One Piece Talent System Chapter 113

Chapter 113 1 Vs 3

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"Well said."

"There is really no justice in my heart."
Watching Cancer slashing with his sword, Ross who was suppressed by Doberman and Momonga in the middle did not panicked but a replied in a gentle tone while both hands violently forced.


Power of distortions burst into full swing and pounded on both sides of him. Momonga and Doberman felt a strange force pounding madly on their Armament Hakis defense. Both of them shook their arms and involuntarily retreated.

After a move that made two Vice-Admiral retreat, Ross retracted his right hand and converged his five fingers into a fist that was surrounded by the power of distortion, with a vague sense of fury he rushed towards Cancers sword.

"But, to put your Marine justice on my head, I can only say you pick the wrong person!"


Rosss fist and the Cancers sword collided in the air, making a loud sound that instantly tore the earth between them.

Under Rosss power of distortion, Cancers face changed. The outbreak of chopping was crushed by Rosss power of distortion as he staggered back by Rosss punch.

"The power of this guy has reached this level."

No wonder Ross could kill Crocodile, Dalmatian and CP9 sent by the government.

In the first half of the Grand Line, Ross is indeed a very dangerous existence with such strength. Fortunately, they are here to block him. Otherwise, if he continues to develop, he would have become a terrifying existence in the future!

"Moon Arc Cut!"

After Momonga was repulsed, he was first to stabilize his body and attacked Ross.

At the same time, Doberman also attacked Ross with his sword, this is not a duel, nor a contest for sword arts, but he is here to carry out the name of justice and crush the wicked criminals. Whatever the process, as long as they can win, it doesnt matter!

Three Headquarters Vice-Admiral launched a siege and occasionally the sword energy aftermath cut the streets by dozens of meters in an instant and cut off many cherry trees on both sides and countless cherry blossoms scattered all over the sky.


Momongas body turned into a shadow as he appeared behind Ross in an instant. Shallow green sword energy emerged from the blade of his hand. He drew an arc in the air and cut it towards Ross.

Ross flew up and avoided Momongas sword. Meanwhile, his right five fingers converged into a fist as he punched Doberman making him skid backward by five or six steps as he left several deep footprints in the street.


Cancer swings his sword and it chops out with sword energy, this sword energy is filled with bloodlust as it strikes towards the lower body of Ross in mid-air.

Ross holds up his hand and holds the bloody sword energy in his hand. He rubs his hands together and turns them into a red spiral sword ball. He pushes it towards Momongas back.


Momongas sword was severely chopped on the blood-colored swordball, making a sound loud sound that splashed with sparks. He cut the blood-colored swordball hard, but in the explosion of Rosss power of distortions, he flew backward in an instant.

"Caresses Cuts!"

"Funeral Song of Blood!"

Doberman and Cancer joined hands and they jointly switched their swords and cut them out, intersecting in the air, forming a crossed oblique sword energy, sweeping across.

Rosss face remained unchanged and when he stepped on the intersection of the cross sword energy, the power of distortion exploded violently, turning the distortion of the cross sword energy pedal into a spiral and it falls apart in mid-air.

"Gravity Fist!"
He lifted his foot and slammed into the air and he swooped down as he charged into Momonga, who flew out and his right hand clenched into a fist and the ability of Gravity Distortion suddenly broke out.

Momonga could not handle it with a sword. In a hurry, he could only raise his sword upwards. Armament Haki has completely surrounded the sword as he tried to block Rosss fist.


Rosss fist fell and a heavy pressure different from the previous destructive power suddenly erupted that made Momongas body sink in the ground as if it was subjected to great pressure, his legs were instantly embedded in the ground!

When Doberman and Cancer saw it, they rushed towards him. They attacked Rosss body with their two swords.

Ross turned over in midair and turned his right hand into his palm and grabbed Momongas sword blade, he moved his mind and the direction of gravity was changed drastically, from downward to upward in an instant.

Momonga was resisting the heavy pressure but suddenly his body felt light and the presser lifted, the sword in his hand was grabbed by Ross and he suddenly has a bad feeling in his heart. In a hurry, he adjusted his body and without retreating he slammed towards Ross with the direction of the gravity distortion.


Ross expressionless grabbed the right hand of the sword blade and shook it to the left. He threw Momongas sword towards Cancer and raised his foot to Dobermans sword blade.

The three Headquarters Vice-Admiral are almost equal in strength because they are not competent and slightly weaker than Lucci in Leopard form in physique, the strength of Haki and the subtlety of sword arts are far higher than Lucci.


As the swordsmans attack is more concise than the pure body, the three Headquarters Vice-Admirals chopping is stronger than Luccis in the pure attack.

Among the three people, Doberman and Momonga and Cancer, there is no small difference in strength compared with Ross. Even if two of them join hands, they will be easily suppressed and killed by Ross, but the three of them join hands. It almost compensates for most of their defects and they are extremely flexible and adaptable.
Rosss attack can knock out one person and the power of distortion can break through the defense of Armament Haki and left the arm numb and useless for some time, but two of them can cooperate with each other and Ross cant crush both of them at the same time.

"Sword flow, Final Variant!"

"Blood Moon Cut!"

"Death Mourning Sword!"

Doberman, Momonga, and Cancer, after being shocked back by Ross, stood on the front line. Three men made their sword attack at the same time. The three swords were interlaced in the air and interlaced into a web of sword energy, which covered Ross violently and blocked him in all directions.

Rosss eyes surged, he lifted his foot and used Gepp (Moonwalk) and he did not retreat but slammed against the sword energy net with his five fingers clenched and the power of distortion raised to its limit.

Rosss punch directly hit the core of the sword energy network. The power of distortions broke out wantonly, which could contain the whole sword energy network. After a slight standstill, the violent power of distortion broke the sword energy network.

The broken sword energy splashed everywhere, splitting the branches and petals of cherry trees, and deep ravines appeared on the ground.

After the net of sword energy broke, Ross was forced back by two steps.

After all, the power of sword energy is a little weaker than that of the sword power attached to Armament Haki. Even if the three people jointly launched the sword energy network, Ross can still break it, but it is still quite powerful.
"Good cooperation."

After breaking the net of sword energy, Ross regained some of his strength and he had almost figured out the strength of the three Vice-Admiral.

If he had faced the three Headquarters Vice-Admiral before improving his speed, it would have been extremely difficult, or even almost impossible, to win.


Now that hes faster than the three, his Observation Haki can clearly capture the movements of the three, plus the power of distortion full-blown attack is also 5 or 6% stronger than any of their attacks.

One-on-one is a full-scale suppression and one-on-two is also doable.

As for one-on-three

Then he has to fight to see the results!