One Piece Talent System Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Marines Are Moving
Marine Headquarters.

Aokiji sat yawning, rubbing his eyebrows in an office at the top of the fortress and said, "Ah Rara, is there another one? The Ghost Hand Pirates are troublesome.
Previously, he went to the sea for the Ghost Hand Pirates, he went out for a month and stayed outside for a month. He found nothing and finally returned without success.

A Marine Admiral ran out alone for a month and accumulated a lot of things he needed to deal with. After returning, he was busy for a long time before he finished.

Aokiji shook his head and couldnt help but think of Garp.

Garp has repeatedly refused to be promoted to an Admiral and even now he is still a Vice-Admiral. Compared with Admirals position, Vice-Admiral is much easier. It does not need to be responsible for tenryubitos security, maintain tenryubitos power, or supervise numerous Marines subordinates to approve trivial matters in a sea.

Right now he is a newly appointed Admiral so he is not as lazy as he was in the original series, He is doing his job as an Admiral.

"Oezi sea area"

Aokiji took out the sea map and looked at it for a moment. As a new Marine Admiral, he was responsible for a lot of trifles things of Marines. If he ran out again and again for a single pirate group, Marine would be in a mess.

However, CP9 was destroyed by Ross, Shichibukai Crocodile was also killed by him and the branch Vice-Admiral was also unable to control the Ghost Hand Pirates. Even a Headquarters Vice-Admiral would be hard pressed in dealing with Ross. He had to authorize a Buster Call. The strength of the Ghost Hand Pirates requires a Buster Call to deal with them.

Headquarters Vice-Admiral is also responsible for a lot of things. Mobilizing five Headquarters Vice-Admiral at one time and leading the army to leave Headquarters to deal with the Ghost Hand Pirates will also have a great impact.

"Its really is a headache."

Aokiji, with a pen in one hand and a chin in the other, fell into deep meditation and finally took out Den Den Mushi and silently gave several orders.

Very soon.

Under the command of Aokiji, Marine Headquarters took action and a total of six large Battleships departed from Headquarter.

"Its Vice Admiral Doberman and Vice-Admiral Momonga!"

"Six Battleships and Vice-Admirals Are they going to launch a Buster Call?"

Lieutenant Marine of Headquarters was shocked to see the scene. Although Marine Headquarters often had large Battleship docked on its shore but this time six battleships were departed at the same time, led by Vice-Admirals and formed a fleet. Such forces were somewhat frightening.

Its like a big war!

On one of the Battleships.

The atmosphere was suppressed. Headquarters Vice-Admiral Doberman walked up to the deck and pressed one hand on the hilt of his sword. His eyes looked coldly at the sea in front of him.

"Ill make up for the mistakes I made."

"This time I will execute you personally!"

Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral Doberman, working with several Headquarters Vice-Admiral from Marine Headquarters, Target Ghost Hand Pirates on the Grand Line!

Half a month later, Oezi sea area.

This is a sea on Grand Line, which covers two routes and consists of five islands. It is also called the Sea of Cherry Blossoms. The cherry trees on five islands in the sea are very flourishing.

At the edge of one of the islands, the Ghost Shadow Ship is briefly docked.

A pirate of over 100 million bounty is in this sea, but it is not yet clear which island he is at. Kaku and others are exploring intelligence through various channels in the Underground world.

In the practice room of Ghost Shadow Ship, two figures are doing exercises, one is Ross and the other is Law. After boarding the Ghost Shadow ship and discovering Rosss practice methods, Law quickly joined in on those practices.
Although he has become a ship doctor of the Ghost Hand Pirates and Ross has confirmed that he will deal with Doflamingo, he will not put all his hopes on others. In order to handle Doflamingo, he will naturally improve his strength as soon as possible.


Law, who is a few months away from the age of sixteen, doesnt need to mention the gap between his and Rosss physical fitness. Right now he can only carry Rosss lightest weight and do physical exercises.

In the other corner of the practice room, Ross not only carries a huge load ten times more than Laws but also used his Gravity Distortion to support himself with double gravity!

After the proficiency of the power of distortions reached 400 points, Ross reached a new step for the displacement of gravity, which directly affected the gravity.

Theres still a big gap between his Gravity Distortion and the Gravity Devil fruits. Today, hes trying to stimulate Gravity Distortion and can at most utilized triple of normal gravity, far less than Fujitora, let alone pulling a meteorite from the sky.

With the ability of double gravity, Rosss physical exercise effect has become obvious again. The special floor of the practice room can also bear Rosss maximum load with.


Ross and Law were doing almost synchronous movements, squatting heavily, but every time Ross squatted, he could feel the mountain-like heavy pressure. On the other side, Law seemed a little silly doing those exact movements with the same expression. The only thing that was almost the same was the look in their eyes.

The eyes of Ross and Law are very similar, both have their own goals, and their hearts are firm and unshakable. What they have to say is that Rosss eyes are slightly different from Laws. In his tough eyes, there is a hint of indescribability.


Ross completed a set of squats and retracted the Gravity Distortion ability before putting the huge load aside, He sat on the floor gasping for breath.

Almost at the same time, Law couldnt hold on and he threw away the load, leaned against the back wall and gasped violently.
And just then.

After receiving the latest intelligence from the peripheral intelligence organization, Robin found Ross, who is practicing in the practice room.

"Captain Ross, the intelligence has come, They have determined the position of the Moving Weapons Crs Bartra with the bounty of 160 million Berries"


Ross stood up and took a deep breath to maintain his image and looked at Robin.

Robin first reported the intelligence in her hand and then asked Ross: "So, should I contact our navigator now?"

Ross nodded and said: "Notice Laffitte that as soon as the magnetism of the Log Pose is full, he is to come back to the ship, Our goal is Spring Island and I dont want my prey to run away."
The pirates who have the bounty between 100 million and 200 million berries are good hunting targets for him, even if he hunts a pirate with the same amount of bounty a second time he will acquire 40 Talent Proficiency points, which is a considerable improvement and there is also a probability of gaining Free Talent Points.

He now has 2 Free Talent Points. For the time being, he doesnt plan to mess around with them. The proficiency of the Distortion Fruit has reached 405 points. It is not far away from 600 points. At that time, the Free Talent Points will be needed to activate the Distortion space ability and that ability will require more than 3 Free Talent Points.

For Ross.

The first half of the Grand Line is a free map. Even if he killed pirates wantonly he wont provoke any of the Yonk (Four Emperors). After entering the New World, the pirates are either Shichibukai or they are under the banner of Yonk (Four Emperors).
Even if he is able to stall the Marines and the government long enough to enter the New World unharmed, he would face the situation of New Worlds Four Emperors separatist regime.

If he wants to rise in that sea than he would have to confront a Yonk (Four Emperors)!

Before that, Ross had to safely break into New World under the bloody and ruthless pursuit of Marine and the government.

This road is extremely difficult.


As long as he stepped over, he would be very close to standing on the top of the sea.