One Piece Talent System Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Hidden

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"Oh Hawkeye Mihawk vs. One Armed Carlos."

Laffitte has already arrived in this ruin, but he did not contact Ross, but stood in another area, watching from a distance.
Under the watchful eyes of countless people, Hawkeye finally came to Carlos.

"You came."

"I thought you wouldnt accept the challenge because I was disabled."

Carlos jumped from the ruins and held the hilt of his sword with one hand and looked at Hawkeye.

Hawkeye slightly closed his eyes as he reached to his back and pulled out the Black Blade, He opened his eyes again and looked at Carlos, saying:

"No matter who the challenger is, I will never refuse, not to mention that you are a famous swordsman. Can you overcome this black blade and become the strongest swordsman, will you be able to take away this title."


Carlos suddenly pulled out his sword and attacked Hawkeye and in a flash a red sword energy swept across the earth, sweeping toward Hawkeye.

Where the sword energy went, the earth was continually torn and cut and the crack in the cut was burning with a red flame.

"The sword of inflammation."

Hawkeye slightly lowered his face and swung the black blade in his hand. The red sword energy fell on the black blade and was completely destroyed.

For swordsman, sword energy is a mean of a long-range attack. The swordsmans strongest attack is actually a chop with his real sword.


Hawkeye stepped out and his figure disappeared instantly and in the next moment, he suddenly appeared in front of Carlos, the black blade in his hand suddenly fell on Carlos.

Carlos swung his sword to resist, and the two swords collided violently in the air. Carlos showed a slight weakness and his arm sank slightly. He had to remove some of his strength.


Some of the force that was removed fell behind him, instantly tearing the ruins behind it into a terrifying crack of more than a hundred meters.

Ross, who watched the scene from afar, closed his eyes slightly. He did not know whether Hawkeye had done his best, but right now it is almost impossible for him to resist it without losing taking any damage.

"Compared with the worlds top powerhouses, there is still a big gap between us."

Ross muttered a sentence in his heart and called out the Talent System. He hunted the Ripper Mongel for 15 Talent Proficiency Points, He distributed 5 points on Distortion Fruit and 10 points on Physical Enhancement, which improved his strength slightly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fight in the distance quickly entered its peak state.

The battle between the worlds top powers often takes a long time to decide the winner or loser, but swordsmen are generally an exception. Even if they are nearly the same strength, duels will often be won or lost very soon and the strength between Hawkeye and Carlos is not equal.

Carloss strength, in Rosss view, should be very close to the Three Disasters, which is behind the Doflamingo and Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates.

At least.

Ross still had the strength to fight against Carlos, even if he could not win, he would still be able to retreat.

"This is the strength of the worlds strongest swordsman"

"Carlos is completely under pressure."
Looking at Battle in the field, their opinions gradually moved towards Hawkeye and many people were murmuring with shock.

At first, Carlos was able to compete with Hawkeye but after dozens of moves he was pushed into the downside. Now Carlos is showing signs of defeat.

But for swordsmen, even in the bad situation, there is still the possibility of turning over. Carlos did not give up, but was alert and constantly attacking.


After another move, Hawkeye stayed where he was and Carlos stepped back four or five steps.
" really strong."

"This is my strongest attack. If it cant beat you, then I lost."

Carlos gripped the handle of the sword, grinned and his swordsmanship surged. His entire figure seems to turned into a fierce sword and above his blade, a golden flame suddenly ignited and rose.

Hawkeye stood there calmly, without rushing forward while holding the long handle of Black Blade in both hands and preparing for the move.

"Sword flow, instant chop!"

Carlos raised his power to his limit and a light flashed in his eyes. He suddenly slams out and the sword in his hand seems to be turned into a golden light, cutting through the void and running through the field.

In an instant, Hawkeye exchanged positions with Carlos.

"Is this is it over?"

"Who won?"

The people who were watching this scene from afar took a deep breath.

Under the watchful eyes of countless people, Carlos kept his sword in a posture. A crack suddenly appeared between his chest and abdomen. Blood rushed out. Carlos staggered and half knelt on the ground.

On the other side, Hawkeye slowly retrieved the black blade and turned around.

"Its over."

Ross shook his head, even if he saw it, he already knew the result of this fight. The reason why he came over was to measure the gap between himself and the worlds top powerhouse.

Now that the gap has been judged, it is time to leave.

Just as Ross turned and was about to leave, a voice suddenly echoed through the ruins, breaking the silence.

"Ah hoo hoo, finally found you."

"Ghost handRoss!!!"

In the ruins, a bald old man with a long gray beard came crashing into the ruins, where the ruins of the buildings continued to crumble and finally rushed to the ruins where Ross was.
The huge moment of movement attracted the attention of countless people. Many people turned their eyes and saw a bald old man with a huge body and they were stunned.

"Is that person, is it legendary"

Someone stared at the bald old mans back, vaguely thinking of something and his face suddenly changed.

Leader Don Chinjao!

The legendary Big Pirate, although he has not appeared on the sea for many years and was branded in the memory of the people of that era but the bounty on his head in that year was more than 500 million Berries!

And a name that Don Chinjao just called out is no less important than Don Chinjao at this time, He is a famous existence in this sea.

Ghost Hand Ross!


Hawkeye stood in the ruins not far away and looked sideways at Leader Don Chinjao, but soon he took his eyes back. He seemed uninterested and jumped out of the ruins.

At this time, everyones attention has shifted from Hawkeye to Don Chinjao and Ross. Although Don Chinjao is no longer a figure of this era, and Ross is not as famous as Hawkeye, but for them, they are still someone that hey could not compare to!

There were so many big people gathered quietly on this island.

And look at Don Chinjao and Ross, what kind of resentment do they seem to have?

"Leader Don Chinjao, was it hard for you to find me?."

Ross looked slowly at Don Chinjao. His eyes were calm and indifferent. When he killed Sai, he knew that Don Chinjao would come to him sooner or later. So he always collected Don Chinjaos intelligence and deliberately avoided him. After returning to the blue sea from Sky island, he did not pay any attention to Don Chinjaos intelligence.

Now that the other party has come for him, it is not very unexpected.

Chapter 125 Leader Chinjao