering ability and he wanted to see if he can use that ability for his own so he did not actively try to kill Lucci and others, otherwise he might accidentally kill Lucci by attacking him at his full power and the situation will be unsalvagable.


The next moment, Rosss figure flickered as he charged towards Lucci.

Luccis body was attacked by the power of distortion. Even though most of it was counteracted by the impact of Six Kingsguns and Luccis body was extremely strong, but it still suffered serious injuries.

In particular, under the influence of the power of distortion, he could not display Tekkai (Iron Body). When he flew backward, he crushed a building with his back, and the impact injury was extremely serious.

"No way."

Feeling the wounds of his body, Lucci knew that even if he used speed to avoid it, he would lose if he continued to drag it down. He took a deep breath and showed his determination in his eyes. Instead of choosing to avoid it, he put his fists together again.

Using the power of Life Return (Seimei Kikan) to force down the injuries on the body.

"I dont plan to continue dragging it down, either."

Seeing this scene, Rosss eyes were calm as his fingers folded into fists. Once again, the power of distortions in his body was completely stimulated by Ross and all of them converged on his fists. The air around his fists faintly presented a circle of Distortion.

Distortion Fist!

At the same time, Lucci also made a decisive move, he did not pay any attention to his injuries and all of his strength was completely focused on a single point.

It was Luccis strongest blow, and although it was performed in a state of near-serious injury, it was almost as powerful as it was in its full-blown state, thanks to the ability of Life Return (Seimei Kikan).

"Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan(Maximum Ring: Six King Gun)!"

Luccis all-out punch and Rosss earnest punch collided with each other violently, it was as if time had been fixed at this instant.

The impact of this explosion is far more than the Hasshoken of the Sai of the Happo Navy that Ross encountered before. It exploded like a tough bullet, trying to break through the power of distortion blockade and penetrate Ross.


Under his control, Rosspower of distortions is also completely condensed in one point. It collides directly with the impact of the Six King Guns. Luccis Six King Guns cant compete with Ross power of distortions. They just stand still for a second and then completely break up.

The aftermath of the collapse of Six Kingsguns and the power of distortions almost instantaneously destroyed the upper part of the building where Ross and Lucci fought and then spread down all the way, completely destroying the whole building and shattering it into numerous splashes of rubble.

Luccis figure flies backward in the burst of rubble, smashing three buildings in a row before creating a crater on the ground. He coughed out blood from his mouth and he was no longer able to maintain the shape of Leopard, restoring to his normal human form.

Kaku and others have no time to support Lucci, or even if they could have time, their support will be useless. They can only watch Lucci and Ross final attack in which Lucci was completely defeated!

"Lucci Lost?!"

"How could that be, that mans strength, even Lucci cant match it?!"

Kaku and others made countless judgments before they acted against Ross. They even judged that Lucci may be defeated in his fight against Ross. After all, a Shichibukai was killed by the other side.


Nobody expected that Lucci would lose so fast. The entire battle was completely one-sided and Ross never gave any chance to Lucci to recover in the entire battle.
There was silence.

There was a dead silence.

Lucci was defeated so quickly was a point they have not considered and they hadnt made any preparations for this scenario. At this point, only a Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral or CP0 can make any decision for them.

Over the collapsed building, Ross floated in mid-air seemingly unaffected by the gravity and glanced calmly at Lucci, whose life and death was unknown and turned towards Kaku and others.

This glance made Kaku and others fall into the ice cellar.


On the ruined streets.

Lucci, Kaku, Jabra and many other CP9 members were lying on the ground unconscious with serious injuries on their bodies.

After Lucci lost to Ross, the Battle outcome could not be reversed. Spandam who had been on board did not hesitate to leave Lucci and others and ordered his men to sail away, without even going ashore to explore the details of the battle.

"Is it hard for you to hypnotize them deeply?."
Looking at the CP9 members lying on the ground, Ross asked Laffitte.

Regardless of CP9s Battle ability, its intelligence collection ability is beyond doubt. If he can take over many members of CP9 and form the peripheral intelligence network of Pirates, it will not be necessary for him and Robin to make painstaking efforts to collect intelligence in the future.

"They were selected and trained and brainwashed at a very young age until they formally join the governments Intelligence Agency. Its very difficult to hypnotize them deeply."

Laffitte showed a helpless expression, even with his ability, it was difficult to even brainwash the weakest member of members of CP9 organization.

"They hold extreme loyalty to the World Government"

Ross looked at the CP9 members lying on the ground, looking thoughtful, and suddenly asked, "What if this loyalty collapses? Is there a possibility of deep hypnosis?

Laffitte thought for a moment and said, "Thats a good way to try, with some certainty."

Ross nodded and said, "Well"

"What are you going to do?" asked Robin.

She could see that Ross intended to take over CP9, but it would not be so easy for a World Government Secret Government Intelligence agent to betray the World Government.

Ross had a smile on his face as if he were holding everything in his hand.

"I wont do anything"

"There is a great possibility that after the intelligence agents are defeated the World Government will choose to obliterate their existence."

"In addition, the Chief of CP9 is a waste and he will add fuel to fire to the failure of this operation to blame all the members of CP9."

At Rosss words, Robins eyes flashed "It turns out that you let the government ship leave here on purpose."

She doesnt know how Ross knows about the chief of CP9, but since Ross says so, its probably not wrong. Ross always knows something that doesnt seem to be known by anyone else.

Robin even wondered if Ross was the head of a top-notch Intelligence agency but there werent any signs of Ross contacting others.