One Piece Talent System Chapter 11

Chapter 11 40 Million Bounty

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Ross smiled.
It is very easy and pleasant to communicate with Robin, who is calm, smart and intelligent. It is one of the reasons why Ross has always had Robin in his list of people he would recruit.

Terun looked at the scene in front of him and gawked slightly, then he talked in anger: "Damn you, Nico Robin, you dare to betray me who has been hiding your identity for the past six months"


However, he couldnt continue with his ravings as the sound of gunshot suddenly came from inside the room.

Ross didnt know when he took his pistol out, and before he knew it the pistols muzzle already had smoke coming out of it, while Terun was standing still slowly looking down at his chest.

In the middle of his chest, there was a large hole, from which blood rushed out, and his suit was stained with blood.


He didnt expect Ross to shoot him.

Rosss left hand was still holding the pistol and didnt tremble at all, so he pointed the gun at Terun and asked: "Did you just bully a member of my crew?"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were three consecutive gunshots, and Terun had three more holes in his body, he revealed an unwilling and unbelievable expression and fell into his own blood.

Robins expression changed slightly as she looked at the scene, but it recovered in an instant, still maintaining a calm expression, saying:

"I dont know the detailed identity of Terun, but he should belong to a larger intelligence organization. If he dies, it may cause us some troubles."


Ross slowly retracted the pistol and said: "A big intelligence organization? can it be bigger than Marine and World Government?"

Robin shook her head saying: "Of course not, it is impossible."

Ross turned to look at Robin and smiled: "So I dont have to worry about any trouble, because I am a pirate now."

"If Captain feels its ok, then there is no problem."

Robin nodded lightly.

Robin doesnt really care about the troubles this situation will bring, She is the Devil Child with a bounty of 79 million Berries from the World Government. This bounty is highest in West Blue and even the most powerful pirates of this sea have less bounty then her. The World Government and Marine already want her life. The situation is already worse for her and it can not get any worse.

"How many people are there in our crew?"

"Including you, two."

Ross responded calmly: "Therefore I need a ship now, as well as some guys to do odd jobs, and then slowly look for the official crew."

Robins receptiveness to the imagination was much better than Ross. Not only did she instantly substituted into crew members role, but she was also not surprised by the fact that there were only two of them on board the ship.

"There are a lot of ships on the island port. We should be able to find a suitable one.

As for the people who can do odd jobs, release your name to them, and most of them can be recruited."

"Its too much trouble."

Ross shook his head and said: "You should have information about the pirates in this area of sea. I need information on pirates with the bounty for more than 20 million Berries."

Although he decided to become a pirate, Rosss pirate crew are going different from most of the worlds pirates and even more different from the pirate crew of Strawhat Luffy.

The looting and the slaughtering of civilians will only scare the civilians. World Government and Marine will not be alarmed and fearful, only angry.

Even if he wants to kill

He will not slaughter civilians.

His preys are the famous pirates of the sea as well as Marines and the World Government who dared to provoke him!

His biggest card is not Distortion Fruit, but the Talent System. By hunting pirates, he can get proficiency points and Free Talent Points, and can easily improve his strength!

From West Blue to Grand Line, from Grand Line to New World and when he reached the end of the world, then the world will shudder.

"Pirates with a bounty of 20 million Berries or more."

When she heard Ross, Robin was slightly startled.

Is he going to rob a pirate group and then take over directly?

By doing this the risks are undoubtedly higher than just grabbing a ship at the dock, but she did not doubt Rosss strength.

So far Ross has hunted many pirates with a high bounty, and he even rushed into Capone Mafias nest and killed Capone Leckie.

After thinking for a moment, Robin said:

"Flo pirates, Captain one-eyed Flo, bounty 27 million Berries, appeared three days ago near the Kurle sea area. It is not far from here"


Ross nodded and told Robin calmly, "Before I was a Pirate Hunter, the Ghost Hand Pirates I built would not rob civilians. We would hunt for powerful pirates at the sea, and the danger would be higher as well. You have to be mentally prepared."

There are many different kinds of pirates in the sea who are characterized in a disorderly mess; there are ferocious pirates who want to plunder civilians, adventurer pirates like Strawhat Luffy, and pirate hunters who hunt other pirates, and many more.

Hawkeyes of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, before becoming the Seven Warlords of the Sea, aimed at hunting pirates, with a black blade running amuck across the sea until he met Red Hair Shanks.

Even after he became Seven Warlords of the Sea(Shichibukai), Hawkeye will still sometimes go out to sea to find some pirates to hunt to pass the time.

"For the purpose of hunting other pirates."

Robin whispered in her heart. She was hiding in the dark underground world for many years. She was capable of accepting any type of darkness, but in her heart, she was still a kind person with the kindness in her heart that darkness could not erode.

She can accept this kind of goal with all of her heart.

One day later.

Marine and World Government released a new announcement. Ghost Hand Ross is ferocious, he treacherously sneak attacked the marine base, killing Captain Moby and Commander Leica.

This news has spread throughout the West Blue.

And Rosss bounty has increased from 22 million Berries to 40 million Berries, becoming one of West Blues only ten pirates with a bounty of more than 40 million Berries.

The entire West Blue shook!

Whether its his standing as one of the top pirates in West Blue or the killing of two high ranking Marine officers. Their thoughts suddenly shifted to Ross, who suddenly appeared out of the blue with a bounty so high that he reached into top ten of West Blue.

"Killing the Captain of a Marine Branch, a fearful fella has come out of the West Blue." Some pirate looked at the newspaper and whispered.

"For someone to actually achieved the bounty of 40 million Berries. Who exactly is this Ghost Hand Ross?" A Pirate Hunter revealed greedy and ferocious look in his eyes.

Besides the pirates and Pirate Hunter.

The more frightened were the civilians.

"He slaughtered all the residents of a small town, and he also murdered a Marine Captain. What are Marines doing, why arent they quickly capturing this guy and execute him?"

For the vast majority of the people, there is no chance for them to know the truth. All they can access are government announcements and news on government newspapers.

The truth of everything is written by the government and Marines.