One Piece Talent System Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Hidden

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"This ability should not directly affect our eyes and ears Something is wrong"

Momonga forced himself to settle and a thought flashed in his mind. As he gritted his teeth, he quickly retreated toward the rear. He soon felt that his eyes could see and the Buzz in his ear disappeared as he left the dark cage.
"Sure enough, this ability only works within a certain range."

Momongas eyes flashed a ray of light.

Whiz! Whiz!

After noticing that Momonga had retreated far away, Doberman and Cancer both came to their senses and moved further away.

The three men retreated from the dark cage one after another, but they soon found that retreating from that dark area had no effect when Ross is coming towards them.

The dark cage is centered on Rosss position and even if they are out of the cage, the dark cage will still move with Ross and will change its position.

If they want to fight Ross, they have to go in the Dark Cage.


Ross is faster than them. Even if three of them retreat in three different directions, Ross only needs to chase one and attack him which will create even more flaws.

"Sure enough, we still have to form some defense against him inside that cage."

Doberman and Moognga all know how to fight in the constant confrontation, but Ross did not sit by and watch them form that kind of corner defense situation but continues to rush left and right, destroying the alliance of the three.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Various sounds echoed from the Dark Cage and the Marines were shocked seeing sword energies coming from the battlefield from time to time and leaving cracks on the ground.

No one knows how long it took but the dark cage gradually dissipated, revealing four figures.

Doberman, Momonga, and Cancer are standing in a corner. They are still in constant confusion and confrontation. They are standing defensively against Ross. Thats why Ross no longer spends stamina to maintain the dark cage and let it dissipate.


Both the Vice Admiral trio and Ross are breathing heavily.

At the moment, Rosss shirt was tattered and there was a wound of about ten centimeters long on his left shoulder, blood stained a shirt and blood dripping on his fist, but most of the wounds are skin wound and there were no deep wounds.

Compared to Ross, the three Vice Admirals are in a difficult position.

Momonga looked at Ross with a sullen look. His left hand was hanging beside him. His entire arm was constantly shaking and it seemed that he could not use it in a short time.

"How are you?"

He asked Cancer.

Cancer looked at his bloody right arm and shook his head as bones pierced through the flesh and blood. "My right arm is out of use for the time being and I cant use my full powered sword arts.
"Cough! Cough!"

Doberman coughed violently. Blood spilled from one side of his mouth and his clothes were covered with blood and stones.

None of them expected that their fight with Ross will lead to such a situation. Although Ross was injured, it was much lighter than them.

"He is Powerfull"

Doberman gritted his teeth and showed anger in his eyes.
In the strange dark cage just now, every move is extremely grievous and they were passively beaten and they could only defend themselves from Rosss attacks.

Ross is an excellent experienced fighter as it is clear that even with their numbers advantage, they have lost the power to attack actively.

"His stamina will empty soon, He cant keep using these attacks without some sort of pressure on his body."

Momonga looked at Ross calmly and said, "Hes Devil Fruit user. Its bound to take a lot of stamina to maintain that thing. Dont give him a chance to breathe."

Cancer took a deep breath and nodded while looking coldly at Ross, his left hand holding the sword suddenly tightened and he attacked Ross with his sword energy.
Whiz! Whiz!

At the same time, Momonga and Doberman shouted loudly and rushed up from left and right. As Headquarters Vice-Admiral who had experienced countless fights, their battle instincts are good. Although their injuries are serious now, Ross staminas consumption must be more serious!

If they were replaced by ordinary Pirates, the pirates would have to give up on their dreams and live the rest of their lives as cripple because they could only rely on themselves, but for Marines the situation is different, with the government and Headquarters as a strong backup, as long as they could win, everything would be all right!

Sure enough.

Faced with the pursuit of the three, Ross no longer exerted the ability of the dark cage but used the ability of Gravity Distortion to avoid the three peoples frontal attack.

"Single Sword Flow, Water Cutting Blade!"

Momongas eyes flashed and he suddenly gave a low cry. His trembling left hand barely reached over and grabbed the handle with his right hand. A blue light flashed over the blade, converged at the tip of the blade and swept out at Ross.

This sword directly split out a huge sword energy of about tens of meters and it was very solid. It broke through the air and flew directly to Ross in mid-air.

"Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)!"

Cancer gave a low cry and jumped, kicking four or five chops to block Rosss escape, while the sword in his left-hand slammed into Rosss chest.

Ross was expressionless as he put his hand on Momongas huge sword energy. The sword energy displayed some elastic characteristics as it slanting from the side of Ross.


Ross punched and broke Cancers four or five tempest energy kick. At the same time, his fist matched with Cancers sword causing the Vice Admiral to retreat.

But just then, Doberman rushed up again not giving Ross a chance to breathe as he needed to kill Ross here.

Far away.

Numerous Marines looked at this scene and their hearts were waving like waves.
"The Vice-Admirals are injured"

"Ghost Hand Ross is also injured. He is Paramecias Devil Fruit. The more he uses his Devil Fruit, the more stamina he will consume. It should be over soon."

A lot of people murmured nervously, some glanced at them with open mouths, while others dialed Den Den Mushi and contacted several Headquarters Rear Admiral who are protecting the Battleships and told them to come and reinforce the Vice-Admirals.

On the field.
Rosss stamina is near its end and the wound on his shoulder affected his actions. Under the aggressive attack of Doberman and others, he was constantly pushed back.

"Its really troublesome."

He constantly resists the attacks of Doberman and others and there is a slight fluctuation in his eyes. These Headquarters Vice-Admirals are not only strong but their battle senses are also sharp.

Looking at three Headquarters Vice-Admiral who were trying to make him use his stamina, Ross took a deep breath and his eyes shone cold.

I didnt want to spend my Free Talent Points but my stamina and fitness are still lacking if I want to defeat these three Headquarters Vice-Admirals.


Ross blocked the attacking Momonga with a punch, showed a little decisiveness on his face, and moved his mind to evoke the Talent System.


"Activate the General talentTenacious!"

Chapter 116 Talent "Tenacious"