One Piece Talent System Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Dark Prisoners Cage

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Ross avoided the attack and his figure created an arc as he charged into the ground below, the power of distortion dispersed from the ground.

The soil gradually lost control and began to crumble and fall to the ground. Meanwhile, Rosss power of distortion was once again poured into the ground.
Bang Rumble!

Doberman, who was trying to struggle out of the earth, was wrapped in huge pieces of soil that were tens of meters long and flew up into the sky, colliding with the falling debris.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like the sound of heavy artillery, the sound of continuous explosion echoed in the air as the soil splashed everywhere, the cherry blossoms and dust filled the sky, Momonga and Cancers face were somewhat ugly as both of them charged towards Ross.

Ross turned around and punched his left hand and his right hand at the same time, slamming into a Momonga and Cancer that had attacked him from left and right.


At the same time, resisting a hard blow from the two men, Ross staggered and flew out toward the rear. He retreated more than ten meters in a row before he could stop. There was also a slight bloodstain on both fists, but it was not serious, just skin injury.


The huge rocks in the sky finally broke up and fell down again, forcing Momonga and Cancer to retreat toward both sides.

Among the huge stones, white sword energy overflowed from one of them before it was torn apart. Dobermans figure shook out of it. The cloak of justice was already fragmented and blood spilled from the corners of his mouth.

"Damn You"

He gritted his teeth and looked at Ross. Five fingers clasped the handle of his sword as he rushed towards Ross. Momonga and Cancer looked at each other and charged toward Ross from left and right. They joined hands with Doberman again.

The power of distortion in Ross was boiling and he was recovering. He hummed softly as his figure turned into a shadow. He retreated backward and the bloodstains on his fists healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Physical Enhancement, It not only strengthens the body but also gives a partial self-healing ability.


In the General department, there is also the talent of Resilience for self-healing ability, but Ross did not activate it in order to save Free Talent Points.

After successively avoiding the attacks of Momonga and others and tearing apart the sword energy released by the three people, Ross calmed down and took a deep breath before rushing up against the three Vice Admirals.

The Power of distortion is released again and spreads in all directions. This time it is not Gravity Distortion, but Light Distortion and the Distortion sound developed by Ross himself!

"Insect Dark Stream!"


Suddenly, with Ross as the center, the 50-meter radius area was suddenly covered by the dark sky and the light completely disappeared. Momonga and Doberman lost sight directly and there was a continuous Buzz in their ears! Only the sound remained as if countless crickets were squeaking in their ears.

"What is that?!"

"The whole area has become dark and I cant hear any other sound then insect chirping."
The Marines, who retreated farther away, looked at the dark curtain with a radius of nearly fifty meters that suddenly appeared on the scene. They were shocked and didnt know what was going on.

In the dark cage which was 50 meters in radius, Monmonga and other Vice Admirals were stunned and surprised.

"I cant see anything and I cant hear anything"

The three of them had a headache about Rosss ability to make so many troublesome changes and at the same time, they immediately calmed down and used their Observation Haki to capture Rosss actions.

Losing sight and hearing completely, Observation Haki can capture Rosss movements but it is a little troublesome, plus they are three people, So Observation Haki not only needs to captures Rosss actions, but they also need to capture their peers actions.
Otherwise, there will be no cooperation.


Even so, it is still very difficult for Ross to form a perfect match with the previous one. Under the shadow of the dark cage, Ross is like a fish in the water, constantly running around, while attacking the three people recklessly.

It seems that three people work together against Ross, but it seems that they are surrounded by Ross.

Bang! Bang!
In the absence of timely support from Momonga and Doberman, Cancer took two of Rosss punches in a row, his arms were numb and he had to retreat to the rear, standing between Momonga and Doberman.

After shaking off Cancer, Ross opened his eyes in the darkness. Suddenly, he grasped the handle of Happy Spring at his waist, drew it out of its sheath and swung it out.

"Watch out!"

Momonga keenly captured Rosss movements and immediately sipped a low voice, but his voice was completely covered by the constant buzzing sounds and could not be transmitted to Doberman at all.

Fortunately, both Doberman and Cancer have Observation Haki by which they were able to capture Rosss movements, but Rosss attack still gave them instant headaches.

Observation Haki is also graded.

The vast majority of people can only capture the enemys movements by utilizing Observation Haki and cant really replace their visual and hearing senses through it Unless they can achieve the foresight ability of Observation Haki and the three Vice Admirals has not reached that level.


Their abilities are not exactly the same, Momonga Observation Haki and Armament Haki are both more proficient, while Doberman is better at Armament Haki and Cancer is better at Observation Haki.

Such a difference makes them unable to form effective cooperation in this situation where they have lost their senses of seeing and hearing. Even their actions have been delayed, fearing that their attacks will be exploited by Ross and injuring their peers instead.

Qing! Qing!

In the midst of chaos, who knows whose sword is fighting whose sword, there is absolutely no sound or vision, the only thing the three can rely on is Observation Haki.

Ross is not very knowledgeable about sword arts, nor does he rely on the sword. He pulls out the sword just to create more chaos and create more trouble for Momonga.

"Damn it."

No sound, no vision, and constant buzzing in their ears! In the confusion, Momonga was almost hit by Dobermans sword energy, although he barely escaped, he was caught by Ross after avoiding Dobermans attack, who punched him causing him to fly backward and almost made him lose his sword.

"We cant go on like this, we have to form some sort of defense against him."
Cancer was a little anxious, but in such a situation, he could not hear Doberman and Momonga and was in a state of complete inability to communicate.

It is difficult for them to form a back-to-back defense. They can only be swayed by Ross in the chaos, and he was constantly diverging and finding flaws in their attacks. For a time, they were suppressed by Ross!