One Piece Talent System Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Extinguishes Kills

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Rosss Observation Haki had already been placed on the Ripper Mongel of the 71 million Berries bounty. He stepped out of the casino and looked calmly at Mongel, not far away and went straight to the other side.

"And I lost more than 100,000 Berries, damn it, the money is running out."
Ripper Mongel is a unique family of the world. Their arms have three sections and are longer than the normal one. At this time, he is wearing a windbreaker while holding a blonde beauty and walking in the street, with a gloomy expression on his face.

The blonde turned her head, smiled and said in a complimentary tone, "Youre a big man who has a bounty of 71 million Berries. You can get a lot of money just by going out."

"Oh, its just too much trouble."

Mongel grinned. He had no dreams of being the strongest in the world, nor of competing for ONEPIECE. He was a pirate in the first half of the Grand Line. He usually lived on an island that Marine didnt care about. He went out to rob and spend money again.


Just as he was walking forward with his blonde in his arms, a strange wave came from the ground beneath his feet and then suddenly split in the middle, causing him to fall in.


The blonde girl was shocked. She didnt know how the ground suddenly cracked. She subconsciously reached toward Mongel to get him out of the crack.

But before she squatted down, the cracked ground closed in the middle again. With a loud cry, blood gushed up and drenched her all over.


Looking at the scene in front of her, she was instantly frightened and she screamed, the ground under her feet suddenly split, instantly swallowed her up and then disappeared.

The people on the street saw this scene and they were frightened. The nearest people even sat on the ground, rolling back and forth in horror.

"What the hell!"

In their eyes, it was like the earth suddenly turned into a monster, opened its mouth, took two bites in a row, ate two living people in an instant and chewed them.

The entire street became empty in the blink of an eye, leaving only Ross and Robin standing more than 20 meters away.

"The Ripper Mongel with 71 million Berries bounty has been killed, The rewards are, 15 Talent Proficiency Points."

Listening to the voice coming from his ear, Ross gently retrieved his virtual hand.

"Lets go."

He left with Robin and as for the Ripper Mongel, the great pirate with a bounty of 71 million Berries, his the sudden and inexplicable tragic death on the street spread quickly in the Impossible island.

This is the first half of the Grand Line. All the people who have a bounty of over 100 million berries are called Supernova. And those who have a bounty of more than 70 million berries are already the strong ones. Now one of them died in the street unexplainably.

The news would have shocked the whole island if it had happened in normal times, but now, just after it caused a little movement, it was immediately suppressed by another thing.

Because compared to this matter, another thing caused a bigger movement.

Pirate Hunters "one-armed" Carlos challenges the worlds strongest swordsman Hawkeye Mihawk, on this impossible island!
Hawkeye Mihawk doesnt need an introduction.

Since he defeated the previous generation of the worlds strongest swordsman and took over his position, so far no swordsman has surpassed him. His feet are filled with the bones of numerous swordsmen who challenged him and he is recognized as the strongest swordsman in the world.

As for Pirate Hunters one-armed Carlos, his is also a famous big man.

Four Emperors is undoubtedly standing at the top of Pirates and Pirate Hunters also has two people that are standing on the top of them, two people and one-armed Carlos is one of them, He once killed 550 million Berries big pirate in New World.

The news of the duel between the two men spread and caused a big movement on the entire Impossible island. In the face of such a level of news, the Ripper Mongel of 70 million Berries could not attract any attention at all. All eyes converged on this battle!!

Ruins street.

It used to be a common street in the impossible island. Then the war broke out, causing the whole block to be completely destroyed, leaving only a few ruined walls and broken buildings.

In the ruins, a figure with only one arm was sitting quietly with a red sword across his legs.

"One-armed Carlos"
"That sword is the rumored 21 Great Grade swords, the Hot Moon?"

At this time, many people appeared on the edge of the ruins, standing above the broken walls, carefully looking in the direction of Carlos.

For them, A pirate with the bounty of over 300 million Berries is the existence that can only be looked up to, not to mention Carlos, who hunted a pirate who offered a bounty of 550 million Berries!

Even if you put that pirate in the New World, He will be a strong person!

"Will Hawkeye come?"

"Sure, I have heard that Hawkeye will never avoid the challenge from a swordsman."

As time went by, the atmosphere became more and more tense and depressed.

Although everyone now knows that Hawkeye is on this island, people have only heard some rumors about the worlds strongest swordsman and have never seen him personally!

No one knows how long it took.

Sitting on the top of the ruins, one-armed Carlos suddenly opened his closed eyes and his eyes flickered and there was a vague surge of intentions in them.

In the direction he was looking for, a man wearing a wide-brimmed black hat and wearing a black trench coat, carrying a black wide-blade, slowly came over.

Hawkeye is here!

"That is, the worlds Strongest swordsmanHawkeye Mihawk!"

"Is that the legendary black Blade on his back?"

Many people looked in the direction of Carloss eyes and saw Hawkeye coming by and their hearts were filled with awe.

They dont even have the qualification to look up to this kind of existence!
In the ruins.

Ross stood in the corner, looking at Hawkeyes direction. His eyes flickered and he muttered: "I dont know how far I am from you now."

How strong is Hawkeye?

There is no exact conclusion of this in his memory and whether it is the title of the worlds strongest swordsman or the duel with Akagami (Red Hair), the final result as a tie is enough to prove Hawkeyes strength!

Robin stood next to Ross and gazed at Hawkeye, who was approaching. Although Ross had killed Crocodile, There is a big difference between him and other Shichibukais.

Knight of the Sea (Kaikyfu) Jinbe is powerful and a link between humans and fishermen. DonQuixote Family of Doflamingo is powerful all over the world. Gekko Moria once challenged Hundred Beast Kaido and survived despite the collapse of his whole army

Compared with these people, Hawkeye is a thorough loner!

Without attaching to any forces or forming any allies, he sailed across the sea depending on his own strength and a place in Seven Warlords of the Sea with absolute strength!