One Piece Talent System Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Hidden

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Ross raises his hand and sweeps out the two swords. He looks at Bartra with narrowed eyes and said, "Paramecia metal attribute fruit? Its an interesting ability."
In the intelligence of Kaku and others delivered, there is naturally Bartras specific ability, but Ross did not care and only listened to Bartra having a metal attribute fruit.

It now appears that this fruit is like the High-Level version of the Mochi-Mochi Fruit, which resembles the fruit of BIGMOM Pirates Katakuri, It has the ability to turn into a liquid state, somewhat closer to the shape of Logia.

This is a very good ability.

If it is trained properly, it will become very powerful and may surpass Logia Devil fruit!

When he heard Ross, Bartra snorted and grabbed the hook blade arm that flew back to him and smirked at Ross, saying: "Interesting? You will see it soon despair!"


His fist fluidized abruptly into an extremely sharp long gun and with one of his fists, it thrust violently into Rosss chest.

Faced with Bartras blow, Ross closed his fingers and fluttered his fist lightly.


The fist and the long gun collided together. Bartra imagination of the long gun running through Rosss fist did not appear. Instead, the long guns began to crumble from the gunshead and broke down all the way, restoring the shape of the arm.

Then, under the ravages of the power of distortion, his arm burst open and blood and broken bones splashed around as he flew backward.

"Ah! Ah!!"

Bartra looked at his broken right arm and gave a scream.

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely stiff.

The expressions of those smirking pirates are all fixed on their faces. In the next moment, they were horrified.

"Captains arm How is it possible?!"

"Hey, Captain are you kidding here, Captain! Quickly recover that arm!"

Several pirates reached out to Bartra, screaming and rolling and tried to walk, but they were all stiff and unable to take a step.

In the field.

Rosss eyes flashed with disappointment as he walked towards Bartra.

"At this level, its a pity that this fruit falls into your hands."

"No this is impossible"

Looking at the Ross coming over, Bartras eyes showed sorrow and fear.
Rosss fist can actually break his metal form, which is harder than steel and completely destroying one of his arms. How on earth did he do that?

"A frog at the bottom of the well."

Ross said the last word in a tone of indifference, lifting his foot and stepping down.

Bartras whole body melted into silver metal liquid, but it was still useless. It burst with blood and broken bones when Ross stepped on it.

"Moving Weapon Bartra with a bounty of 160 million Berries has been killed and the reward is 40 Talent Proficiency Points."

"Huh-huh, Im afraid they dont even know what Haki is? They stood no chance.

Not far away, Laffitte watched the scene, grinned and walked towards the remaining pirate.

The rest of the pirate saw that their Captain has been killed by Ross and they were terrified of Ross and Laffitte and they turned and fled.

Sneer! Sneer!

Laffittes figure flashed in the field, killing seven or eight pirates in an instant.
The remaining pirates scattered to try to escape, but Ross lifted his foot and stepped lightly. The ground rolled and surged, instantly turning into a huge ball of earth and stone, wrapping all the others in it, crushing and erasing them.


After killing all the pirates, Ross raised his hand, rolled over the soil, and threw all the bodies and blood out of the manor. At the same time, it poured into the burning cherry tree, which prevented the fire from spreading.


The old man of the Manor looked at the scene. His dry eyes became wet. He coughed hard twice and barely stood up.

He also recognized Ross and knew that Ross was a pirate, but Ross killed Bartra and others and prevented the fire from spreading. Whatever Ross was, Ross was the benefactor who saved the centuries-old Cherry Blossom Manor.

"Thank you"

"Youre welcome."

Ross looked at the burning cherry tree and asked casually, "Are you the only one here?"

"Yes, Im the only one left."

The old man nodded and sighed softly.

Reaching out and gently picking up a falling cherry tree leaves, Ross shook his head and turned to walk out of the manor and Laffitte quickly followed.

Looking at Ross leaving, the old man took a long breath and re-sit back to the ground. Although a tree was destroyed, he managed to keep the manor.

Ghost Hand Ross

He is totally different from the image of the government report. On the contrary, it is similar to the gossip circulated in the previous period. Thinking of this, the old man shook his head with a bitter smile and sighed.

What is Marine and the government trying to do with the world?

After destroying Bartra, the main purpose of the trip has been completed, but they needed to stay here for 10 days to store the magnetic waves in Log Pose, Ross temporarily dispersed with Laffitte and others.

The scenery on this island is rare and even Laffitte has some interest in cherry blossoms. It seems that there are some fantastic ideas in his head.

Five days later.

Walking along the cherry blossom street, admiring the scenery and the occasional beautiful girl, the Den Den Mushi in Rosss pocket suddenly rang.

After connecting Den Den Mushi, Laffittes dignified voice came from it.

"Captain, we seem to be in trouble. There are five ships on the West Bank No, six Marine Battleships, large Battleships from Headquarters and they seem to have been ashore for a long time.

Six large Battleships!

And from Marine Headquarters!

Such a force configuration is not comparable to that of Marine of any branch. They appeared on this island and their goal is undoubtedly the Ghost-Hand Pirates.

"Has they finally arrived, Marines from Headquarters?"

Hearing Laffittes words, Ross paused and murmured in a low voice, with a flicker in his eyes.

Even with Kaku and others as peripheral intelligence networks, even with the speed of the Ghost Shadow Ship, it is impossible to avoid the Marine and the government that has eyes on almost every island.

"Shall I inquire about the details?"

Laffitte whispered at the other end of Den Den Mushi.


Ross shook his head and looked deep into the end of the street. "Theyre here This time, our Intelligence is a step behind. I hope we wont meet Marine Admiral.

Ross is in a three-way intersection and the entire street has become empty without him knowing. Only the cherry blossoms are scattered silently.

Tread! Tread! Tread!

No one spoke. The three directions were almost simultaneous filled with dense footsteps. The footsteps came from far and near, clattering together like the last sign before the tsunami, depressed and suppressed.

After a few seconds.

In the street just ahead of Ross, there appeared a Marine general in Marines Justice Cloak, embroidered with Vice-Admirals epaulets and shaved with a dark purple Mosikan head.

Almost at the same time, in the street behind Ross, a general Marine, wearing a brown jacket and a Marine justice cloak, came with a cigar in his mouth and he was wearing a necktie.

Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral.

Momonga! Cancer!

Ross stared indifferently looking at the Marines gathered in silence and spoke into the Den Den Mushi in his hand:

"Laffitte, you and Robin go to the Ghost Shadow Ship and dont let any Marine break my Ship."

After saying this, he hangs the Den Den Mushi and puts Den Den Mushi in his pocket.

After a few seconds.

From the last direction, Marines came from both sides and a scarred Marine general stepped out of it, forming a triangle with Momonga and Cancer and pinched Ross in the middle.

Three Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral gathered on the Cherry Blossom Street. No one spoke, but the atmosphere of the street had become extremely oppressive and it was almost suffocating.

In a state of repression.

Doberman, who finally appeared, broke the oppressive and solidified atmosphere. He pressed his right hand on his blade and pulled the blade out of the scabbard slowly.

"At last we met."

"Ghost hands Ross. "

At the same time.

The news of Marines six Headquarters Battleship appearing in Springs island also spread rapidly to all over the world, attracting numerous forcesattention.

Three Headquarters Vice-Admiral, six large Battleship, Marine deployed such terrifying forces, what do they want to do?!

Very soon.

These forces began to acquire intelligence from various sources, and ultimately the intelligence was

The Ghost Hand Pirates appeared on the Spring island a few days ago!

"It turned out that this was to exterminate the Ghost-Hand Pirates."

"Six large Battleships from the Headquarters and three Vice Admirals, Marines are serious this time."

The atmosphere of the major forces who have heard the news is solemn. No matter how rough the sea is, the government and Marine must not be completely angered.

This is the iron rule!

Once offended, Marine and the government will come after you with full force and unless you were one of the Four Emperors, there was no way out of the ocean.

The most terrifying force on the sea, the government, and Marine who dominated the world, finally showed its magnificence after being repeatedly shaken by the Ghost Hand Pirates.

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