One Piece Talent System Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Cold Feeling

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Den Den Mushis voice paused, seemingly hesitating, but did not explain the reasons for the retreat, but solemnly exclaimed:

"Do you want to question Vice-Admirals orders?"
The news that three Vice-Admiral had been defeated by Ghost Hand Ross would be a devastating blow to Marines morale and he dared not announce it to the battlefield where Jon and others were.

Jon listened to the harsh voice coming from the Den Den Mushi, but he could not help staring in place, somewhat confused for a while and looked towards his other two companions.

Both of them also showed a trace of confusion.

Retreating at this time will give the Ghost Hand Pirates a chance to breathe and they may even escape by their ship, Their ship is extremely fast and once they sail at the sea, Marines will not have any chance to capture them.

" Obey orders and withdraw!"

Although he didnt know what was going on, one of the Rear Admiral took a deep breath after a few seconds of silence and he was quite clear about the seriousness of the crime of disobeying orders.

Jon and the other man looked at each other and saw each others eyes. After biting his teeth, he looked at Robin who was standing not far away. His muscles were tense and he took a big step forward.

"At least let me capture the Devil Child"


He used his full power to attack Robin, He was planning to knock her unconscious with a single attack and then capture her.

Robins eyes were fixed, her hands crossed in front of her chest and countless arms emerged forming a huge palm blocking Jon.


However, the huge palm was only a slight hindrance and was crushed by Jons punch turning into countless petals, Jon then rushed toward Robin.


Not far from the situation, Law saw Robins situation and the demon knife in his hand moved as he used his abilities to try and save Robin, but as soon as his ability was released, a sign of collapse appeared and his ability collapsed.

At the same time, Laws body also involuntarily fell to the front and he instantly fell to the ground in a kneeling position, barely clenching his sword for support.

Did I over consumed my stamina?

He felt the heavy feeling coming from his body and looked up at Robin.


Fortunately, Laffitte was there. He dodged and came to Robin, waving a red stick and stopped Jon.

"Whoop, if you hurt Miss Intelligence, Captain would be furious."

Jons face became gloomy as he watched Laffitte defending Devil Child and his companions did not deal with Laffitte.

"Your Captain, Im afraid hes been escorted to Battleship now!"

After that, Jon shook his head and was ready to turn around. His companions were not going to do help him and he could not deal with Laffitte alone and catch Devil Child.

But at this time.

He suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Robin put her arms down and Laffitte took back this red cane and the corner of his mouth was slightly raised, both of them were looking at something behind him.
Not only Robin and Laffitte but also Law who was half kneeling on the ground and Xilu, with a huge axe, looked behind him. Law breathed softly, while Xilu grinned.

In the eerie silence.

Jon turned his head bit by bit and looked in the direction that Robin and others were looking at. At the end of the line of sight, on the beach about 100 meters away, a figure appeared and was walking slowly towards them.

Jons pupils shrank sharply when he saw the figure. He stuck in his voice with an "impossible" sound, and a cold feeling rose from his back.

Its not just Jon
Even his two companions, as well as the rest of Marines soldiers, stared at the figure that came along, with an incredible look on their faces.

Although the figure was slightly beaten up and there were blood spots on his body, but he was recognized by almost everyone here, he is the reason that they came here for

Ghost Hand Ross!

"How is it possible, Werent the Vice-Admirals containing him? How could he appear here, What happened to the Vice-Admirals?!" Jons face changed dramatically.

At the same time.

The other two Rear Admirals were also shocked. They suddenly thought of the inexplicable retreat orders. If Ross escaped from the encirclement, Vice-Admirals would definitely chase him and remind them to be careful about Ross and stop Ross.

But now, Ross is here and what they receive here is not a careful and blocked order, but an order to retreat immediately.

What does this mean?

The three Rear Admiral didnt dare to think further. They only felt that a cold feeling spread all the way from the soles of their feet to the top of their head.

Looking at Ross who was slowly walking towards them, three Headquarters Rear Admiral felt a little depressed and Marines felt a heavy pressure on his body.

"Retreat! Retreat!"

No one knows who shouted but many Marines responded immediately and fled.

Jons heart beat violently several times, but he also retreated and rushed out trying to follow his two companions.


Just as he tried to escape, the beach in front of him suddenly picked up like a wave and swept across him.

Jons speed dropped sharply as his head crashed into the sand. He was shocked and struggled hard. He rushed out of the sand and headed upward on Geppo(Moonwalk).
But just then Rosss figure appeared in front of him, floating in mid-air, looking at him with indifferent eyes.


Jon only felt a violent shock on his body and his heart felt like it would jump out from his chest, his whole body turned cold and he almost fell directly from the air.

In horror, he used Gepp (Moonwalk) to escape Ross but Rosss fist has already fallen on him.
"Armed Tekkai (Iron Body)!"

Jon roared and utilized Tekkai (Iron Body) from Marines Rokushiki to its limit, along with Armament Haki and he raised his arms to try to block Rosss blow.


Ross punched between his arms and a terrifying force rushed down tearing apart Jons defense.

Even a Headquarters Vice-Admiral, such as Momonga struggled to resist Rosss Fist head-on and had to be back off to avoid it, not to mention a Headquarters Rear Admiral.