One Piece Talent System Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Hidden

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A translucent system interface appeared in front of Ross and he switched to the Talents Tree of the General Department.

As his mind moved, the branch named Tenacious was instantly activated in the branch of Physical Enhancement and then he put 40 Talent Proficiency Points he obtained by killing Bartra.

Instantly, a warm current flowed from Rosss heart and through his whole body. His muscles, which had become somewhat weak due to overuse were rejuvenated.

The bloody wound on his shoulder, which had not yet scabbed, began to heal at a faster rate. As for the scabs on his fist, they were constantly falling off and recovering.


Ross shouted angrily and he clenched his left hand and punched Dobermans sword which resulted in Doberman flying backward.


Doberman thought that Rosss stamina was completely exhausted, so where does this strength come from which caused him to fly back and even made his arms numb.

"He wants to make a final struggle. Dont let him escape!"

Cancer was also slightly surprised by Rosss sudden burst of power but quickly responded, shouting a warning to Doberman and Momonga.

The three men took a deep breath and all took their strongest defensive measures. They didnt intend to give Ross any chance to break through and rushed out.

Central Place.

The heat flow in Ross is slowly receding. This heat has been strengthening his self-healing ability and he has recovered a lot of his stamina.

With the talent of Tenacious, even if the power of distortion is overloaded, there is no need to fear serious unrecoverable injuries.

His slightly closed eyes slammed open as he took a deep breath and looked at the three Vice Admirals who were rushing towards him, he slightly grinned and with a single thought, the power of distortion in his body broke out.

"The last struggle? No, no, no, youre wrong. This will decide the final outcome!"

"Take it!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The power of distortion broke out as he directly punched Doberman and Momonga and he kicked Cancer on his chest.

"Dark prison! Meteorite array!"

In the next moment, the dark prison and the cracked earth filled with sand and gravel was manipulated by Ross and the area with a radius of sixty or seventy meters fell into darkness in an instant.

In the darkness, the earth breaks apart and rolls over and strikes in a chaotic way, like a meteorite belt in the sky.

"Damn it how could he still have the strength to do"

In the darkness, Dobermans pupils violently contracted and his Observation Haki caught an attack coming from the front and he slammed his sword to defend against it.


Under Rosss punch, he flies backward directly. His flighting route just ushered with two pieces of sand and stone more than ten meters in diameter which were squeezed in the middle and the rubble splashed in all directions and blood gushed out violently, dyeing the nearby stones red.

Sensing that Doberman was in danger, Momonga and Cancer both screamed and rushed to support him, but Momonga was blocked by flying stones and had to make a path with his sword.

Cancer alone rushed over in the dark.

Ross looked at Cancer indifferently. He was the only person who could ignore the limitations of the dark cage because it was his own ability.
Cancer cant hear Ross.


A single full powered punch caused Cancer to flew out and the sword in his hand could no longer withstand the power of distortion and it broke from the middle.

Of the three, Cancer was the most seriously injured. After his right arm was almost destroyed, his left hand was half weakened further with the loss of his sword and at least 30 or 40% of his strength was cut off. He was no longer capable of confronting Ross and at most, he will be able to restrain Ross for a few seconds.

"Impossible How could he still have such power"
When Cancer flies backward, his face becomes a little distorted. Its not unreasonable to believe that Rosss stamina was almost exhausted, How could he explode with such power.

But no matter how unbelievable things are, they are placed in front of him. He flew out and landed in the chaotic rocks like an insect caught on the table. He was hit everywhere by countless rolling balls and his blood spurted out and stained the ground around him red.

The outside world.

Rosss sudden burst of power shocked all Marine.

"Is it not over yet?"

It was at this time that Rear Admiral Strawberry and another Rear Admiral arrived from a distance.

A total of six Headquarters Rear Admiral were dispatched, three people were going to deal with Robin, Laffitte, and others, while the other three were on standby. After receiving information about current circumstances, one of the three was left behind on the ship to guard it and the other two quickly came over.

"What is that?"
Strawberry looked at the Dark Cage and asked.

A Marine Captain next to him, recovered from him dismay and quickly explained to Strawberry what had just happened and described the entire battle process.

"So, It has the ability to isolate sound and vision"

Listening to Marines Captain explanation, Strawberry nodded and looked at the dark cage. He shook his head and laughed bitterly. Dobermans orders were conveyed in the beginning, but who could have imagined that it would cause such trouble in the future?


It will all end here, the three Vice-Admirals are here and the other Ghost Hand Pirates are blocked on the island, it is almost impossible for them to get away.

At the next moment, the dark cage in the field dispersed and light gradually returned to the dark area.
"Its over."

The Rear Admiral watched the darkness fade and took a deep breath with cold eyes.


Almost at the next moment, his and Strawberry, as well as the expressions of the many Marines in the room all solidified on their faces.
The land in the field was already fragmented, It looked like a farmland that has been plowed many times. In this terrible battlefield, Cancers body was lying on a piece of gravel and his face seemed to have an unbelievable look.

Doberman and Momonga, respectively, fell on both sides.

Momonga leaned on his sword and barely stood. He gasped violently. Blood spilled from the corners of his mouth and his arms trembled constantly.

On the other side, Doberman leaned back against a raised rock and barely stood, his chest was collapsing as he struggled to breathe.


At this moment, he could not accept the result of Battle in his heart!

"I didnt want to become a pirate."

"You forced me to become one."

The sentence repeated by his subordinates seemed to have changed into Rosss voice, which echoed in his ears as if he had seen Ross say it indifferently in the blood and bones of West Blue.

Did he decide the future direction of this sea?

Dont make jokes!!

Doberman coughed violently, his eyes were trance, angry, regretful and so on. All kinds of emotions erupted constantly and finally converged into a hoarse roar.

"You no faith no justice"

"Even if you grow up to the present strength, its just an accident. Every pirate wants to dominate the future direction of this sea Dont be kidding by telling me that it was I who decided the future direction of this sea!"

Ross stood there, slightly gasping, recovering his depleted stamina. He looked at Strawberry and another Headquarters Rear Admiral who were coming towards him and his eyes returned to Doberman and he said.

"Well, you just watch."

"At least today, you couldnt make me fall here."

Stimulating the remaining strength in his body, Ross displayed Gravity Distortion and floated up before crossing an arc in the sky as he flew away.

Strawberry and another Rear Admiral looked at the scene and their fingers on the hilt of their sword couldnt help but squeeze, but they didnt dare to pull their sword to stop Ross.

Doberman lost consciousness, leaving only Momongga still standing there.

He gasped violently until Ross flew away and spoke to Strawberry and the Rear Admiral with great difficulty.

"You should stop him"

When the Rear Admiral heard Momonga words his face changed slightly and he shook his fist and said, "I will chase him!"

"Dont go."

Momonga sat down slowly and watched the Rear Admiral before shaking his head and said, "The best opportunity has been missed, now we cant do anything"

Having said that, he coughed twice and looked at Cancers body and he also looked towards Doberman whose life and death were unknown to him with a bitter bitterness on his face.

"Give orders to retreat."

" Vice-Admiral Momonga"

They looked at Momonga with slight astonishment.

Momonga shook his head slowly and said, "No more forced combat. It will only increase casualties and fail to defeat Ghost Hand Ross. The result of this encirclement and suppression is obvious, We failed."

Great Age of Pirates on 13 June.

The Marine fleet, led by three Headquarters Vice-Admiral, met the Ghost Hand Pirates in Springs island, where Vice Admiral Cancer died and Marine fleet collapsed.

The news came out and shocked the world!

Chapter 117 Disastrous Defeat