One Piece Talent System Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Superheating

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"Get your hands on it!"

Cancer looked at Ross indifferently. In fact, Rosss strength shocked him a little. He could even make a left-handed and right-handed dash under the siege of the three of them.
If only two people came this time, not to say whether they could defeat Ross, They wouldnt even be able to retreat with their lives. When Aokiji made the three of them join hands, he still felt that they paid too much attention to it. Now, it seems that this decision is undoubtedly correct!

"You dont have any chance. Dont struggle."

Momonga is also looking at Ross, trying to influence Ross with words, as long as Ross can show a little flaw, then the Battle will almost be over otherwise it will play like this, even if they win in the end, it will not be easy.

Doberman did not speak, but his fierce eyes also expressed his inner feelings without concealment, and he would never give Ross any chance.

"The real fight will start now."

Ross looked blankly at the three Headquarters Vice-Admiral who surrounded him in the center. Now that he had almost judged the strength of the three Vice Admiral, the real Battle should start!


At the next moment, Ross lifted his foot and the power of distortion poured into the earth. The street with a radius of 100 meters suddenly swayed and instantly made everyone stand on shaky ground.

Numerous Marines who surrounded the area dozens of meters away could hardly hold their own. They were in a state of confusion and staggered backward in horror.

Ross ignored the other miscellaneous fish. The power of distortion spread from the earth and concentrated on the Momonga trio. The three men swayed and their bodies flew out.


At very fast speed, a shadow passed through the void. Ross appeared in front of Doberman, clenched his fists and punched out with a violent blow.

Doberman spurred Armament Haki, lifted his foot and barely held his body while holding the sword in both hands, using his sword arts with a dignified face, his sword slammed into Rosss fist.

Although his heart is full of killing intent, he will not be dazzled by this. Rosss strength is reflected in this short-term confrontation, he alone is not a match for him.


Rosss fist fell and Dobermans blade was instantly contained in the position of the boxing bone. The entire body of the sword buzzed and trembled, even if it was attached to the dark Armament Haki, it still suffered a lot of pressure, the air on both sides of the sword front filled with a vague form of Distortion.

After a stalemate for half a second, the ground under Dobermans feet collapsed, his legs were directly embedded in the mud, his forehead turned green as he fought with all his might.

"Iron-Cutting Sword!"

Momonga, holding a sword in his hand, rushed towards Ross at the first moment after he had stabilized his figure. He flew through the air with the blade in his hand which seemed to cut through the void.


The power of distortion spread through Rosss left hand, He touches Momongas sword with his hand which produced a loud sound. The blade wrapped with the fierce momentum is stiffly contained in mid-air by Ross. The blade constantly buzzed and trembled but it was unable to go any further.

After blocking Momongas sword, Ross suppressed Dobermans fist and violently forced Dobermans half-hard body into the mud, while jumping back to avoid the sword that Cancer had hit from the other side.


After his legs fell to the ground, Ross sank low and Gravity Distortion was displayed violently. The whole earth was instantly centered on him, forming a terrifying motion like a wave.

At this time, those Marine elites who had retreated hundreds of meters away were still affected by the aftermath of this force. They were unstable for a while, looking at the large pieces of soil and sand that were constantly breaking up and pulling up from the ground, all showing a certain degree of horror.

"The earth is cracking, no, its flying."

"This is the power of Ghost Hand Ross, its terrifying."

Even though they are all the elites of Headquarters, they are still shocked by the strength of this level. At least in the face of such strength, they have little to no resistance!
"No, Vice-Admirals are in the range of this attack."

"Back off! Dont mess up! Keep the formation, prepare the cannons and Seastone and dont let that pirate escape. Vice-Admirals cant lose to a pirate!!

There was Captain of Marine Headquarters shouting loudly and under his command, some of the chaotic Marine regained order and retreated further away.

In the field.

A huge block of soil with a radius of ten meters or even tens of meters rises from the ground. The cherry trees on it rustle and countless cherry blossoms are scattered in this area.
After this huge piece of soil flew up, it began to run across the area, flying randomly with each other, two pieces of mudstone 10 meters in diameter collided together, instantly issued a landslide, countless mudstones wrapped in cherry blossoms were bursting everywhere.

Sneer! Sneer! Sneer!

Momongas face was repressed as he swung his swords and smashed the huge stones that hit him, but at this moment, Rosss figure suddenly appeared in front of him with his fist swinging towards him.


Momonga raised his sword to resist the attack, but he could not resist the power of Ross. In the air, he was thrown out by Rosss punch and his back slammed into a mudstone with a diameter of ten meters.

The mud was instantly tumbling, as if it were alive and swallowed Momongas body and made a chewing sound, trying to crush him directly.

Kch! Kch!

The next moment, there were cracks on the mudstone, the crack overflowed with a blue light that spread to the whole rock and eventually completely broke up, revealing Momongas awkward figure.

"The ability of this guy he can even manipulate gravity, be careful!"
He wiped a handful of sand from his face and shouted vigilantly.

By this time, Doberman had already been in big trouble. He had been punched by Ross and half of his leg was embedded in the soil. When Ross was able to mobilize, he was the first to be swallowed by the cracked soil.

Despite the armor of Armament Haki which was not damaged by the power of distortions contained in the soil, Rosss blow came to his head when the mud that sealed him was broken.


In a hurry, Doberman could only fight with a sword. He was hit by Rosss punch and fell from the sky and hit the already destroyed ground and created one more crater on it.

"Dont be too crazy!"

Cancer watched as Ross charged towards Doberman who was on the ground and shouted angrily as he came from one side to support him and swung his sword at Ross.
Ross kicked him back a few steps. Momonga rushed down from above using Gepp (Moonwalk) and slammed into Rosss back.