One Piece Talent System Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Hidden

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"The choice is yours."

Ross stood there calmly, without raising his eyelids. He said lightly, "I want to remind you that you are not the CP9 of the government subordinates, but the fugitive pursued by the government."
"On the other hand, you should know all about me and the Ghost Hand Pirates, my purpose has never changed, that is Hunting pirate."

At Rosss words, Kaku and Jabra fell silent.


They are no longer the members of CP9, but the fugitives pursued by the government. Strictly speaking, there is no difference between them and Ross.

As for Rosss second point Their information about Ross and the Ghost-Hand Pirates is clear. The Ghost-Hand Pirates never raided civilians but kept hunting pirates all the way. As for the murdered Marine, it was also a counter-attack against the pursuit and suppression.

If Ross is the kind of pirate that plunders civilians, there is no acceptable possibility for them to work with him at all, but the fact is that Rosss behavior is not essentially different from them to some extent.

"Its not our Captain who led you to this situation. I think you know better than we do about the main person responsible for your current situation. Ha Ha"

Laffittes figure appeared silently.

Ross didnt intend to use words to conquer CP9. It was impossible to do it. At most, it will shake the hearts of the CP9 members. Laffittes mission is to gradually pull them into the abyss of hypnosis when CP9s heart shakes.


"That bastard sooner or later I will make him pay the price for this."

Under the psychological guidance of Laffitte, the faces of CP9 were full of anger, but this anger was not directed at Ross, but it was directed towards Spandam.

He is greedy for life and is afraid of death, He always hides on the ship and does not come down, He let the Marines protect him and after the failure of the mission, he turned his head and fled without even saving them and he also dumped all responsibilities on them.

"Whoop, but if you deal with him, you will be going against the World Government." Laffittes voice seems to have some magic, CP9s members heart wavered and the belief in the heart gradually collapsed.


Not everyone is gradually guided by Laffitte.

One person stood at his original position without any changes in his expressions, whether it was Laffitte or the reactions of Kaku and others, he did not do anything.

Rob Lucci.

"Weakness is sin, this is your point of view."

Rosss faintly said, Luccis will is stronger than he expected, even now, he remains standing there without any expressions on his face, otherwise, he would have been affected by Laffitte.

If Lucci at this time affects Kaku and others, it is likely to cause Laffittes guidance failure, leading to an irreversible situation.

"But a weak person become your chief and control your destiny. Isnt this a very sad thing?"

Laffitte is constantly guiding Kaku, Jabra, and others, while Ross continues to talk to Lucci, shaking Luccis heart with what he knows.

Compared with other people in CP9, Lucci has more potential then all of them combined together. In the original series, he was defeated by Luffy. After being chased by the government, he actually returned and become the chief of CP0 and went he was able to fight Sabo who ate Flame-Flame Fruit without losing any ground.

Ross will recognize such strength and potential, he is even willing to let him join his official crew.

"I wont interfere with their choice."

Lucci was silent for a moment, then suddenly he opened his mouth calmly.

He knew what Ross is trying to do and knew what Laffitte is doing. It cant change him or affect him. Hes still Rob Lucci, the strongest CP9 member in 800 years. He wont surrender to pirate or do anything for a pirate.
However, he will not change the choices of Kaku and others.

"I am Rob Lucci."

"Weakness is a sin If one day you can be stronger than the government, then you are just But at least for now, youre not."

"I can be loyal to justice, but not to the enemy."

Luccis tone is calmly narrated. When it comes to this, his thoughts move and his body suddenly expands, It was a little difficult to enter the leopard form. "You are the only qualified enemy I have encountered."

Ross looked at Lucci and there were a slight regret and loss in his eyes. He said: "If you had met me a year earlier, it would have been a suspenseful Battle."

"Is that right? Thats a pity."

Lucci had a slight smile on his face as he pounced on Ross.


Luccis body stops and solidifies there with Rosss fist resting on his chest.


Kaku, Jabra, and others were shocked and puzzled.

Luccis body quickly recovered from Leopard Mans form and fell aside. There were no new wounds on his body, but the internal organs of Luccis body had already been crushed.
"This is really"

Laffitte shook his head. Fortunately, he had almost completed the guidance and preliminary hypnosis. Lucci took the initiative to make a choice and didnt interfere with his work. Otherwise, he might lose a lot.

Even so, he had to continue his work. Although Kaku and others were affected, their heart now has an even bigger flaw and he found an opportunity to invade it.

On the other side.

Ross slowly retracted his hand and shook his head.

At the same time, a familiar voice was heard in his ear.

"Rob Lucci, the strongest CP9 member in 800 years, has been killed, a reward of 100 Talent Proficiency Points and 1 point Free Talent Points has been acquired."
Looking at Luccis body, Ross muttered to himself, "Whether its life or death, You were worth it. You were indeed a qualified opponent. Unfortunately, I met you too late."

The death of Lucci adds hatred to Kaku and others, but this hatred does not point to Ross, but to Spandam, even without Laffitte guidance.

When Ross first beat them, he didnt kill Lucci.

It was a decent defeat.

After a while.

"The remaining CP9 members joined The Ghost Hand Pirates."

Laffitte completed the final guidance, He slightly smiled while looking towards Kaku and others, He performed a long brainwashing and deep hypnosis, just in line with Laws treatment to Kaku and others to synchronize, to maximize their loyalty.

Kaku and others did not speak, although they decided to join the Ghost Hand Pirates, they were all in a low mood because of Luccis death.

Very soon.

The CP9 members and Ross returned to the Ghost Shadow Ship, Law was responsible for healing the injuries they suffered and Laffitte for further brainwashing and hypnosis.

A month later, Ghost Shadow Ship returned to Grand Line with Kaku and others and placed them on a large island and issued a Den Den Mushi for contact.

Ghost hand intelligence organization has been created.

At the same time, the World Government changed the bounty amount of the Ghost Hand Pirates, Robins bounty increased to 80 million Berries and Laffittes bounty became 120 million Berries.

As for the bounty of Ross, it was raised to

300 million Berries!

Chapter 107 300 Million Berries Bounty