One Piece Talent System Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Prey Appeared

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Three days later.

Kurle sea.

A boat rises and falls with the waves. Saying that it is a boat is a bit of a stretch. In fact, it was a two-story cabin. One floor can be used to store fresh water and food, and the other can be used for living. There are two rooms on the floor where people can reside, which can accommodate 34 crew members.

"It seems that there may be a storm."

Ross stood on the deck and looked up at the sky. The navigational talent he got from the Living system was at the proficiency level. So even if it was not comparable to the Namis terrifying talent as a navigator with the protagonist aura, it was not too bad.

Otherwise, Ross who goes out to sea to hunt pirates by boat every day wouldve had long been swept by the storm to god know where.

With his current strength, it is too difficult to protect a small boat under the storm.

"Robin, hang full sail, and paddle, let us leave here."


Robin looked a little worried about the weather. When she heard Rosss command, she put both of her arms in front of her, and the Flower-Flower Fruits(Hana Hana no Mi) ability was launched. Arms immediately appear on the mast and an arm dropped the sail.

At the same time, on the six oars placed on the side of the boat, there were many more arms gripping the oar and were forcefully paddling.

This Devil Fruit ability is very convenient in some respects, and it is obviously a completely correct decision to let Robin join.

Very capable.

One person can be compared to a group of people.

Ross couldnt be more satisfied with his evaluation of her. If she was not set as a manager, it seems there would have been no need for any odd-job crew member.


Under the actions of Robin, the sails were blown by the sea breeze, together with the six paddles that swept quickly, the boat sailed rapidly on the sea.

Ross was not idle. He continued to observe the sky while he was at the helm. He quickly got them out of the danger zone under his good navigation skill.

"In order to escape the storm, we have already penetrated Kurle sea. There are seven small islands in this sea area, two medium-sized islands, and the nearest one is only about two hours away."

Ross looked at the sea map and compass tools and judged where they were.

From the information obtained from Robin, this Flo pirate group was seen in this sea six days ago, the pirates generally do not stay fixed on an island for a long time, because once they get Marines attention then they will provoke big trouble.

"Flo pirate group appeared in Kurle sea, there are freshwater and food supply source on the Deere island, according to the style of this pirate group, it is possible that they will plunder a land in this sea before leaving."

Robin recalls all the intelligence analysis of the Flo pirate group.

"Then lets go to the nearest island first."

Ross made the decision.

He had hunted pirates before. After getting the intelligence from Robin, he went straight to the sea to look for them. During that time his luck was very good. He went out eight times and he was successful five times.

"Captain, you have a bounty of 40 million Berries and your reputation has been spread far in West Blue. You need to pay attention to your identity. If you are exposed, it may cause a lot of movement."

"It doesnt need to be so troublesome. There is only one small Marine branch nearby, there is no base, and by the time they react, we will be already gone."

Ross shrugged.

Although Robin is calm enough, she has survived her past years by escaping and hiding, she did not survive by being seen, although her bounty is as high as 79 million Berries, the actual fighting capability she possessed is not even comparable to a pirate who has 20 million Berries bounty.

When she heard Ross, she was slightly startled. Robin realized that her thoughts were unnecessary. Ross had single-handedly rushed into the Marine Branch, killed the branch captain and then rushed out safely.

It feels good to not hide.


Ross and Robin arrived at the nearest island, where they did not receive any information on the pirates, so they left towards to the next island.

There is a branch of Underground organization on the second island, Ross and Robin are both people who have been in the Underground world for a long time, and soon found the needed intelligence.

"Half a day ago, the Flo Pirates looted the Mokor island."

"After they robbed Mokor Island, the Marine Branch will definitely send Battleship there to pursue and exterminate them. According to the route, they will definitely not take this and this"

Ross and Robin analyzed for a while and soon planned their route. After leaving the island, they followed the set route.

Why arent Marine able to end the Great Age of Pirates?

There are a large number of pirates and their strength is uneven. Another reason is that chasing any pirate in the sea is troublesome. Many times, as long as the pirates quickly leave the island, then even if marines want to pursue it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The analysis and tracking that Ross and Robin have done is also only a probability. They figured out two routes that Flo pirates couldve taken.

On the deck.

Ross took the telescope and looked around in the sea, while Robin stood next to Ross, holding a sea map in her hand.

"The route with a 70% probability is really much higher than the route with a probability of 30%. The route you and I have analyzed is really correct."

Ross looked from the telescope for a while, and his action suddenly paused, looking at the direction for a moment and handed the telescope to Robin.

Robin picked up the telescope and observed the same direction for half a minute. She put the telescope down and said, "I need to be close to them to confirm."


Ross nodded and steered the boat towards the target.

As the distance gradually closed between them, the outline of the shadow in that direction gradually became clear, and the entire ship was clearly visible from the telescope, and the sign on the canvas hung on the ship was also seen.

It was a sign of a skull that was blindfolded in one eye, it was the Flo pirate group.

"The prey has finally appeared."

After Ross confirmed the target, he whispered quietly.

The Talent Proficiency obtained by hunting pirates is according to the bounty placed on them and has a rough distribution interval, which was discovered by him by researching the Talent System.

For the pirates of the same level, the first one will give a lot of Talent Proficiency, but for the second one the proficiency will be cut in half, and for the third one it will be halved again.

In other words, for the pirates that have a bounty of 20 million Berries, hunting two or three will get him the maximum value, more would be just a waste of time.


The first time he hunts any pirate with a bounty amount in a certain range, it seems that he is sure to get Free Talent Points, and the second time and third time hunting the pirates within the same range is only a probability.

"If I can get Free Talent Points in this hunt, it means that my judgment is correct," Ross inwardly whispered.

A few months ago, he hunted four or five pirates with the bounty of seven or eight million Berries. The benefit was halved, so he shifted his target to 10 million pirates, and the higher he hunts the higher reward he got.

For him, who want to keep getting stronger, he needs to constantly kill the pirates.

20 million, 30 million, 50 million, 120 million, and the ultimate goal is no doubtYonk (Four Emperors)!